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  • Nrxszvo, May 2008

    Okai, someone won the comp within 20 minutes. How am I supposed to get the rare fish if the tastyfish spawns no longer spawn? Or can you just fish your ass off in STV and hopefully loot one?


  • quintessenzz, May 2008

    the pools with the rarefish spawn till 4pm game time. so after the contest has been won, you can still keep on fishing for the rare fish

  • quintessenzz, May 2008

    oh and for the speckled tastyfish ofc to hand them in for cash

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  • Nrxszvo, May 2008

    Okai thanks. I was still fishing but couldn't see the respawns. So now I'm swimming to a safer place. Wasted about 15 minutes so far :(!

  • Pipre, May 2008

    I don't want to sound like a jerk or anything, but everything you could possibly want to know about the tournament is actually written up on this very site. Please take the time to read the extravaganza information before panic-posting in the forums. The specific page you're looking for is:

    School of Tastyfish remain around the coast of Stranglethorn Vale until 16:00, long after the winner has been announced. … rare fish are the main reason to continue fishing School of Tastyfish.

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Mixed Tastyfish pools

  • rameymj, December 2011

    Today I caught a lot of Oily Blackmouth and Firefin Snapper in the Tastyfish pools. There has been speculation of pool "overlaying", e.g. an Oily Blackmouth and Tastyfish pools at the same location. I've seen this give 12 fish (half each species), but today I got the "standard" six fish. Most pools were OK, but about 1/5 of the pools started giving "lesser desired" fish about 1/3 of the time. Seemed to occur during the tourney too, but at a lesser rate.

    I did drop from a +100 lure to a +75 lure after the tourney. So I was down to (525 skill + 120 buffs) 645 skill level from 670 during the tourney. At the end, one pool was 3 Firefin, 1 Strangekelp, and 2 Tastyfish.

    I also noticed people abandoning pools without fishing them completely out.

    Did something change over the last 3 months? I've been unable to do the tourney on SUNs for awhile.

    Fankfurt (Darrowmere server)

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