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Schooner Wreckage Pool Catches
AreasFishCatch RateNotesOther Catches
% of CatchSample
Watertight Trunk60%
Rumsey Rum Dark20%
1-2 items per catch
1-3 items per catch

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Schooner Wreckage

  • chubtohd, October 2008

    Can anyone confirm whether or not these are in game yet? I have made 2 separate runs through STM and Ashenvale and have yet to see one.

  • Noor, October 2008

    Schooner wreckage definitely exists in the STM lake, but I had to fish out some Blackmouth pools before I got one to appear. I also tried Ashenvale first but didn't find any. It's probably easier to find along the coast near Southshore or Wetlands.

  • el, October 2008

    There's a good chance these are being "cherry picked" by people trying to complete the Scavenger, and not fishing other pools. So you may need to fish other pools before these show up.

    Ashenvale is a strange place for wreckage pools. I have a hunch that the chance of seeing a pool there is much lower than similar zones. It is also a really difficult place to confirm that, because the pools are spread out across a large zone, not in a neat line like Hillsbrad Foothills.

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  • GormanGhaste, October 2008

    When I was completing the Scavenger achievement, I went to the Wetlands coast for the Schooner Wreckage, and sure enough, there were just alchemy fish pools there until I cleared all the pools, and then a schooner pool spawned.

  • Basill, October 2008

    Been Fishing a couple of hours in Ashenvale... Only sagefish schools and no respawn of Schooner school's
    So I reckon this is a bad place unless you like a challenge ^^ and are ok running around tree's and other things in your way.

  • chubtohd, October 2008

    thanks for your input all...i went to southshore and fished one up there while doing the Hallow's End quests to make the silly alliance sick :)

  • pablop, November 2008

    hmm, I just fished over 20 pools of sagefish out of Mirkfallon lake. No schooner pools yet.....

  • pablop, November 2008

    Just adding a bit more to my last post.
    It seems that schooner pools may not appear in stonetalon mountains anymore.
    I would suggest going ANYPLACE else.
    Also, in the other area(windshear crag) and all that can found are oil spills.
    The only fish I caught in found over hours were firefin snappers from the oils spills,and sagefish and plenty of trunks from the sagefish pools. My numbers:
    sagefish pool 85% sagefish 15% trunk
    oil spill 100% firefin
    gl finding schooner pools here but dont count on it!

  • pablop, November 2008

    Just went to wetlands and it was the 2nd pool... too ez
    Horde, fly to arthi highlands and ride down, done.

  • MaDsPLoiTz, November 2008

    I fished a Schooner pool in STM about 2 hours ago, I also saw an Oil Spill, but I didn't even have to fish any schools out to have a Schooner spawn.

  • Illuthas, November 2008

    Before Wrath Launch i fished up in STM,i doubt it will be changed

  • Kalarnis, December 2008

    I just spent the last hour searching for Schooner Wreckage pools in STM and Wetlands but couldn't find any. However, I did find two pools just southeast of Southshore in Hillsbrad Foothills (along the Eastern Strand). They were only about 20 yards apart when I was there; the pool I fished out of was around (56,66). Good luck and happy fishing!

  • mikado, December 2008

    I found a couple of these pools in Windshear Crag, still the only place I've ever seen them.

  • kabukikitsune, January 2009

    If you've got the track fish ability, you can actually watch these things pop up. Typically it takes fishing a few alchemy nodes before you see one. My current average is 3:1. Meaning for every three alchemy nodes I fish, I have watched one of these wreckage nodes appear.

  • Towelette, March 2009

    Confirmed that these can be found in Windshear Crag in STM.
    Just fished one at roughly 71, 52 in Blackwolf River.
    You might have to fish out the oil spills first, but I just rode around for a couple minutes and happened upon one.

  • rakoth, March 2009

    On one of my characters I found a pool in Mirkfallon Lake but had to fish a few sagefish pools to get it to appear. That was about 4-5 months ago. More recently I went there with my DK and fished at least 20-25 pools and never saw one appear. I gave up and eventually found the pool elsewhere (I think it was in Southshore).

  • Nevanni, July 2009

    Just fished this pool 07/02/09 in Stonetalon Mountains. Spent a few minutes fishing in Mirkfallon Lake and realized that the Schooner Wreckage only appears in Blackwolf River and Cragpool Lake, so hopped down there and it was the first pool to show up on my tracking.

    Definitely a good place for Horde characters to get this part of "The Scavenger" Achievement at, as the Flight Point isn't too far off from the fishing location.

    Good luck, Anglers!

  • Teyanna, November 2009

    Confirmed 2:55pm 21/11/09

    Blackwolf River in STM

    Fishes several Oil spills until it spawned YAY!! thanks for the advice

  • Whutbe, April 2011

    there are definately some in Wetlands. yesterday i got 525 fishing, so today i decided to take a break from fishing and do some archaeology. while surveying for archaeology in Wetlands, i stumbled across a Schooner Wreckage node. i fished it for the achieve, (because i looked in every zone for 2 days, couldnt find it), and then a second later when i went on surveying, i found another node. i found them both outside at Mosshide Fen.

  • Kalandrios, June 2011

    I found a number of Schooner Wreckage pools in Faldir's Cove, just off the coast of Arathi Highlands.

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Schooner Wreckage Pool

  • Moonlight, October 2011

    Oct 14 2011
    Found one on the Savage Coast at 15.9 - 23.5
    Go directly west of "Ruins of Zul'Kunda"

  • Xanthipe, May 2012

    Wetlands seems to be the easiest place to find these now. After a few hours clearing pools in various zones, came to Wetlands, and found one in one of the inland pools near the coast straight away.

  • Ragnarr, April 2013

    I can confirm Xanthipe's post. I found a Schooner Wreckage Pool on my second fly-by on the west side of the river delta in the Wetlands.

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  • Corgi, August 2013

    After much gnashing of teeth, somebody finally reminded me of the obvious - to check here for location tips. I flew to the Hillsbrad area, swooped up and down the river, all the way to the Greymane Wall and back, then decided after comments here to skim the coast and FINALLY found a pool of Schooner Wreckage right there in Menethil Harbor.

    How it's escaped me all this time, I'll never know.

    (Thank you, El!)

  • Gilenas, November 2014

    Found one at the Eastern Strand, in Hillsbrand Foothills.

    If you're like me, on a high populated/full server, it's best to go to the Hillsbrand Foothills coast, and then continue to the Wetlands of vice versa. If you're Horde, you'll probably want to go to Ashenvale or STM cause they're closer to Orgrimmar, trust me, you probably won't find any. Do what me and the others said, Hillsbrand foothills coast > Wetlands.

  • Basill, November 2014

    Just too add ..

    lvling a new toon, I came across one of these on Loch modan... just next to the murlocs .. and saw a few more as well..
    that be on other side of Thelsemar...

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