Seafood Magnifique Feast

Seafood Magnifique Feast

Where to catch the fish needed to cook Seafood Magnifique Feast.

About Seafood Magnifique Feast

  • Cooking Skill
  • Feast, Requires level 80 to eat.
  • Restores:

    Health and mana over 30 seconds.
  • Buffs:

    36 class/role-specific primary stat, 36 Stamina, for 60 minutes.
  • Recipe:

    Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast. Sold by guild vendors (found in cities - ask a guard) for 150g. Purchase requires That's A Lot of Bait guild achievement.
  • History:

    • 4.0.6: Ingredients halved: 2 of each fish required, down from 4.
    • Cataclysm: New recipe.
  • Other Tomes:

Catching Fish to Cook Seafood Magnifique Feast

Where to Catch the Fish to Cook Seafood Magnifique Feast
WaterAreasNo-Junk Skill% of Catch
Fathom EelLavascale CatfishHighland Guppy
Fathom Eel SwarmCoastal: Tol Barad, Uldum190%
Highland Guppy SchoolInland: Twilight Highlands (General)1--90%
Open WaterInland: Deepholm550-33%
Open WaterInland: Uldum650-33%
Open WaterCoastal: Vashj'ir (Unnamed Shimmering)57530%
Open WaterInland: Twilight Highlands (General)650--15%
Open WaterCoastal: Uldum65015%

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Comments about Seafood Magnifique Feast

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Seafood Magnifique Feast

  • Minju, December 2010

    As a raider and avid fisher, I was wondering if there were any discussions about the length of time to gather 10k fish and how difficult would it be to compete with other guilds of both factions.

    I figure that offering information about the Tome: Polymorph Turtle and the Turtle Mount may be an incentive to continue to fish.

    However, considering that time would be taken away from gearing, I'm trying to come up with a rough estimate of how long it would take. With 5-7 dedicated fishers who fish at least 10 pools a day at 4 fish averaged for each pool, 200 fish per day would amount to 50 days of fishing. Sounds about right?

  • Kushtengri, December 2010

    My guild is slacking now)
    I reached 300/10000 point yesterday)

  • Marlburo, December 2010

    yeah been going at this pretty hard for my raiding guild.....not that fun. I've found if you're dedicated you can do about 500 a day without going insane.

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  • Basill, December 2010

    Marlburo wrote:

    yeah been going at this pretty hard for my raiding guild.....not that fun. I've found if you're dedicated you can do about 500 a day without going insane.

    Hehe... if your going insane, wonder what it will do to normal fishermen ? ... ;)

  • Marlburo, December 2010

    lol almost half way there....single handedly.....4/10. luckly all that volitile water money drys some of my tears. I gotta reorganize stats for uld since I fished eel AND black pools but should give us a very large sample size (no turtle tomb sighting yet).

  • dethwolf2, December 2010

    I spent some time this weekend hitting pools, and I spent about 5 over two nights hitting pools. I was able to get between 80 & 100 casts into a pool per hour in Uldum. the differece is in if someone else is hitting the eel pools, as there doesnt seem to be much demand for the mudfish

  • verokast, January 2011

    I caught 90% of the pool fish needed for this guild achievement. The majority of the pool fishing was done in Deepholm, Twilight Highlands, and Uldum. It took a total of 45 hours to catch 9000 pool fish with two toons. Four tomes of polymorph turtle and a sea turtle were caught during the fishing for this achievement.

    A single fisherman rate of 1.66 fish per minute can be expected under favorable conditions of low pool competition, minimal travel distance between pools, and seldom fighting mobs.

    Two toons fishing at the same time can catch an average of 100 fish every half hour. Optimal conditions of zero competition and close pool clusters can yield 120-130 fish every half hour.

    If no one in a guild is actively pursuing this achievement, expect to see only 5-80 fish caught each day. Or nothing caught.

  • Marlburo, January 2011


  • Renetta, January 2011

    What drives me insane is that I already solo'd this for the turtle, with no back credit :(

    Grats Marlburo!

  • Harbin, January 2011

    I'm going insane with this, At least you can gain other items and achievements from it, Im grinding

    This Achivement and the 5000 Cooking recipes for the guild, also want the turtle mount so fingers crossed.


  • OnyxEitrigg, January 2011

    We got ours the same day! We already had the 5k recipe (and 10k one)- here's a hint- buy the coffee recipe- you can cook these relatively cheap- it's just time consuming. (check the news feed)

  • el, January 2011

    For Set the Over to "Cataclysmic": Blizzard fixed "Darkbrew Lager, Highland Spirits, and Chocolate Cookie" on 20 December, but apparently forgot (?) about South Island Iced Tea, which is also made from vendor-only ingredients - merely more expensive ingredients, as OnyxEitrigg says.

  • Harbin, January 2011

    I'm grinding this for my Guild on my Lonesome, at 3145/10000 but its all good as im cooking up all my fish for the Other recipe...And i also want the turtle mount so it make sense.

    Everyone loves the daily postal delivery of Food as well

  • sbtroll, February 2011

    Easy way (relative cause still time consuming) is to kill the beasts in borean tundra and wash yourself off in a pool or open water. this creates a fishable red pool that counts towards achieve. We did this at about a 3 fisherman to 1 killer ratio for guildies. If the killer does a good job of making pools be clumped then few recasts are necessary and can plow through 1k to 2k a session w/o going insane.

  • Barbro, February 2011

    We finally got our feast yesterday.

    During the grind I caught 1 Polymorph Turtle tome, Turtle mount, Dark Herring (in 250 casts), Mr. Pinchy (~200 casts, got the pet as 1st wish) and won the Extravaganza for the first time.
    I then treated myself to 90min fountain time for missing coins (breaking to do the Dalaran fishing daily, Jewel of The Sewers - and caught the giant rat!) and got Salty.
    The insanely lucky achievement spam encouraged my guild mates to join in and in the end I only pulled 7-7.5k myself.

    A great spot imo is Twilight Forest under Dalaran; I probably did 1/3 of my schools there. I never saw a competing fisherman and now have lots of water walking pots from all the fish.

    I celebrated by fishing in Uldum last night without moving from the spot for a long time. It's grand to fish open water again.

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Guide for Levelling Cooking and Fishing with Pools of Fish

  • Herr Besserwisser, February 2011

    In order to faciliate the "That's A Lot of Bait" achievement, it would be great to have a guide for levelling fishing and probably cooking that involves fishing from pools of fish instead of open waters whenever possible.

  • el, February 2011

    For fishing and cooking: Curiously the most logical method at the moment is backwards: Fish pools for the fish you need to cook from 300 to 525 (often a different set of fish to the open water guide), then fish open water for 1-300 cooked fish. 1-300 can't be done solely from pools, but if delaying until last your fishing skill would likely be high enough to avoid junk, making fishing very efficient.

    I'd been planning to write something based on pools for Cataclysm, but stalled while I waited for Blizzard to convert the new placeholder Sagefish pools into something more useful. Unfortunately they never did. The easiest corruption would be a dedicate 300-525 with pools, which can also be read alongside the 1-300 guides, even backwards.

    For just fishing, fish Cataclysm pools: Fishing 1-525 with Gold is a starter, although it's worth investigating auction house prices before you start.

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