Shipwreck Debris (Darkmoon)

Shipwreck Debris (Darkmoon) locations and catches.

For the Tol Barad pools of the same name, see Shipwreck Debris (Cataclysm). For the Krasarang Wilds pools of the same name, see Shipwreck Debris (Pandaria).

About Shipwreck Debris (Darkmoon)

Shipwreck Debris (Darkmoon) Catches

Shipwreck Debris (Darkmoon) Catches
AreasFishCatch RateNotesOther Catches
% of CatchSample
Coastal: Darkmoon IslandSealed Crate (Darkmoon)100%
120Without Mists of Pandaria-
Sealed Crate (Pandaria)100%
With Mists of Pandaria
Sea Pony<1%-
Sea Turtle<1%-
Great Sea Herring-Quest Only

Anglers who have upgraded to Mists of Pandaria will catch Sealed Crate (Pandaria). Sealed Crate (Darkmoon) can only be caught by those who have not upgraded (thanks Mark Dugas).

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