Where to catch Spinefish.

About Spinefish

  • Use:

    Alchemy: Desecrated Oil (3 fish per oil). "Drink the foul liquid." Desecrated Oil can be drunk raw (making you "feel empty inside" and lacking color), or used to make Darkwater Potion. Darkwater Potion briefly transforms you into a Jinyu assassin, increasing movement and swim speed.
  • Value:

    • Vendor: 25s
    • Auction: 1g
  • Other Tomes:

Catching Spinefish

  • Notes:

    Pandaria's Alchemy fish.
  • Commentary:

    The most efficient way to catch large volumes of Spinefish is to wait for it to be Fish of the Day at Binan Village Coast (Sha-Touched Spinefish and Large Pool of Sha-Touched Spinefish). Without an active Fish of the Day migration, Spinefish Schools have a far higher catch rate of Spinefish than open water, but the lakes containing these pools are spread across half of Pandaria. So anglers that wish to catch a lot of Spinefish may prefer to fish open water. However, expect Spinefish to be plentiful and consequently cheap at auction: Extreme anglers will catch a lot while gaining Nat Pagle's Friendship (via Spinefish Alpha), while Alchemists do not rely on these fish for profession leveling or raid consumables. Spinefish cannot be bundled into Groceries at Halfhill Market.
  • History:

    Mists of Pandaria: First caught.
Where to Catch Spinefish
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Large Pool of Sha-Touched SpinefishFish of the Day: Kun-Lai Summit (Sha-Touched) (Binan Village Coast)195%
Sha-Touched SpinefishFish of the Day: Kun-Lai Summit (Sha-Touched) (Binan Village Coast)195%
Spinefish SchoolInland: Dread Wastes (Inland), Kun-Lai Summit (Sha-Touched), Townlong Steppes (Niuzao)195%
Open Water62528%
1316Scoured Fishbones


Desecrated Oil
Desecrated Oil - Feeling empty inside.
Jinyu Assassin
Jinyu Assassin - Transformation after drinking Darkwater Potion.

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MoP Beta [15799] Update

  • Astragal, June 2012

    Little fishing related in this beta patch data wise.

    Only thing so far is an update to the Electrified Oil recipe now requires 2x Spinefish (was 1x Spinefish). The actual fish is not yet in the game though it does have an icon so presumably will be added at some point.

    Also small change to tooltip for 'Rafting' buff;

    Rafting: You can raft across (oceanic-removed) water.

    Rafting: You can raft across (oceanic-removed) water in Krasarang Wilds.

    This relates to the raft at Marista which can be rebuffed any time after the quest, Build Your Own Raft is completed for a 1 hour Rafting buff (first) and also to the Goblin Fishing Raft used in the quests (second). It is just correcting the tooltip to the actual use on beta now where you can use them on the inland water also.

    The Marista "Your Raft" buff which is the first still actually only works within Krasarang Wilds even though the tooltip does not mention it like the second. if you cross into a neighbouring zone you lose the buff. Perhaps they will change this or update the buff text.

    It doesn't relate to the Anglers Fishing Raft which can be used anywhere and has a different buff.

  • el, June 2012

    From what I can see, Spinefish will be used to make Desecrated Oil, which might explain why that oil fits in a tackle box. Neither oil has any further use in Alchemy (yet).

  • Idoru, June 2012

    There are now pools in Valley of the Four Winds, so far I have found Emperor Salmon and Krasarang Paddlefish pools.

    I also found some Shipwreck Debris along the coast of Krasarang Wilds, but they contain Cataclysm items.

  • Expand 2 more comments

    from "MoP Beta [15799] Update".
  • el, June 2012

    Shipwreck Debris (Pandaria) are related to the Anglers daily Scavenger Hunt, except some are bugged and remain identical to the Tol Barad pools of the same name.

    I caught almost a hundred fish from the new Valley of the Four Winds pools last night, but so far they are just 100% named fish. Hopefully some variety (or rare catches) will emerge in due course.

  • Astragal, June 2012

    Noticed that they have doubled the fishing daily reputation. <The Anglers> daily fishing quests complete now award double giving 500 rep, was 250 before guild/racial perks.

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    to "MoP Beta [15799] Update".

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