Steelscale Crushfish

Steelscale Crushfish

Where to catch Steelscale Crushfish.

About Steelscale Crushfish

  • Use:

    Equip: Acts as a one-handed mace: 22-42 damage, speed 2.50 (12.8 damage per second), +4 Strength bonus. Requires level 20. Binds when equipped.
  • Value:

    • Vendor: 25s 51c
    • Auction: 1000g - Novelty value.
  • Other Tomes:

Catching Steelscale Crushfish

Where to Catch Steelscale Crushfish
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Open WaterCoastal: Arathi Highlands (General), Ashenvale, Hillsbrad Foothills, Northern Stranglethorn (General), Stonetalon Mountains (West), Wetlands150<1%708Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore

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Crushfish Update

  • Marlburo, May 2008

    Been going for Crushfish and seeing how many times I've seen "got it after a couple casts in South Shore" I thought I'd update you on my stats thus far in South Shore:

    Rainbow Fin Albacore: 64.6% (1473)
    Oily Blackmouth: 23.8% (542)
    Firefin Snapper: 10.0% (227)
    Small Locked Chest: .7% (15)
    Message in a Bottle: .5% (12-2 Day 4 Diary Pages)
    Waterlogged Crate: .5% (11)

    2280 casts, and still no luck BUT I WILL NOT QUIT!

  • Marlburo, October 2008

    Well since the new fishing achievement "One That Didn't Get Away" came out I decided to return to my Crushfish search. Waited for Fishing Buddy to get updated for new patch (WoLK) and here are stats thus far:

    Rainbow Fin Albacore: 62.5% (1830)
    Oily Blackmouth: 24.9% (730)
    Firefin Snapper: 10.8% (317)
    Small Locked Chest: .6% (17)
    Message in a Bottle: .6% (17)
    Waterlogged Crate: .5% (15)

    No luck yet, but will keep u posted.

  • Marlburo, October 2008

    I GOT HIM!!!!!!

    Rainbow Fin Albacore: 62.4% (2135)
    Oily Blacksmouth: 24.8% (849)
    Firefin Snapper: 11.1% (378)
    Waterlogged Crate: .6% (21)
    Small Locked Chest: .6% (20)
    Message in a Bottle: .5% (16)

    If you take these stats (3420) and add first posts (2280) you get 5700 I would say at best guess the 5000-6000 cast rate is about right in Southshore.

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  • Gummo, November 2008

    And you have (and log out with) TWO Hooks of the Master Anglers?

  • Marlburo, November 2008

    hahaha I wear my fishing gear 24-7, Im a fisher not a fighter!

  • Famos, November 2008

    i do not have all the stats and % of things caught. but i do want to confirm Crushfish was caught off the south shore dock. open water (not a pool of any kind). got lucky and only took me about 200 casts. one of my missunderstandings was in the pools. i thought this fish might act like the rockhide strongfish, and need to be fished from pools. nope! just good ol' open water fish'n. (another note enchants dont add color effect to this fish) :(

  • Trokair, April 2010

    I have a similar story to the above.... caught the Crushfish in open water off the coast of Southshore (on the coast, not off the dock, but it is all the same area, fish-wise).

    Caught it after about 200 casts. I feel so horrible for Marlburo! Those are the breaks with the RNG though... I'm sure Karma will pay me back when I go for my Sea Turtle.

    I have a screen shot with the FB stats... I'll post that up tonight.

  • Marlburo, April 2010

    lol no worries my man.....i NEVER feel bad about someone catching a fish....especially after my 22 lobster story....its somewhere on here, unreal!

    Congrats though, finally tax season is winding down and I'm getting back into the world....just checking my favorite wow website to see whats been going on with fishing these days. Good to see people are still fishing for crazy stuff like this!

    EDIT: trokair, I see you're on lightninghoof I have/had a fishing guild <Poles Before Trolls> I'll get in touch with you in game once I get my account squared away.....if you want to see how crazy we were/are about fishing look up a post called "Ultimate Fishing Video?" Pretty wild, look forward to speaking with you!

  • Trokair, April 2010


    Is that a Horde guild? Unfortunately I'm alliance... but always interested to speak with a fellow fisherman if you have an Alliance character.

    I'd love to hear the 22 pound lobster story as well.... as of last night I am 1,000 casts into the Bay of Storms. I have a 15 pound lobster and an 83 pound mightfish to show for it.... but no 22 or 103 (respectively), which is obviously what I'm going for.

  • Marlburo, April 2010

    oh yeah i was wondering what that -A after the realm ment lol. Yeah im horde....i coulda sworn i posted a pic and story about that lobster but musta been somewhere else. I'll throw it in the thread for that. Right now im a little devastated because my fish museum got 90% wiped a ticket open, hopefully they can restore the rest of it.

  • jeraz, April 2010

    What happend to your museum?

  • Marlburo, April 2010

    man i took a break and when I came back a couple days ago I found out my account got hacked...../sigh

  • Trokair, April 2010


    My sister has a few Horde on LH... she does fish occasionally. She mentioned this weekend that there was "A Horde guild that specialized in fishing... poles and trolls or something".

    I said, "That's my man Marlburo with Poles Before Trolls!".

    She a rogue that goes by Urimaku or something. She always has these weird names I can't pronounce. I'll find out what her name is and hook you two up.

    Good luck on getting the museum restored! I'm sure it will be no issue... they're usually good about that sort of stuff.

  • Wooly Bay, April 2010

    Marlburo wrote:

    man i took a break and when I came back a couple days ago I found out my account got hacked...../sigh

    I am very sorry to hear your account got hacked...surpised the password was still the same...BUT anyways *pulls out a milk crate to lecture from ontop of:
    " Change your password!! buy a authenticator !! Oh-My-Gawd !! " hehehe

    I actually had something similiar happen, was not an account hack, cause i gave it to my brother in law - however, after 6 months he still was not paying for the account, so I took it back to find my toon in Rachet, in front of the bank, completly naked, and with nothing at lvl52. ((Two hordies rode past and did and did the /lol at me. but look at me now !!
    I am all authenticatored up, I have 7 of the 11 glacial bags I am trying to aquire for my bank/and bags, mostly full all the time...plenty of junk is my point.
    Sorry...had to do it. I wish someone had done it to me a long time ago.
    *puts milkbox away and is now quite*

  • Al, April 2010

    Marlburo, I sure hope your museum is restored!

  • Marlburo, May 2010

    fully intact + all the items not yet in my old video....when I get the 3 "one that didnt get away" fish I still need a new, more insane video will be posted.....stay tuned

  • Al, May 2010

    Glad to hear that everything has been set right!

    Looking forward to a new video.

  • Mightfish, May 2010

    Good luck, Marlburo.
    Mark of the Wild!!!!!

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Steelscale Crushfish - bugged on Darkmoon Island?

  • Aggropop, December 2011

    I started fishing for my sea pony today (dec 4. 2011 kazzak - EU realm) and to my surprise, after only 6 casts, a Steelscale Crushfish drops! After bragging about my luck in guild chat, a guildie said that he got one while fishing for the pony as well. 7 minutes later i got ANOTHER crushfish. I'm not sure if this is just a case of insane luck, or if the drop chance for the crushfish on Darkmoon Island is much higher than shown on this website.

    Has anyone had a similar experience or is it really just a coincidence?

  • el, December 2011

    It *was* one of the rarest catches in vanilla WoW, which is why it is a criteria for One That Didn't Get Away.

    Insane luck is possible, and obviously there are lots of people fishing for the Sea Pony, so we'd expect an above average number of Steelscale Crushfish catches.

    But I'm seeing a lot of reports. And I've also caught it myself for the first time ever (in the Wetlands, while checking a rogue Sea Pony rumour). So definitely maybe.

  • Alenta, December 2011

    I have to comment here. That was my last achievement to Salty for 4 months. So i decide to focus on sea pony for a break and went with a few guildies. 5 of us went and 5 of us left with the Steelscale Crushfish and 1 of us left with 2. Highest amount of catches was myself with 402. After countless hours fishing for dark herring i am ofc HAPPY this is over. I did see other people get it also, so as the above person said "definitely maybe".

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  • Balgair, December 2011

    Just had it drop myself, after 34 catches. Having spent hours and hours farming for the Dark herring with no luck, I'm certainly not complaining! Going on the sheer number of reports I'm hearing of this dropping it may well be higher than average droprate.

  • deanht, December 2011

    Steelscale Crushfish is definitely dropping like hotcakes. I now have (3) in less than an entire hours worth of fishing. (2) within minutes of each other.

  • eiki, December 2011

    Wonder what I'm doing wrong. Been fishing at DM island like crazy for this fish (over 600 casts) and haven't seen it yet.

    Is there any specific location in the island that you guys have been fishing at?

  • Values, December 2011

    240 casts to get my sea pony
    200 casts to get my steelscale

    GG to the ~4.5k casts to get my 15 pounder over at darnassus.

  • Treedle, February 2012

    I was fishing at the DarkMoon Faire this morning about 9:00 am EST. I had caught the Sea pony just west of the cave/cove on the island yesterday in the afternoon after about 30 Minutes of fishing in open water. I went back this morning to fish the holes and I moved to the cave area. I had only caught a few junk fish, when I noticed a spot of bright blue in the water off shore near a small rock island. The second fish I caught after that was the Steelscale. It was just a quick but bright spot of blue that looked very similar to the water holes that used to appear out near the cave in Feralas a long time back. I don't know if it was related to the Steelscale catch but thought I would offer it up in case anyone found it helpful!:)

  • Lyusi, May 2012

    Went to the cave this afternoon, caught Steelscale on my 112th cast. No sea ponies in that time frame, but I already had one. Thanks for the Tip! Officially salty as of today :p

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Steelscale crushfish

  • Gavotte, February 2008

    For the past month or two I've been fishing on and off in the Wetlands (Baradin Bay) for about, on average, an hour a night. My goal has been to catch a Steelscale Crushfish and come up with an approximate catch-rate. Well...after quite a long while, my goal was finally realized.

    As you can see, I unfortunately was not using Fishing Buddy. However, I can confidently say that catch-rate for me was approximately .001%. Hopefully this helps the fishing community a little. I urge others to attempt to catch this fish themselves, even though it can be terribly boring, and record their own catch-rates so we can finally know the exact catch-rate of this fish.

    I also must say...holding the crushfish and old ironjaw while in my fishing outfit looks quite nice. =)

  • lyllyth, March 2008

    I went out to Hillsbrad tonight and caught one of these off the coast of Southshore after only 150 casts! This is a catch rate of .667% that took me a little over 50 minutes of total fishing, from between 3-4am server time. I know that I'm very lucky to have caught this from the small amount of casts that I made, but I still feel the information is helpful to the community.

    I made this catch just southwest of southshore, total fish:

    95 Rainbow Fin Albacore
    35 Oily Blackmouth
    18 Firefin Snapper
    1 Message in a Bottle (also cool item)
    1 Steelscale Crushfish

    I'll probably try and catch another one and update the posting if I do, but for now I'm gonna go celebrate.

    As a side note this site is an incredible blessing to the fishing community and I thank all of you that help provide it to us.

  • voxie, March 2009

    Just thought I'd post my progress too, with NO CATCH as of yet.

    Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore x 203
    Firefin Snapper x 36
    Oily Blackmouth x 75
    Waterlogged Crate x 3
    Message in a Bottle x 2

    About 2 hours worth of fishing there!

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  • Marlburo, March 2009

    I caught him a while ago and decribed how long it took me in more detail in a thread called Crushfish Update. This is the last post from that thread.

    Rainbow Fin Albacore: 62.4% (2135)
    Oily Blacksmouth: 24.8% (849)
    Firefin Snapper: 11.1% (378)
    Waterlogged Crate: .6% (21)
    Small Locked Chest: .6% (20)
    Message in a Bottle: .5% (16)

    If you take these stats (3420) and add first posts (2280) you get 5700 I would say at best guess the 5000-6000 cast rate is about right in Southshore.

  • Trokair, May 2010

    Here are my own results for the Steelscale Crushfish. I caught the fish after 204 casts.

    Rainbow Fin Albacore: 135 (66.2%)
    Oily Blackmouth: 50 (24.5%)
    Firefin Snapper: 17 (8.3%)
    Watertight Trunk: 1 (0.5%)
    Steelscale Crushfish: 1 (0.5%)

  • Extremeadin, July 2010

    I just caught Steelscale Crushfish in Menethil Harbor. I was fishing in the small boat next to the docks.

    1664 Total Fish
    Rainbow Fin Albacore: 1033 (62.1%)
    Oily Blackmouth: 409 (24.6%)
    Firefin Snapper: 179 (10.8%)
    Small Locked Chest: 19 (1.1%)
    Waterlogged Crate: 12 (0.7%)
    Message in a Bottle: 11 (0.7%)
    Steelscale Crushfish: 1 (0.1%)

  • zorrent, July 2010

    I just caught it. It took me only 246 casts. It's probably very rare, though, judging by the comments of other people. I was probably just lucky.

  • TarrnaET, October 2013

    I have maxed fishing skill and Alliance Faction. I fished right behind the Menethil Harbor Inn facing the mountains and after the 5th cast, I caught Steelscale Crushfish.

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Steelscale Crushfish

  • Micha, October 2008

    Has anybody caught this? If so, do you have cast numbers? I know El did, after a very long time. I'm really starting to wonder at the catch rate on this one, though.

    I'm thinking it's probably significantly more rare than 1/1000, even. I'm actually looking at somewhere in the ballpark of 1/5000. What do you guys think?

  • Jolly Rogers, October 2008

    I wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about the Steelscale Crushfish iv been trying for the Rockhide fish-weapon from the tasty fish pools but no luck thus far and only recently was aware of another fish-weapon perhaps its a higher drop rate then Rockhide? I dunno but i would also like to know.

  • Marlburo, October 2008

    Missed this post before I updated an old post I had made, been fishing in southshore, stats are in the other luck yet.

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  • dush91, May 2010

    got it in 10 minutes of fishing at achenvale north.

  • Avenant, July 2010

    Got it in 74 casts in Wetlands

    Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore: 47
    Oily Blackmouth: 23
    Firefin Snapper: 3
    Steelscale Crushfin: 1

  • SaltySnarl, October 2010

    After about 400 casts throughout the Wetlands and Hillsbrad Foothills, and seeing if the Elite Hammerhead Sharks in the deep water would drop it, I caught my Steelscale standing on the stump facing the Southshore Dock. Took about 10 casts! Going to save it for the Cataclysm Aquarium if it'll fit.

  • Enarka, October 2010

    Someone needs to tell SaltySnarl the Aquarium was an April fool's.

  • SaltySnarl, February 2011

    Yep, got it :o)

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