This page summarises how to catch Stonescale Eel.

Stonescale Eel

About Stonescale Eel

Catching Stonescale Eel

Where to Catch Stonescale Eel
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Stonescale Eel SwarmCoastal: Blasted Lands (Coastal), Swamp of Sorrows, Tanaris, Thousand Needles180%
155Stonescale Eel
Open WaterCoastal: Blasted Lands (Coastal), Swamp of Sorrows4256-23% [1]
Open WaterCoastal: The Cape of Stranglethorn (Jaguero Isle)2256-18% [1]
2848Raw Spotted Yellowtail
Open Water3006-18% [1]
2848Raw Spotted Yellowtail

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Variation by Time

  1. Ludovicus, October 2011:

    So I needed 40 Stonescale Eel, and given this article, I should have had no hope whatsover.
    So I say, what the heck, maybe I'll get some Winter Squid instead.

    So at 15:00 server time, fishing the coastal waters of Tanaris, this is what I get:

    I fished about 6 swams of Eels and 2 of Blackmouth.
    Perhaps things have changed ...

  2. el, October 2011:

    The contents of pools have never varied by time. The article is perhaps misleading because it was written before Stonescale Eel Swarm first appeared, so makes no reference to them.

    From the pools you stated you fished, you would gain about 20 Stonescale Eel, which takes your open water Stonescale Eel catch down to around 20% - on the high side, but still within the bounds of luck given the relatively small sample. Change is always possible, but more data is needed here, I think.

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