Strange Engine Part

Strange Engine Part

Where to catch Strange Engine Part.

About Strange Engine Part

Catching Strange Engine Part

  • Notes:

    Only caught by Alliance. Horde catch a similar item, the Broken Engine Part, which does not start a quest.
  • Commentary:

    A very rare catch from Steam Pump Flotsam pools.
  • History:

    2.3: Strange Engine Part first caught.
Where to Catch Strange Engine Part
WaterAreasCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Steam Pump FlotsamInland: Zangarmarsh<1% [1]109
  • [1] Alliance only


Map of Zangarmarsh Lakes
Map of Zangarmarsh Lakes

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Strange Engine Part

  • Noor, February 2008

    Can anyone confirm if doing the Strange Engine Part quest more than once for a pre-level 70 grants XP each time? The quest is repeatable (and you can have more than one engine part in your inventory), but I'd like to know if level 55-69 can get XP by catching an engine part more than once...

  • Stevinn, February 2008

    You should be able to. Each time you right click the engine part you get a repeateble quest. So do one quest, then right click the other engine part and turn it in.It requires level 69 though.

  • el, February 2008

    The level requirement isn't clear for the Strange Engine Part: The quest is listed on Wowhead as minimum 69, and on Thottbot at 65. My guess is those are just the lowest levels that players running their addons have completed the quest at. Both still show the item with "This Item Begins a Quest - Requires Level 55" (W/T).

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  • flawlless, February 2008

    Yes, You get the experience every time you turn it in. at least twice anyway, then I turned 70..

  • Noor, June 2008

    I can now confirm that you can turn this quest in starting at level 55 and you get 12650 XP each time.

  • el, June 2008

    Wonderful! I now have this vision of little Noor fishing all the way from 55 to 70, which even by my standards, would be insane...

  • Noor, June 2008

    I would be insane, as it would take over 500 Strange Engine Parts to get from 60 to 70...

    It seems about as rare a catch as a Goldenscale Vendorfish is from other pools, but since it only comes from one type, it's caught even less.

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