Sugar Minnow

Sugar Minnow

Where to catch Sugar Minnow.

About Sugar Minnow

  • "These small, glass-like fish are sweet to the taste and a favorite of the wild serpents."
  • Quest fish (cannot be caught while in a raid group).
  • Other Tomes:

Catching Sugar Minnow

  • Notes:

    Sugar Minnow can be caught from any open water or pool in Pandaria, except Sha-touched waters.
  • Commentary:

    Fishing open inland water in The Jade Forest is the quickest method of completing the quest (and also lets you catch Golden Carp, to be cooked into Fish Cake for the A Feast for the Senses daily). At least 650 skill is needed to avoid junk. Anglers with low skill can catch Sugar Minnow from pools (junk is never caught from pools, even at low skill).
  • Quest:

    Snack Time from Jenova Longeye at The Arboretum in The Jade Forest. This daily Order of the Cloud Serpent quest requires 10 Sugar Minnow.
  • History:

    Mists of Pandaria: First caught.

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Sugar Minnow

  • Bunny234, June 2014

    I've found it is almost guaranteed for you to fish a sugar minnow if you cast your line into a school of fish. Figured I would share my discovery. Cuts off a lot of fishing time!

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