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WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillQuest OnlyCommon Catch
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Terrorfish - Dangerously Delicious Dalaran fishing daily

  • Nonzor, April 2009

    The Dangerously Delicious fishing daily is to fish up 10 Terrorfish from the waters in Wintergrasp. It took me a total of 20 casts, with the Terrorfish in the loot with other fish (just like Pygmy Suckerfish). Total loot was as follows:
    * 10 Terrorfish
    * 9 Musselback Sculpin
    * 7 Nettlefish
    * 3 Glacial Salmon
    * 1 Giant Darkwater Clam = 4 Succulent Clam Meat & 1 Northsea Pearl

    The Terrorfish apparently gets its name because it's "So good it's scary!" (Gotta love the quotes on some items!)

    Loot from the Bag of Fishing Treasures was:
    * 9 gold, 81 silver, 93 copper
    * 3 Elixir of Water Walking
    * 2 Worthless Piece of Violet Glass ("This thing smells like booze.")

    Happy casting!

  • ashyni, April 2009

    If you're new to Wintergrasp (i.e. you don't PvP much) your best bet for reasonably safe fishing is near your flight points and the east/west workshops. Alliance rez and fly in at the Eastspark shop, and Horde on the equivalent west side. The safest time to fly in is around 30 minutes after a battle concludes and 30 minutes before the next begins, as most folks don't hang around Wintergrasp when there's not a battle imminent.

    A suggestion to spread amongst fellow anglers in this PvP zone: regardless of faction, would anyone consider equipping a fishing pole and being at the water a sign of "truce" - i.e. don't needlessly gank other anglers as long as it's obvious you're fishing?

    For what it's worth my personal policy is that I won't attack anyone gathering or fishing (I'm on Arathor US) unless they initiate...

  • Gaukator, April 2009

    It's also worth remembering that even though controlling Wintergrasp is not required for the quest, it might help a bit if you want to avoid being ganked.

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  • Azaguth, April 2009

    Fishing, no I don't attack.

    Any other resource gathering, yes.

    That titanium node might better suit an alliance member...or hell, even one of my guildies.

    Fishing is something everyone can do, and there is no wait on spawn (except on pools, but even then, meh).

    Doesn't matter though, generally a horde fisherman (opposing faction) will stop fishing and equip his weapon as soon as he sees an ally running around...generally they'll attack first anyway, so I'll just go up next to them, sit down, cast a line and wait to switch weapons...

    It's fairly uncommon for an opposing faction fisherman to not attack me.

    I don't play WG very often. I do the daily once in a while when I want some honor for a specific piece of gear, but by no means do I go every day. I try to make it once a week so I can hit VoA (or whatever is there now), but that doesn't always happen either.

  • ashyni, April 2009

    I can understand that - though as a tailor/enchanter, the titanium or saronite node is pretty much decoration for me to look at while fishing :) so I figure why bother attacking since I can't use it. If a guildie is on who has mining, then I'd reconsider for sure. Typically, I try to fish in out of the way spots, though I find in WG right next to the workshop is a great pool and no mobs.

  • Vanyalosswen, April 2009

    For the *extremely* paranoid, you could always treat it like a Ironjaw/Crafty run and do all the stealth-fishing tricks: do it at 4 AM, turn off huge titles, /sleep, etc.

    The daily quests and achievements associated with Wintergrasp give a lot of incentive to kill enemy players just for the sake of killing them, so players who might otherwise have ignored a harmless fisher might well be more aggressive there. Why wouldn't they be, if you're the last person they need for [Wintergrasp Ranger]? Though considering the only time I've done this daily was, in fact, at 4 AM, I can't say I've done much study on this yet.

    I wonder how long it will be until I hear people yelling "Stop fishing out there, you're just giving them Tenacity!"

  • -Grover, April 2009

    Just so everyone knows, it is possible to fish in Wintergrasp while STANDING in Icemist village (thus not pvp flagged). It took a few to find a good spot, but if you're standing at 24.0,35.0 on the grey rock there, your cast will land inside wintergrasp almost every time!!! Easy and safe for the non-pvpers among us!

    ENJOY, and happy fishing!

  • el, April 2009

    Interesting, Glover.

    There are quite a few spots along the top of the waterfall, where you can be standing in Dragonblight, while your bobber is landing in Wintergrasp. And of course catches are based on where the bobber lands, not where you are standing. For those on PvP realms, this doesn't make much difference: You still need to be standing on the Wintergrasp plateau - you cannot fish from the lakes below Wintergrasp. But for PvE realms it removes the possibility of being attacked completely.

    Perhaps, in a future patch, more of the water will suddenly freeze over?

  • Illuthas, April 2009

    I think this will indeed be fixed,so far I think the spot closest to the flight master is the best one,I know I wouldnt attack someone there

  • Antonine, April 2009

    As I learned from my week long hunt of Ironjaw, the Anglers of Azeroth tend to have an understanding of each other. As stated before, 30 minutes before/after is always a good time. I've been able to fish among the Alliance without having any trouble- after all, they don't want you to attack them either.

    This varies from person to person, server to server, but I think you should be able to do your fishing without much trouble. I've always been right in the open. If you want to feel safer, use a water walking method to get out of attack range.

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Terrorfish drop rate up?

  • Thalen, August 2009

    Just curious, my sample is pretty small so it could be just luck, but it seems to me that the drop rate for the terrorfish has been increased. Usually I'm lucky to ever see 2 in a row, but the last couple times the rate seemed to be higher than that, and I got several in a row more than once.

    Anyone else think it's up a bit?

  • Renetta, August 2009

    I cannot confirm this. Today my terrorfish drop rate felt the same.

  • Al, August 2009

    I think it may be luck. :(

    I do the Dalaran fishing quest most every day and I don't see any particularly increased drop of terrorfish.

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  • Thalen, August 2009

    Yeah I withdraw the question, came up again today and I was back to my old luck >.<

  • jitb50801, January 2010

    Found a perfect fishing spot in wg! Under the western bridge on the highest point.

  • Wooly Bay, January 2010

    I have not had any issue withthe drop rate for the terror fish - they always seem to be throwing themselves on my hook for me.
    I would like to share my personal favorite spot for fishing them tho...it is in IceMist Village - exactly 1/2 a cast away from WinterGrasp - which keeps yours truly OUT of the PvP area while in my fishing outfit. I have had to date only ONE instance where I was forced to say: "You just got whooped with a FISHING POLE!"

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TerrorFish Dop rate

  • Wooly Bay, August 2010

    not a big discussion, just a little something I have noticed lately is the drop rate has gone form every or every other catch to every 4th to 6th catch. Has anyone else noticed a change as I have? Or is it just my awesome luck with the RNG?

  • stormbear, August 2010

    I noticed this yesterday... it took me a tad longer to hook 10 of the little rascals. But the day before all seemed normal.

  • Cherel, August 2010

    I haven't noticed any change. It has taken me a fairly consistent 5 - 7 minutes to catch them all (number may be skewed by the belftards on my realm who think it's cool to gank people fishing).

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  • Al, August 2010

    I tend to average every third or fourth catch. I haven't noticed any great change.

  • stormbear, August 2010

    I got the quest last night and the terrorfish were just about jumping into my bags. The drop rate seemed normal to me. Maybe it was just a blip?

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