This pages summarises the fish that can be caught in The Frozen Sea.

About The Frozen Sea

The Frozen Sea

Catches in The Frozen Sea
Water and AreaFishCatch RateNotesOther Catches
% of CatchSample
Deep Sea Monsterbelly School - CoastalDeep Sea Monsterbelly90%
Pygmy Suckerfish65%
Caught alongside another fish (total catch rate will add up to more than 100%)
Crystallized Water5%
Reinforced Crate5%
Sea Turtle<1%-
Moonglow Cuttlefish School - CoastalMoonglow Cuttlefish90%
Pygmy Suckerfish65%
Caught alongside another fish (total catch rate will add up to more than 100%)
Crystallized Water5%
Reinforced Crate5%
Sea Turtle<1%-
Open Water - CoastalRockfin Grouper60%
Deep Sea Monsterbelly20%
Moonglow Cuttlefish20%
Crystallized Water<1%
Reinforced Crate<1%


Map of Frozen Sea Pools near Borean Tundra Map of Frozen Sea Pools near Howling Fjord

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Kalu'ak Fishing Derby and Frozen Sea

  1. mdagis, January 2010:

    Hello there. Last Saturday I was fishing for the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby at the Frozen sea pools for an hour and I never got the shark. I know that on first sight it might be natural but here they are some strange facts:

    1. I never heard the yell from the NPC to start fishing nor the yell that someone won.

    2. There were times (3-4) that although I caught something when I clicked on the bumper nothing happened. Similar behavior I have only experienced when I was fishing for daily fishing quests and I had forgotten that I am in raid.

    3. The full skill I had was 600 (450 +100 lure +35 pole +15 hat)

  2. Basill, January 2010:

    I was also fishing in the frozen sea and never heard the annoucment.
    I also had the bopper jumping up and down and no catches at all in some pools, left them and moved on, came back after fishing competetion was over, and was able to fish the pool..

  3. Renetta, January 2010:

    For what it's worth I also fished (mostly) in the region. I didn't get the no catch outcomes though. I didn't catch any shark in 57 minutes. Maybe one indeed needs to fish off the continent? Anybody ever caught a shard in the frozen sea?

  1. Zulbak, January 2010:

    It says in El's instructions above that the yell CANNOT be heard in the Frozen Sea

  2. Renetta, January 2010:

    That's not the point though, the point is can one catch the shark in Frozen Sea?

  3. el, January 2010:

    The shark has been reported caught in the Frozen Sea (both live and in test). I suspect that a lack of announcements means that most anglers are avoiding it.

  4. mdagis, January 2010:

    So you think that the "bug" of fishing nothing has nothing to do with it? Anyway I think I will not use Frozen Sea any more for the derby although it has some great spots.

  5. Trokair, May 2010:

    I am intrigued about the fishing in the Sea for this Derby. El, where did you see those reports of the shark being caught in the Frozen Sea? I fished there for an hour today... no shark... but as mdagis mentioned, it really has some great spots with a lot of close-together pools.

  6. el, May 2010:

    The first week's winner on Ravenholdt caught the shark from the Frozen Sea, so I have at least one live report I'm certain of, plus test reports. Since then, anglers have been avoiding the area, due to the lack of announcement. Remember that there is absolutely no guarantee of catching the shark, even if you fish a full hour.

  7. Rentz, May 2010:

    Have attended to three tournaments so far - Caught 3/3 sharks from Frozen Sea.

    Got one shark 6mins in last week, and managed to win.

    So, yes. The shark is catchable in the Frozen Sea.

  8. Trokair, May 2010:

    Thank you Rentz and El! I will go back to my Frozen Sea strategy then next week... as I know a good spot that has about 8 pools close together that respawn quickly.

  9. Wyzo, May 2010:

    Tried the derby for the first time from here this week. Didn't catch a single Black Tip Shark, but will continue giving it a go weekly as this is the only area where I won't draw massive aggro fishing pools since I'm only lvl 43.

  10. traconis, May 2010:

    Could i win the Kalu ak derby by fishing in the Dragonfin Anglefish schools?

  11. Wyzo, May 2010:

    Well, I just won the Kalu'ak fishing derby fishing in the Frozen Sea. I'm currently lvl 45 (Mage). Here's how I did it.

    About an hour before it started, I took the boat from Stormwind to Valiance Keep. I was mounted on my swift steed. As soon as the boat gets off the shore of the Borean Tundra, I drank an Elixir of Water Walking and rode off the boat and across the sea to the last set of icebergs. I found a pool next to an ice flow, and camped on the ice flow. This took a total of about four minutes before I camped.

    I signed back in and just as the derby should have started (you get no yell in the Frozen Sea), I started fishing the closest pool which was the furthest one out. I just kept fishing them until my Elixir of Water Walking just about ran out, then I drank the second one (I have a huge stash of these things in my bank account). The second pool I fished from there, on the third cast up came the black tip shark. My Hearth Stone is set in Dalaran so I teleported to Dalaran, exited the Silver Enclave, mounted my steed and ran up to Elder Clearwater. Right clicked immediately and quickly chose an item to finish the quest because it looked like there were two other people there at the same time about to talk to him. total time was probably 7 minutes from the start of the derby.

    I took the Boots of the Bay so I don't have to set my hearth stone in Booty Bay every Sunday. This way, I don't have to die and go on a ghost run to leave my hearth stone in Dalaran any more. It can just stay there.

    I'm going to keep doing this derby because I'd like the ring, too, and I can still get loot if I fish up a Black Tip Shark and somebody has already won.

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