Tome of Polymorph: Turtle

Tome of Polymorph: Turtle

Where to catch Tome of Polymorph: Turtle.

About Tome of Polymorph: Turtle

Catching Tome of Polymorph: Turtle

  • Notes:

    Reported caught very rarely caught from any Cataclysm-level pool. Can be caught by non-Mages.
  • Commentary:

    Before the Cataclysm this book was rarely looted from the corpse of Gahz'ranka, a boss summoned by fishing.
  • History:

    Cataclysm: First catch reported.
Where to Catch Tome of Polymorph: Turtle
WaterAreasCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Albino Cavefish SchoolInland: Deepholm<1%514Albino Cavefish
Blackbelly Mudfish SchoolInland: Uldum<1%514Blackbelly Mudfish
Deepsea Sagefish SchoolCoastal: Twilight Highlands (General)<1%514Deepsea Sagefish
Fathom Eel SwarmCoastal: Tol Barad, Uldum<1%514Fathom Eel
Highland Guppy SchoolInland: Twilight Highlands (General)<1%514Highland Guppy
Mountain Trout SchoolInland: Mount Hyjal (General)<1%514Mountain Trout
Shipwreck Debris (Cataclysm)Coastal: Tol Barad<1%50Sealed Crate (Cataclysm)

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Comments about Tome of Polymorph: Turtle

Below are readers' comments about "Tome of Polymorph: Turtle":

Fished up a Tome of Polymorph: Turtle

  • animism, December 2010

    Hey guys, as the title says, I fished up a Tome of Polymorph: Turtle relatively soon after launch. I posted on wowhead but there hasn't been any response. Has anybody else has gotten this item from fishing after the removal of ZG?

    Here is a link to my shamans' armory feed:
    Scroll down and you'll see it was looted about a day ago. I also have screenshots but not on this computer atm.

    For anybody wondering, I got it from a school of Fathom Eeels.

  • Astragal, December 2010

    Gratz. Fun Stuff! Now that is very appropriate way for it to drop and lovely to see as a mage. Well done Blizzard on this.

    I did buy some as players were thinking they may be sold by a vendor. But I guess this would be something like the rare zone drops (1:1000) from any mob in a zone rather than specific ones. But this looks like maybe any pool and lower drop rate as I imagine quite a few pools have been fished already. Guess time will tell.

    Main thing, we have fun stuff :) Here's for some more. Still waiting for any data on the Shatterscale Mightfish

  • el, December 2010

    Thanks. I guess this has a very low chance from any of the new pools, although it is possible it is just from Fathom Eel Swarm or even just from Uldum pools. If anyone else catches it, please post details.

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  • Enarka, December 2010

    Hm, most interesting.

    Well I'm on my way to Uldum, got 10,000 fish to catch for that recipe!

  • Astragal, December 2010

    From wowhead it looks like fish pools generally. Couple more reports:

    By Apiecost yesterday at 10 AM (Patch 4.0.3)
    I just fished this up in Deepholm from an Albino Cavefish pool. Haven't been able to determine a drop rate yet - will update if I come across this info.

    By Trilless 4 hours ago (Patch 4.0.3)
    Now obtained from fishing in Pools. I've caught two on the way to 525 fishing.

    Last one does not give location, but two. Just RNG? guess we shall see as more data comes in.

  • Durth, December 2010

    I just caught this from a albino catfish school in deepholm. It wasat the bottom of the place where you fight avalancion the earth elemental

  • Aequitas, December 2010

    Caught this in a Mountain Trout school in Hyjal.

  • Marlburo, December 2010

    caught in uldum (blackbelly mudfish school) took about 5k casts between blackbelly and eel pools

  • pukeman, January 2011

    Caught this in Azshara/Hyjal in a mountain trout school.

    Fish the waterfall between Azshara and Hyjal always atleast 5 pools of Mountain Trout. Seems to respawn Quick.

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Farm tome of polymorph: turtle?

  • Gummo, September 2010

    From here:

    (Zul'Gurub will be an open, level 30ish area (not instance) when Cataclysm comes out)

    "Will the Zul'Gurub mounts still be available by other means?"

    We don't know yet. However, if you wanted them and haven't gotten around to farming one (or both), I would suggest you start now, just to be safe. If I had to guess, I'd say they're going to be removed -- but that's just a guess. I don't know either way.

    I'll also take a minute to say how scared I am about what's going to happen to the price of the turtle polymorph tome ... I could see that going well over 100,000g eventually. If you have one and haven't used it, now would be the time to save it and forget about it until it becomes a super rare item of yet-unknown demand.

  • Renetta, September 2010

    This one is hard to predict. It could also be that they just make it trainable. Or if they are so inclined they can even make the item disappear. Then again, this is one of the more fun fishing grinds, so it's worth taking the risk.

  • el, September 2010

    I can't source the comment, but I remember Blizzard stating that they did not want to encourage pre-expansion stockpiling. So I expect items like this will be just as common (or more common) after the Cataclysm. Unless the drop accidentally gets taken out.

    Since this creates lots of speculation, the best auction strategy is probably counter-intuitive: Farm tomes and sell them at inflated prices pre-Cataclysm, to people who think that the turtle tome will be even more valuable after Cataclysm.

    There's one important counter-argument:

    Each expansion causes inflation - the gold earning potential of a top-level normally almost doubles. (In WotLK this was pre-empted partly by patch 2.4, but overall the pattern still holds.) Such inflation effectively de-values any gold you have stored, because the price of everything at the auction house reflects earnings.

    The best way of riding out inflation is to invest in items that will be just as desirable to a future level 85 buyer as they are to today's level 80. They'll be prepared to spend the same proportion of their earnings. Unusual tomes, like the turtle, are precisely the sort of item that remains valuable to those at top level, regardless of expansions. Other historic examples have included Savory Deviate Delight and minipets.

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  • Paela, December 2011

    Is there any more information on this topic now that Cataclysm has been out for a while? Most of the reports I see elsewhere talk about fishing in Uldum. I'm interested in obtaining the spell, but 1k is quite a bit for a novelty thing.

    Also, anyone actually USED this? I had the Penguin polymorph glyph, and half the time it was polymorphing to a monkey. I hope it doesn't do this for turtle. Yet another reason I'm apprehensive about spending 1k on it. :D

  • Shrodinger, January 2012

    I do a lot of fishing at Tol Barad peninsula and I have caught Tome of Polymorph: Turtle twice in this area. According to Wowhead, it has a 0.01% drop from pools in Tol Barad and LESS than that in other Cata areas. Both of the times I have caught the Tome, I was fishing from Fathom Eel pools. Good luck and happy fishing!

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