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Tree Branch

  1. Gummo, June 2009:

    I just fished up a rare Tree Branch in the Underbelly. Given its low drop rate and its first appearance in patch 3.1, I wonder if it was supposed to be the simple fishing pole at one point...

  2. Gizel, June 2009:

    Interesting, can you SS and armory log out for this one?

  3. Gummo, June 2009:

    I can't wield it or anything, but it's in the armory record

  1. Gizel, June 2009:

    Oh misunderstood nvm :)

  2. Isa, June 2009:

    Rather useless thing, ain't it?

  3. justBrando, June 2009:

    Fishing in WoW is a strange sport. I would consider ANY rare catch a trophy. =]

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