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Volatile Fire

Where to catch Volatile Fire.

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Catching Volatile Fire

Where to Catch Volatile Fire
WaterAreasCatch RateCommon Catch
% of CatchSample
Pool of FireInland: Mount Hyjal (Throne of Flame), Twilight Highlands (Cannon's Inferno)100% [1]
76Volatile Fire
Open LavaInland: Mount Hyjal (Throne of Flame), Twilight Highlands (Cannon's Inferno)5% [1]
  • [1] 1-2 items per catch

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Volatile Fire

  • Kushtengri, December 2010

    Blue post:
    •Fishing in open water areas around Sulfuron Spire no longer yields Volatile Fire.

    I`m crying :(

  • el, December 2010

    This isn't live yet (on EU realms). No idea if they plan to apply the same restriction to the Twilight Highlands.

  • Astragal, December 2010

    I assume the pools will still be available and it is quite possible to fish in Twilight Highlands lava spot without mob aggro as an alternative, unless changed also.

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  • el, December 2010

    I'm told via Twitter that this open lava was briefly giving 100% Volatile Fire (like a Pool of Fire), and that the fix description is garbled.

  • GnomeDx, February 2011

    Do you have to be a certain level to fish volatile fire?

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Volatile Water/Fire Open Water Drops Rates

  • Number6, April 2011

    I have been fishing a lot recently to farm mats for tailoring and have found the open water rates for both Volatile Water in water, and Volatile Fire in lava pools, to be closer to 10% then the 5% listed in the guide. I mainly fish in the Twilight Highlands, in case this makes a difference, but I usually do about 200 casts and end up with 20 or more Volatiles per session. This has been pretty consistent for about two weeks and I was wondering if anyone else has noticed an increase.

    Also, at what point do you think it becomes more efficient simply to stay in one spot and farm open water versus hunting down pools? Myself, I think the 10% open water rate is getting close to that point.

  • el, April 2011

    It's a 5% chance of a Volatile Water catch from open water. Each Volatile Water catch may contain 1, 2 or 3 water. So if you just count the total volume of Volatile Water gained, it probably is about 10% from open water (and approaching 20% from pools).

    The original evidence is based on almost 2,800 open water catches during beta - see Cataclysm Catches. As with everything, this might have changed since.

    If you are just farming Volatile Water, staying in one place is likely quicker, even assuming 10% vs 5% (pools vs open water), since pool fishing typically involves spending half your time moving, especially if others are fishing, and pools are harder to find.

    The open-lava Volatile Fire sample is much smaller, so could be inaccurate. I didn't spend too much time checking, because Pool of Fire give so much Volatile Fire, they were the obvious choice.

  • Number6, April 2011

    Ahh, that makes sense as I do normally pull up 2-3 volatiles at once.

    Yeah, I do not dispute that the pools have better drops, I was looking for if it would be quicker when farming volatiles, as you point out, to stay in one spot rather than travel, competition, etc.

    So I guess with all that factored in, a 10% volatile rate per cast isn't too bad for staying stationary..

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