Waterlogged Wreckage Pool

Waterlogged Wreckage Pool locations and catches.

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Waterlogged Wreckage Pool Catches

Waterlogged Wreckage Pool Catches
AreasFishCatch RateNotesOther Catches
% of CatchSample
Iron Bound Trunk60%
Rumsey Rum Black Label20%
1-2 items per catch
1-3 items per catch

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waterlogged wreckage

  • Moonlight, October 2011

    Best place i've found is shok'thokar, Desolace
    They're all over the place there.

  • Astragal, October 2011

    Don't forget that wreckage pools share spawn nodes with other fish types, so the numbers will vary depending on how they spawn after a server restart and players fishing pools (see El's comment on the page here)


  • momof4rugratz, November 2011

    I have been to shok'thokar and nothing and Grom gol and nothing i have fished over 160 firefin and 97 oily blackmouth and 20 trunks no waterlogged what am i doing wrong

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  • Gorend, November 2011

    Darrowmere Lake in Western Plaguelands is THE place to find Waterlogged Wreckage. All I could find in Lordamere (Hillsbrad) was Floating Wreckage.

  • el, November 2011

    It looks like the duplicate set of pools got removed from Lordamere. Early in Cataclysm, there used to be both Sagefish/Floating Debris and Greater Sagefish/Waterlogged Wreckage sets - sometimes on top of one another.

  • inoculo, July 2012

    Confirmed Desolace, in Shok'Thokar but also in the lake between Mannoroc Coven and Gelkis Village.

    ps: found it in Desolace after trying ALL other spots suggested with no luck

    please correct the note that says "coastal" to Desolace, it is also inland

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