World's Largest Mudfish

World's Largest Mudfish

Where to catch World's Largest Mudfish.

About World's Largest Mudfish

Catching World's Largest Mudfish

  • Notes:

    Can only be caught from Lake Sunspring and Skysong Lake, not other "lakes" in Nagrand (Outland), regardless of what the quest instructions state. Your bobber has to land where the lake is called Sunspring or Skysong: Sometimes it looks like you are fishing from the correct lake, but you are actually fishing in "Nagrand" or "Garadar".
  • Guide:

    Outland Daily Fishing Quests - Walkthrough for all the level 70 daily fishing quests, with rewards.
  • Quest:

    The One That Got Away from Old Man Barlo, near Silmyr Lake in Terokkar Forest. This is one of several possible daily fishing quests from Old Man Barlo. The fish can only be caught with this quest.
  • Achievements:

    Old Man Barlowned: Complete each of Old Man Barlo's 5 Outland Daily Fishing Quests.
  • History:

    2.4: World's Largest Mudfish first caught.
Where to Catch World's Largest Mudfish
WaterAreasNo-Junk SkillQuest OnlyCommon Catch
Open WaterInland: Nagrand (Outland) (Lakes)490Quest OnlyBarbed Gill Trout


Map of Lakes in Nagrand
Map of Lakes in Nagrand

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Comments about World's Largest Mudfish

Below are readers' comments about "World's Largest Mudfish":

Be careful where you stand.

  • Calabar, April 2008

    When doing the daily fishing quest “The One That Got Away” that sends us to Nagrand, I do my fishing in lake next to the horde town. After doing this quest several times I accidentally discovered something.

    The shore I fish from is between the horde base and the mountain. As I’m alliance I usually stand closer to the mountain. This has worked well for me. But the last time I moved even closer to the mountain to avoid an annoying water element. Fifty two casts later I still didn’t have my quest fish. I knew something was up. I looked up at my mini map and found that it no longer listed the name of the lake. I moved to the left a few steps and the text changed and showed the lake’s name again. I started fishing and caught my quest fish in a reasonable number of casts.

    So be sure to check your mini map to make certain you’re standing in the right spot. Even if you are fishing in the right lake you may not be fishing in the right lake. The folks at Blizzard have an odd sense of humor.

  • Oberweiss, April 2008

    This tip was buried in the "Fishing Changes in 2.4" thread, too. Sorry you didn't see it before you went fishing!

  • Pipre, April 2008

    yeah, I've been posting in just about every fishing complaint thread on the official forums about this to try and get the word out. It's logical it would work this way from a programming perspective, but not from a real-world perspective.

  • Longhunter, April 2008

    i have an easy awnser use a water walking potion and stand in the middle of the lake you can dismount by drinking and you can mount just jump at the last sec and fly away

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    to "Be careful where you stand.".

Incredible Luck

  • saltydog9, December 2009

    Today when fishing the Outland daily quest(World's Largest Mudfish) I had terrible luck. I fished it with five different characters.

    434 fishing skill - 12 catches to complete
    505 fishing skill - 31 catches to complete
    505 fishing skill - 16 catches to complete
    505 fishing skill - 47 catches to complete

    and finally with a character that just leveled to 70,
    505 fishing skill - 138(!) catches to complete

    The 138 catches were 63 Barbed Gill Trout, 39 Figluster's Mudfish, 35 Icefin Bluefish, 1 Curious Crate, and 1 World's Largest Mudfish.

    I did not fish in any new areas. It usually takes 7-10 catches to complete even though I have completed it in one catch before. Yesterday the daily was the same quest and it took one of my characters 37 catches to complete.

    I don't think I like this quest anymore.

  • el, December 2009

    Are you absolutely sure the bobber was landing in the correct water each time? This is a very easy quest for half your casts to miss the correct water - for example, land in "Garadar" and not "Skysong Lake".

    Your numbers read a lot like the old (patch 2.4) method (see Random Catches). With WotLK's progressive drop rates, these dailies rarely take more than 5 or 10 casts. And I'm not even sure 138 is possible with the new method. So perhaps the method changed again?

  • saltydog9, December 2009

    Since I fish pretty close to Garadar I cannot be certain that my bobber was in the right water. It did seem like many of my casts were shorter than normal and it's easy to stand a few feet away from where I normally do.

    The quest came up again today and it took 5, 8, 4, and 18 casts. The last character had several short casts which again may have contributed to the higher number. I suppose that I am standing in a spot that normally is okay but has little tolerance for poor casts. And if I am a few feet short of where I usually stand then the casts must be that much further to even count toward the quest.

    Maybe I should just consider the above a bad weekend on my part. Other than that my Outland quest luck has been very good for the last week -- two Weather-Beaten Fishing Hats and three Eye of the Sea's.

  • Michlo, July 2010

    218 skill (+95), caught at Sunspring after 6 tries.

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    to "Incredible Luck".

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