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Details the daily clustering of pools at specific locations in Pandaria. For the name and location of today's Fish of the Day, speak to Ben of the Booming Voice. On this page:

"It is strange how I don't know where I already am. But not half as confusing as when I find myself." - El, on first discovering Salty El at Shado-Pan Monastery


Fish of the Day Marker
Fish of the Day Marker - Red cross indicates the site of a Fish of the Day migration.
Ben of the Booming Voice's Face
Ben of the Booming Voice's Face - Halfhill.

Fish of the Day migrations are clusters of pools around one specific location in Pandaria. As the name suggests, one active Fish of the Day migration may be found somewhere in Pandaria each day. Days start and end at 03:00 (PST for US realms, CET for EU realms, and Australian EST for Oceanic realms). The location of each day's active migration will vary between realms, seemingly at random.

Ben of the Booming Voice (illustrated, who is fishing just east of Halfhill in Valley of the Four Winds) will tell you what and where today's Fish of the Day is. If you ask Ben, he will also mark the current Fish of the Day migration on your map with a red cross.

There are 9 possible Fish of the Day locations, listed and mapped below. Each location has unique pool types, but there are some features common to all migrations:

Pools elsewhere in a zone with a Fish of the Day migration appear to continue to spawn as normal - except the zone's regular pools will not spawn at the location of the migration.

Fish of the Day Locations
NameZoneLocationMain CatchMain Pool TypeLarge Krakkanon Pool Type
Binan Village CoastKun-Lai SummitSouthern Inkgill MereSpinefishSha-Touched SpinefishLarge Pool of Sha-Touched Spinefish
Enchanted Woods of the LostThe Jade ForestWest of Sri-La VillageJade LungfishGlowing Jade LungfishLarge Pool of Glowing Jade Lungfish
Fields of NiuzaoTownlong SteppesNorth of Niuzao TempleRedbelly MandarinCrowded Redbelly MandarinLarge Pool of Crowded Redbelly Mandarin
Gokk'lok ShallowsDread WastesNorth-west coastGiant Mantis ShrimpTangled Mantis Shrimp ClusterLarge Tangled Mantis Shrimp Cluster
Krasari FallsKrasarang WildsEast of Fallsong VillageKrasarang PaddlefishSwarm of Panicked PaddlefishLarge Swarm of Panicked Paddlefish
Master Snowdrift's PagodaKun-Lai SummitNorth side of Shado-Pan MonasteryTiger GouramiTiger Gourami SlushLarge Pool of Tiger Gourami Slush
Mossgreen LakeTimeless IsleMossgreen Lake, center of IsleJewel DanioGlimmering Jewel Danio PoolLarge Pool of Glimmering Jewel Danio Pool
Sri-La VillageThe Jade ForestCoastalReef OctopusReef Octopus SwarmLarge Swarm of Migrated Reef Octopus
Stormstout BreweryValley of the Four WindsSouth side, outside of dungeonEmperor SalmonBrew Frenzied Emperor SalmonLarge Pool of Brew Frenzied Emperor Salmon
Map of Fish of the Day Locations
Map of Fish of the Day Locations

Main "Rapid Respawn" Pools

Each Fish of the Day migration features vast numbers of pools with the same name and contents. The contents (catch type and volume) of these pools are the same as existing Pandarian pools, even where their name is different. For example, Sha-Touched Spinefish are identical to Spinefish School. The benefit of fishing Fish of the Day pools is their proximity to one-another and their respawn rate: Fish of the Day pools can be fished continually, without much movement between pool spawning locations.

The Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm bonus still applies to Fish of the Day pools. The vast number of pools in a migration means that not all pools can be fished by standing on the land. Water walking (or a raft) is an advantage at most locations, but likely only needed to sustain fishing Swarm of Panicked Paddlefish at Krasari Falls, where the majority of pools are away from the shore.

High pool density and rapid pool respawn make Fish of the Day pools the most efficient place to catch any fish they contain. Fish of the Day migrations (very rarely) contain Sea Turtles, like all other Pandarian pools (thanks Jemi). Fish of the Day migrations should be the best place to try and catch a Sea Turtle - if you can survive fishing precisely the same small area of water for hour after hour...

Large "Krakkanon" Pools

Angry Krakkanon
Angry Krakkanon - Krakkanon at Enchanted Woods of the Lost, The Jade Forest. If you were that big, and stuck in a lake that small, you'd be angry.

Single active "Large" Krakkanon pool may be found at each active Fish of the Day location. Large pools take up to 45 minutes to spawn after the start of a new Fish of the Day. Once a Krakkanon has been summoned a second large pool may appear nearby, allowing further Krakkanon to be summoned. The respawn rate of Large pools is much slower than the main pool type.

Large pools contain far more catches than main rapidly respawning pools: Typically almost a hundred fish! Once the pool is emptied a Krakkanon (formerly called an Engorged Sea Monster) appears.

The Krakkanon (illustrated) is a level 90 elite with 20 million health. The Krakkanon will not aggro until attacked. It is not automatically "tapped" by the angler that summons it. The Krakkanon must be fought in the water where it spawns, although ranged attackers can safely engage the creature from the shore. Its main attack is Gurrggggle, which fires a water jet. The Krakkanon should be possible for most classes to solo: The Krakkanon's attack is quite weak (apparently never more than 30K damage at once), but you will probably need to be able to heal yourself during the fight, since the Krakkanon's health is so high the fight will last about 10 minutes. Krakkanon are not tagged when first attacked, so anyone who participates in killing the creature may loot it: Each person gains the same loot drops.

Dead Krakkanon always drop 20 of the regular fish found in the pool the creature was summoned from. In addition, they may yield:

The chance of gaining Nat's Fishing Journal is around 20%. The Journal can be used by either the angler or any of their employees ("alts" on the same account). The only other source for Nat's Journal is Nat himself - and you'll need to be at least half-way towards Best Friends with him to buy it at a cost of almost 1,000g. For entirely new anglers, fishing these Large Krakkanon pools could be a viable way to raise your fishing skill.

Fish of the Day Visitors

El and Salty El
El and Salty El - Me and my other me, fishing together at the Enchanted Woods of the Lost, in The Jade Forest, during a Fish of the Day migration.

All migrations (except the Mossgreen Lake) attract a set of Anglers, including: Salty El (illustrated, alongside, er, me); Anglers Dry, In Bo Den, Johnny Rotten, Lin Snowclaw (with pet Lulu) and Scottie; Fisherman Crow, and Old Salty Sullivan (with pet Shelby). These Anglers simply fish, and cannot be attacked or talked to. Perhaps I'm still trying to catch an elusive Tiny Carp?

Some Fish of the Day migrations also include a person or creature that visually replenishes or interacts with nearby pools. None of their events seem to make any difference to the fish caught from affected pools. Unique people or creatures, by Fish of the Day location:

Appendix: Ben's Stories

Ben of the Booming Voice
Ben of the Booming Voice - Fishing just east side of Halfhill, Valley of the Four Winds.

Ben of the Booming Voice introduces each Fish of the Day with stories that help explain why the migration occurred:

Binan Village Coast

"The Jin'yu of Binan Village in Kun-Lai Summit spoke to the water today, and it is TEEMING with Sha. You may already know this, but the Spinefish is a rather aggressive fish. Now, you mix that with a little bit'o that Sha mojo, and you've got a proper frenzy in the make! If you can catch those angry beasties, you may help restore balance to their fragile ecosystem... not to mention gettin' yourself a dream catch of Spinefish."

Enchanted Woods of the Lost

"During a full moon, the sprite darters in The Woods of The Lost in Jade Forest are known to shed their scales. They do it late at night and it's actually beautiful to see. Their scales glow with a bright jade light and fleck off into the water. This attracts Jade Lungfish like you wouldn't believe! like moths to the light! Careful not to disturb those mogu though... they ain't exactly the friendly type."

Fields of Niuzao

"So today I was gathering supplies, I found a wandering sherpa who sold exotic potions and oils. One of the more strange oils he had was known as a 'love potion' for fish. Nevermind how he created it, just know that the stuff REALLY works! It DOUBLED the Redbelly Mandarin population in his pond! I found him at the lake north of Niuzao Temple. You'd probably do some good if you helped even out the population there."

Gokk'lok Shallows

"After a high tide in the Gokk'lokk Shallows in Dread Wastes, sometimes the increased fish activity loosens the kelp along the shore. Shrimp, octopus, and all manner'o'things get tangled up in there. I bet you could get you a small fortune o' Mantis Shrimp if you fished out there a while. Let me know if you need help finding it."

Krasari Falls

Wizak Blastbait
Wizak Blastbait - Wizak Blastbait panicks Paddlefish by dynamite fishing from a Stolen Raft. During a Fish of the Day migration at Krasari Falls, Krasarang Wilds.

"Do I look Angry? Well it's because I AM! My arch nemesis, Wizak Blastbait, is encroaching pretty close onto my turf. He's a nasty little goblin, who uses... non-conventional means of fishing. Last I saw him, he was at Krasari Falls. You should fish there today if you want Krasarang Paddlefish, I bet he's scaring them up left and right. Maybe if he sees other people fishing there, he'll deem the area overcrowded and leave. Oh, and if you can, make a rude gesture at him. Tell'm old Ben sent'ya." [Ben smirks to himself. El nods sagely.]

Mad Qao-Pao (before patch 5.4)

"Mad Qao-Pao doesn't mean any harm. Truly, he doesn't. He heard that the pond in front of the Mogu'shan Palace granted wishes, you see... like a wishing well. And... well... the poor guy has more gold than wit. Last I heard, he's been dumping gold into the water... hoping to become king of the world! Sadly, Jewel Danio's favourite treats are fireflies that fly low on the water. The glimmer of the coins lures them out in droves. Hopefully the poor things aren't swallowing too many coins. Today's the day to get Jewel Danio if you want, though. You may even find a couple of coins yourself."

Master Snowdrift's Pagoda

"Last night, Master Snowdrift was giving some lessons at the Shado-Pan Monastery in Kun-Lai Summit. He was teaching his students how to cast fists of frost. The good news is, the students did great. The bad news is, hundreds of icy fist balls were cast into the water. This froze the Tiger Gourami living in the surrounding lake! If you're looking to catch some Tiger Gourami today, that's probably your best bet."

Mossgreen Lake (since patch 5.4)

"Some terrible things have happened in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, but the real tragedy is that it's no longer a good place for fishing. All that Jewel Danio! Gone! Fortunately for you, I've heard of an island off the eastern coast where you can still fish Jewel Danio. If the rumors are correct, you should be able to find a lake full of them there."

Sri-La Village

"The Anglers over at Sri-La Village are reporting an unusually high number of Reef Octopi at their village. I'd wager that it's spawning season, but who knows? The problem is, that the increased octopus influx is damaging the shellfish population... and everyone knows the real money is in shellfish. Dangle your bobber there for a minute or two, I bet you'd walk away with swarms of those octopi."

Stormstout Brewery

"Here in Valley of the Four Winds, we have our famous Stormstout Brewery. You may have noticed that a rather destructive bunch of Hozu have decided to make that place their own. Their drunken debauchery is known to get a little out of hand. Sometimes, after a new batch of brew is made, they are known to have beer fights. That's right, gallons upon gallons of brew are wasted and wash away into the Yan-Zhe River. The beer attracts Emperor Salmon, and they swarm like nothin' I've ever seen. They're a bit easier to catch, too... seein' as they've had a few."

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Comments about Fish of the Day

Below are readers' comments about "Fish of the Day":

Daily Fishing swarms not spawning

  • Fiala, November 2014

    anyone else having this happen? When I got to the location that Ben tells me, there are none of the swarm pools. I've tried on a couple different days on different toons. So far I haven't seen anything online about this, I could have missed it but I figured here is the place to ask! :)

  • el, November 2014

    Is any particular swarm type missing? I've just checked on my realm and spawns are appearing correctly there.

  • Fiala, November 2014

    The two I noticed were the spinefish by inkgill a few days ago, and yesterday the tiger gourami. I looked with both my main and an alt and none of the special pools were spawning. I just went out to timeless isle and can see the Glimmering Jewel Danio pools just fine. I'd blame it on phasing but I'd fished them within the last couple weeks. I'll keep a lookout and update.

  • Expand 5 more comments

    from "Daily Fishing swarms not spawning".
  • Aoife, November 2014

    I just tried myself and the Tiger Gourami pools and NPCs are missing for me too. There is a thread in the Bug Report at - started on 17 October.

  • Enarka, November 2014

    Sometimes, wrong indications are given; this is especially true when EST/EDT changes are made, for some weird reason. Don't ask why! I couldn't tell you =D

  • Basill, November 2014

    The Krasari Falls pools or npc are not here ... Even though Ben said and marked it for me.. ;(

  • Basill, December 2014

    After a few more fish later ^^ nuf for 2 carps... no npc´s on any servers I fish on...Am i missing something? has it been removed?

  • Rysa, January 2015

    It's true. I've only seen the emperor salmon (brewery) and krasang paddlefish swarms actually spawn. The rest of the other times it's the normal pools for me. So far checked jewel danio, jade lungfish, tiger gourami, spinefish, and the marine one that spawns in dread wastes.

  • Reply

    to "Daily Fishing swarms not spawning".

storing multiple pagle fish

  • punchingbag, November 2013

    I happened upon a way to store multiple pagle fish. with a flying tiger in a bag, i helped killed 2 of the krakkanons from the large fish of the day pools. They dropped flying tigers but i could not loot them. they were then mailed to my in game mail as recovered items. currently i have turned in a flying tiger, have 1 in my bags, and 2 more in my mail. Thought this might help someone else.

    happy fishing.

  • el, November 2013

    Useful, but I believe this will only work with fish sourced from Krakkanon, not fish caught by regular fishing. Pagle fish are treated as unique, so if you already have one in your inventory, you should never see another in the (fishing) catch loot window - so can never loose it, and thus not recover it in the mail.

  • punchingbag, November 2013

    yep I agree, only works when looking the big K's

  • Reply

    to "storing multiple pagle fish".

Fish of the Day

  • epitafio, March 2014

    I just fished a large pool, and the Krakkanon did NOT appear when it finished! This is the first time it's happened to me - has it happened to anyone else?

  • Enarka, March 2014

    In Kun-Lai summit, you may be phased out of the area due to quests and whatnot =)

  • epitafio, March 2014

    Total, total bummer.

  • Reply

    to "Fish of the Day".

Is it possible to know catches til Krakkanon?

  • Aunor, January 2014

    I was just fishing a Large pool in Pandaria for Fish of the Day (happened to be Jade Lungfish) and a horde warlock came and started fishing it too. (I play alliance)

    Before Krakkanon appeared, he summoned his Voidwalker and used its shield ability to shield himself. The very next catch, Krakkanon appeared.

    Could he have known somehow that there was 1 catch left? If so, how?
    I was fishing the large pool before he arrived, so I don't think he could have been counting it himself.

  • el, January 2014

    During test, so presumably also on live, the number of catches to summon a Krakkanon was not constant - it varied somewhat from pool to pool. That implies it would be impossible to predict the Krakkanon appearing, even if one had been counting.

    Aside from pure chance, gut feeling that the pool was about to be emptied, or even accidental button clicks, the most likely explanation of what you saw is lag: Perhaps the Warlock emptied the pool, and thus responded to it disappearing, while your game client continued to see the pool a few seconds longer, making it look like you emptied it.

  • Aunor, January 2014

    Thank you!

    I do sometimes load slowly in Pandaria but I didn't think it was happening then. So that is definitely the most likely cause then. The not being constant would certainly rule out an addon, which I was thinking he was using.

  • Reply

    to "Is it possible to know catches til Krakkanon?".

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