Fishing Pool of Fire (Volatile Fire)

Explains how to fish Pool of Fire for Volatile Fire. These pools can be found in Mount Hyjal and the Twilight Highlands. On this page:


Volatile Fire are used in many Cataclysm-level professions recipes. They can be "farmed" by killing certain fire elementals (especially in Twilight Highlands), mined (especially from Rich Elementium Veins), and fished. This article describes the most effective method of fishing for Volatile Fire.

You must be experiencing the Cataclysm ((have the third expansion)). You will require at least level 60, and a flying mount with Azeroth flying trained. To fish for Volatile Fire in Twilight Highlands your level should be closer to 85. Open lava and Pools of Fire only require fishing skill 1 to fish sucessfully.

The Heat-Treated Spinning Lure is described as "even working in lava!" At the time of writing, no special fishing gear is required to fish lava.


Map of Cannon's Inferno
Map of Cannon's Inferno

There are 2 known locations where Volatile Fire can be fished:

At each location you can find open lava and Pool of Fire:

Pool of Fire

Both locations have 4 pool spawning points. No more than 2 pools will be visible at one time, and none may be visible if pools have recently been fished empty: Pools respawn approximately 12-15 minutes after they were last emptied. The Pool Appearance topic explains this process in more detail.

Pool of Fire appear on your minimap if you have learned Find Fish (see Weather-Beaten Journal). At both locations it is possible to hover (flying-mounted) above, waiting for pools to appear, without constantly moving to search for new pools.

Mount Hyjal's Throne of Flame pools are not patrolled by creatures. It should be possible to fish these pools below level 80 (the typical level of creatures in the zone). It may even be possible to fish these below level 60, if the angler can be summoned to the location.

Twilight Highlands' Cannon's Inferno pools are surrounded by hostile creatures. At level 85 it is normally possible to fish pool without combat, but lower-level anglers will find these pools far harder to fish. Cannon's Inferno is close to creatures that drop Volatile Fire when killed, such as Enslaved Inferno. That makes it more attractive to level 85s, who can mix farming and fishing, to maximise the number of Volatile Fire gained.

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