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Dark herring.. how i got it in 1hr.. »31Hordegasm3 days
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15,000 fish to go before Pandaren Angler ;_; »1Enarka2 weeks
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El sighting!! :) »1Madhatter3 weeks
'Extreme Anglers' Tarren Mill EU »4Vigil1 month
Looking for Guild »1Viriatha1 month
Mr. Pinchy's Wishes »324Marlburo1 month
Darkmoon Fishing Cap, is it even real -_- ? »7Enarka1 month
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Catching Tiny Carp »61Marlburo1 month
Fish of the Day »3epitafio1 month
Warlords of Draenor: Fishing »4el1 month
Azuremyst Isle - Ammen Vale - Oily Blackmouth - Rainbow Fin Albacore »3Noritam1 month
Changes as of Feb 25th? »2el1 month
Ancient pandaren fishing charm getting 3 things from 1 cast »3Htez2 months
Mystery, could use help. »3incorrectdigit2 months
Officially Completed "One That Didn't Get Away!" »5Marlburo2 months
Is it possible to know catches til Krakkanon? »3Aunor2 months
Fishing Guild?! »10HungWeyLo2 months


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