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Still no Jeweled nor Bone Fishing Pole

4Rysu +2 days

WoD Fishing Feedback

6Enarka +4 days

Catching Tiny Carp

62Hugzor +1 week

Personal v Guild Achievements

3Enarka +2 weeks

Fishing bonuses in WoD

2el +3 weeks

Garrison Fishing

5el +1 month

Mr. Pinchy's Wishes

325Marlburo +1 month

Redbelly Mandarin

2Marlburo +1 month

Love the Layout!

3Raktog +1 month

N. Pagle's Extreme Boots and Fishing Hats

3Hugzor +1 month

Darkmoon Fishing Cap, is it even real -_- ?

10Xarnius +1 month

Sugar Minnow

1Bunny234 +1 month

Multiple BOP Fishing Pets?

2el +1 month

Multiple Daily Quest Fish

4Enarka +1 month

Tiny White Carp

1Mucklucky +1 month

Steelscale Crushfish

3Degnomology +1 month

Salty El

17el +2 months

5.0.4 Fishing: Changes to which +fishing bonuses stack (affects fishing gear)

18Karm +2 months

Dark herring.. how i got it in 1hr..

31Hordegasm +3 months

Warning if you're doing STV post-Shattering

14Godroad +3 months

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