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"Fragrant" Pheromone Fish stacks

2el +15 hours

Frostdeep Minnow - Tiered catch rates and daily max?

2Mcpallynuts +1 day


4el +1 day

Hightfish Cap

4Mcpallynuts +2 days

5.0.4 Fishing: Changes to which +fishing bonuses stack (affects fishing gear)

24Xiexie +3 days

6.1 & "Fillet on Loot"

2el +1 week

Very low drop rate in all

2el +1 week

Fishing Addon

3Abashera +1 week

Fishing skil 1 to 150, in one spot.

1davebram +2 weeks

Crafty's Pole...where is it? I still want it.

3Abashera +3 weeks

A safe place for Alliance to fish for Fire Ammonite -- Horde garrison area

2Abashera +3 weeks

Blind Lake Sturgeon fishing spot

9Abashera +3 weeks

Add "Rarity" to Add-Ons Suggestions Plz

1Abashera +3 weeks

Catching Mr. Pinchy

2Gilenas +3 weeks

One That Didn't Get Away - achievement

566Gilenas +3 weeks

Nat Pagle at 300 fishing skill possible

4bug +1 month

Darkwood Fishing Pole

2cainder1 +1 month

Fish of the day Draenor?

1Boshea +1 month


33BigDaddy +1 month

Stendel's Bane

13cainder1 +1 month

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