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Fishing 1-700 Fast with Gold - Garrison bait

1Germstore +3 weeks

Sparkling Pool

2Gilenas +3 weeks

Level 3 Fishing Shack not sold at the merchant?

3LoremasterTappa +3 weeks

Enormous Fish under 650

5el +3 weeks

Are there rare items to fish up in WoD

2el +3 weeks

Horrible Stiching

1Marlburo +3 weeks

Draenor has Fishing Swarms

1LoremasterTappa +4 weeks

Schooner Wreckage Pool

6Basill +4 weeks

Turtle, in how many catches did you (not) get it?

328Umarachnea +1 month

Dreanor Fisherman!

2Enarka +1 month

Darkmoon Fishing Cap

18ketchupcereal +1 month

Fishing bobber graphics in 6.0 (twinkle and sparkle)

3el +1 month

Pandarian Sea Turtle

9Gilenas +1 month

improved skill leveling rate in certain areas?

3Flibbit +1 month

Warning if you're doing STV post-Shattering

15Scynnr +1 month

Got my Sea Turtle!

1Coln +1 month

Sea Pony in Sealed Crate

1Migbert +2 months

Garrison Fishing

16el +2 months

Untangling at Sunsong with Flying Mount

2Mysterio +2 months

A new lure, fellow anglers!

33Halfadder +2 months

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