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Steelscale Crushfish

3Degnomology +3 months

Salty El

17el +4 months

5.0.4 Fishing: Changes to which +fishing bonuses stack (affects fishing gear)

18Karm +4 months

Dark herring.. how i got it in 1hr..

31Hordegasm +5 months

Warning if you're doing STV post-Shattering

14Godroad +5 months

15,000 fish to go before Pandaren Angler ;_;

1Enarka +5 months

New angler, Salty in ~7 days played

1Settler +5 months

El sighting!! :)

1Madhatter +5 months

'Extreme Anglers' Tarren Mill EU

4Vigil +6 months

Looking for Guild

1Viriatha +6 months

Ineligible after winning STV Fishing Extravaganza?

4Semperfortis +6 months

Fish of the Day

3epitafio +6 months

Warlords of Draenor: Fishing

4el +6 months

Azuremyst Isle - Ammen Vale - Oily Blackmouth - Rainbow Fin Albacore

3Noritam +6 months

Changes as of Feb 25th?

2el +6 months

Ancient pandaren fishing charm getting 3 things from 1 cast

3Htez +7 months

Mystery, could use help.

3incorrectdigit +7 months

Officially Completed "One That Didn't Get Away!"

5Marlburo +7 months

Is it possible to know catches til Krakkanon?

3Aunor +7 months

Fishing Guild?!

10HungWeyLo +7 months

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