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One That Didn't Get Away - achievement »564Lanca2 months
Most Catches to get Sea Turtle »8Druantis3 months
Spinefish Alpha »3LordStreetguru3 months
Patch 5.4.2 Mage Only Raft - Bipsi's Bobbing Berg »2Astragal4 months
103 Pounc Catfish/22 Pound Lobster »11Marlburo4 months
Darkmoon Fishing Cap »6enallist4 months
Why a fishing skill? »2el4 months
storing multiple pagle fish »3punchingbag5 months
Anyone fishing on FFXIV? »1Oak5 months
Stratholme no longer fishable »3donquixote2355 months
Floating wreckage pool »2Enarka5 months
Nat Pagle's Fish Terminator as a Fishing Pole »2Enarka5 months
Steelscale crushfish »8TarrnaET5 months
Jewel Danio/Vale of Eternal Blossoms »5Astragal6 months
Timeless Isle: 'Purse of Timeless Coins' from fishing pool »2el6 months
5.4 Hot Fixes: September 23 - Timeless Isle - Coastal catches changed »1Astragal6 months
Maximum Possible Fishing Skill (845/600) »10Fiskejohan7 months
Zangarmarsh »6Serac7 months
Strange Fishing Spot in Kun-Lai Summit »2b-morgan7 months
Oceanographer/Limnologist table »1Werchiel7 months


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