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  1. El says: Please see Cataclysm for a summary of known changes. Original post:

    Fishing in the new zones has been enabled in the latest Beta build.

    35 casts in Mount Hyjal and I've received:

    13 x Sharptooth
    11 x Striped Lurker
    3 x Mountain Trout
    1 x Volatile Water (x2)
    7 x casts with no loot window (assume junk not yet implemented)

    Fishing skill of 450 + 30 hat + 30 pole + 75 lure = 585 total.

    Gained 1 skill point from the 10 casts.

    Tried fishing in Uldum, it works but no loot windows yet, again I assume junk.

  2. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 3 years ago:

    Thanks again Hoddie. I wonder what else there is to be found. For reference, Kaliope also posted something similar.

  3. 10 minutes fishing at The Cursed Landing in Uldum:

    21 Sharptooth
    7 Volatile Water (3x twice, 1x once)
    12 Lavascale Catfish
    5 Blackbelly Mudfish
    1 Weeds

    I used the 12 Lavascale Catfish to level cooking to 462. Recipe for Lavascale Minestrone remained orange throughout, and only 1 point gained with each craft - supposedly orange recipes will give more points but maybe not in secondary professions?

  4. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 3 years ago:

    Lavascale Minestrone is worth flagging as a bug, because the recipe uses the same skill-up profile as the recipes learnt at 500, hence remains orange for 65 points. Instinctively it doesn't feel right.

    Added: I assume Weeds were your only junk item? That's curious, because it would suggest lower skill than Mount Hyjal.

  5. 10 minutes at the Lost City of the Tol'vir in uldum:

    2 Blackbelly Mudfish
    16 Sharptooth
    14 Lavascale Catfish
    9 Volatile Water (3x once, 2x thrice)

    Fishing now at 462, cooking at 476.

  6. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 3 years ago:

    Looking at Kaliope's junk, Hyjal's skill is probably 525, so your empty loot windows probably weren't junk at all. Weird theory #1 is therefore that being in excess of the no-junk skill will give you a chance to catch something special, which is not yet implemented. That weird theory obviously needs testing...

  7. el wrote:

    Lavascale Minestrone is worth flagging as a bug, because the recipe uses the same skill-up profile as the recipes learnt at 500, hence remains orange for 65 points. Instinctively it doesn't feel right.
    Added: I assume Weeds were your only junk item? That's curious, because it would suggest lower skill than Mount Hyjal.

    Yes weeds was the only junk catch that time, and no junk at the Lost City. I'm beginning to think the 'no loot window' casts were because game data hadn't finished downloading? It finished while I was flying from MH to Uldum. Strange though.

    And aye, the Minestrone is still orange while all the other new recipes I grabbed at the trainer are now yellow.

  8. I'm gonna try out the west side of Silithis now, because I'm curious, then the boiling lakes in the hills of Feralas, then hearth should be available so I can try out Deepholme or Vash.

  9. OK the coast of Silithus is actually flagged as Feralas so same fishing. I did find a tiny bit of coast marked as Silithus but casts were no different. Nothing exciting at the boiling pools in Feralas either.

  10. No fish in Vashj'ir, either on the island or inside caves, etc. Oh yeah, and Deepholm doesn't have any water lol

  11. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 3 years ago:

    Were the Uldum locations inland or coastal, or is there any difference?

  12. The Cursed Landing is on the east coast, and the Lost City is inland. Run out of places to go, have another hour if you have any requests lol

  13. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 3 years ago:

    So there is no difference between inland and coastal - interesting.

    Any of the new zones (including Gilneas, etc) are useful to know about. Are there any new pools? There are plenty of more specific things, like what happened to Deviate Fish, what sort of fish does (coastal) Thousand Needles have now?

  14. Stuck in Deepholm waiting for HS. There's a new fishing achievement: http://cata.wowhead.com/achievement=5036

    No fishing pools anywhere in Mount Hyjal. All lakes there offer the same fish.

    Azshara inland now offers Raw Redgill, Raw Nightfin Snapper, Raw Mithril Head Trout, Oily Blackmouth.

    Deviate Fish schools remain outside the Wailing Caverns.

    The lava in Mount Hyjal and Southern Barrens offer normal fish.

    I'm wondering if the fishing spear is what you need to fish underwater in Vashj'ir. Anyone know where to get it?

    Thousand Needles offers Raw Mithril Head Trout and Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish only. Both at the coast, the inland 'lake' (which is technically sea) and the lakes in the mountains.

  15. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 3 years ago:

    Sounds like it's either unchanged or messy...

    As I understand it (which is partial, since I'm not a Blizzard programmer), originally zones were separately defined for coastal and inland. That was forgotten in TBC (because it wasn't relevant) and by the time Northrend zones were drawn, there was only one region per zone, unless a specifically named sub-zone. Hence coastal fish were only made coastal when they were in a named sub-zone. Now, it looks like we're seeing the same thing again, but only for new or changed zones.

    This is dreadfully confusing, so I hope it is temporary. Even if only one zoning was possible, Thousand Needles would now be much more logical as all-coastal fish. Azshara still has mid-level fish, even though it is now a low-level zone. (Any information about Bilgewater Harbor?) Gut feeling is that this is all very incomplete.

    The Fishing Spear was "NYI" (Not Yet Implemented) data-mined. Highly likely that it isn't available.

  16. 10 minutes at Loch Verrall (inland) at the Twilight Highlands:

    10 Striped Lurker
    1 Tangled Fishing Line
    13 Sharptooth
    11 Volatile Water (6 casts)
    1 Tattered Cloth
    1 Weeds
    1 Sickly Fish
    6 Highland Guppy
    1 Driftwood

    and 2 of those casts with no loot and no loot window. Very strange.

    Finished with skill 476 plus the bonuses I mentioned above.

  17. Yoco <Salty Investigator>, 3 years ago:

    I just tried a little fishing on a character that has decent fishing skill and is on the beta as well. I didn't keep track of catches, as the first few catches were 'nothing' - after that most catches 'caught' something. It is very well possible that the train of nothings at the start was just coincidence; it may also be that there is something strange with caching of fished up items the first time you catch them. (for reference: I fished at the lake at Nordrassil, mt Hyjal, fishing skill 450 + kalu'ak rod plus lucky fishing hat)

    The thing I noticed was that my character that was able to learn the illustrious grand master fishing rank was retaining the fishing skill through zoning and logging out. Another of my characters who is a little lower in skill (only just above 400) still loses her fishing skill every time she logs out or sees a loading screen.

  18. Lilitheen <Angler>, 3 years ago:

    Please keep posting new info...it's a bit like a peek into christmas presents.

  19. Just to add to the data collection efforts, I did another round at Mount Hyjal, this time at the Ashen Lake. Got cut off at 45 casts before a server reboot. Here's the booty:

    16 Sharptooth, 13 Striped Lurker, 9 Mountain Trout, 1 volatile water
    6 Junk (2 weeds, 2 tangled line, 1 tattered cloth, 1 driftwood)

    I know this is a small sample, but it looks like I got twice as much Mountain Trout this time than my first round at Nordrassil. It may not be statistically significant, but it could be worth more investigation.

    Previous numbers from Nordrassil were:

    Catch: 22 Sharptooth, 14 Striped Lurker, 5 Mountain Trout, 5 Junk, 4 Volatile Water

    With both data sets was using only Kaluak Fishing pole and personal skill level of 455-465.

    I'd be happy to do more rounds of testing as it looks to be a slow week for professions. At this point I only have cooking/fishing on the table, so I may as well collect some useful data while I'm building up my fishy stash for Cooking :)

    Just let me know what I can do to help out!

  20. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 3 years ago:

    An immediate todo-list looks something like this:

    1. Other new zones. Probably not yet, but there is still a lot of ocean seafood missing (Abyssal Clam, Algaefin Rockfish, Deepsea Sagefish and Fathom Eel). I can't imagine it will all come from Vashj'ir, and fishing doesn't fit Deepholm. So I wonder if there is a new equivalent of the Frozen Sea somewhere?
    2. Hard to spot variations. At the very least we're missing details on coastal Twilight Highlands. Unlikely, but possible is variation betwen sub-zones. Highly unlikely is variation by time or something similarly non-obvious. I'm still intrigued as to why Hoddie is getting empty loots and Kaliope isn't.
    3. No-junk skill. Simply more samples, especially with different sets of gear needed to improve the estimate. More samples are good anyway, since catch rates should ideally be based on a couple of hundred catches. In this case, the pattern already looks fairly simple, so not much more is needed here.

    Beyond that (probably once things seem to have been more implemented):

    • Checking of old zones - catches, skill (via junk), variations, weirdness. Especially split/rejoined zones, where things are very likely to change - Zul'Gurub/Stranglethorn, Alterac Mountains/Hillsbrad (Hoddie didn't see any changes in the Barrens). Or anything like the Eventide Fountain - check sub-zones in cities.
    • Booty Bay contest - what's happened to it? Does it spread over zones?
    • Pools when they are implemented.
    • Rare, 1-in-thousand catches that everyone will want to know about, but are really hard to find.
    • Trainer changes. It will also be interesting to see if anything happens to cooking recipes or the Dalaran Cooking Awards.
    • Quests - especially Pagle (pole and Gahz'ranka), Katoom, etc. Can Darkshore Grouper only be caught with the quest now, rather than being general zone catches? And what happened to Wizbang Cranktoggle? I'm guessing the Craftsman's Writs are history.
    • Skill-up values. Potentially plus any other changes to the mechanics - but it doesn't feel like there are any yet. Oh, and don't forget dynamite...

    There's a Fish Finder Status Page which I plan to help keep track of what's known and what's not - but currently that's fairly useless because nothing is obviously complete.

    Really, anything you can discover is useful at this point. My list is just there to give ideas. Please keep on posting plenty of details, like precise location, your skill/gear, unexpected weirdness, as you have been doing. Sometimes that's very useful to know. Thanks again for all the contributions - I'd be lost without you!

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