[Fishing] Deviate Scales in The Barrens

  1. Yohaun <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Leveling up a new toon in a new guild and of course leveling up my fishing as fast as I can. I'm lvl 26 so I decided to just get to 225 by stocking up our guild on Deviate Fish as much as I can (after all, I *am* the Guild Fisherman in my new guild, and it's a lot of lowbies, so this will make the game more fun for them).

    I got about a 1% drop rate of Deviate Scales in the Lushwater Oasis. I know that the page here on The Barrens says (in one part) that there are "other" things caught part of the time, but seeing how I NEVER pulled up anything else "random" (everything else was an actual fish of some sort) I thought this was odd. And it's not mentioned on the page here.

    So fishing in The Barrens can help out Leatherworkers a little too in making those nice Deviate Gloves and Belts, which they're usually making around the same levels that you find yourself running about The Barrens a lot.

    Oh, and the 2 I caught were NOT from pools.

  2. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 5 years ago:

    Thanks Yohaun. It was listed on the detailed page, but missing from the Fish Finder.



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