[Fishing] Fishing: A new love of mine and.. thank you.

  1. Rysu <Angler>, 1 year ago:

    I've played WoW since a week and change after it's release and I have dodged fishing like the plague until very recently. What started as leveling Cooking for a title quickly became a quiet quest to litter my skills page with 600s. When I was finally blessed with the Master of the Ways title, I realize just how fun and how unique the secondary skills have become and how interesting and beneficial they are when coupled with leveling.

    I decided that I would try the others to see what changes might have been made and.. so I after maxing Alchemy and Herbalism (more firsts for me), I thought I would try Fishing. At first, I thought it was boring and mindless to cast and lure without any idea of what you were doing or getting. I found it to be monotonous and trifling and sincerely considered giving up. That was when I discovered, thanks to El's site, that I really was just doing it wrong. There were goals and adventures and rewards to unearth and all it took was a little time. So I spent my time while fishing learning everything I could possibly learn, memorizing everything I could memorize.

    And, with a little bit of lady luck on my side, I was able to uncover a few of the harder to get catches (Mr. Pinchy, and the Big Rat in Dalaran, the Sea Turtle, to name to few) which spurred on my desire. I'm close to being a Salty Rysu now, and I could have never done it without El and her site.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to develop such a haven of information. I'm sure you get plenty of accolades but truly, from the bottom of my now fishing-loving heart, thank you!

  2. Enarka <Salty Fishing Lady>, 1 year ago:

    Welcome to the wet side.

    Grab a lure, take a seat and cast away!



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