[Fishing] Fishing Gear

  1. NIkolisko <Angler>, 3 years ago:

    Hey there El,
    I wanted to ask you what gear do you use for fishing?
    Becouse i really am bored with fishing in t10 <.<

  2. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 3 years ago:

    Top left are Blue Overalls, Lucky Fishing Hat, Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots and Arcanite Fishing Pole. These days I tend to use Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat and Boots of the Bay instead.

    In practice, there are too many rogues in Azeroth! So battleground gear tends to dominate, plus whatever fishing gear is needed.

    Here are some other gear suggestions.

  3. NIkolisko <Angler>, 3 years ago:


  4. Enarka <Salty Fishing Lady>, 3 years ago:

    I heard El wanted to give me her Boots of the Bay.

    Is that true ?

  5. Kiingy <Salty>, 3 years ago:

    Should add Band of Icy Depths to the list.
    Doesn't increase fishing but its nice to have.

  6. Enarka <Salty Fishing Lady>, 3 years ago:

    I personally use :

    - Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
    - Shark's Tooth of Bona Fide Fluid Mobility
    - Blue Overalls
    - Common White Shirt
    - Antique Silver Cufflinks
    - Fingerless Gloves (+5 Fishing)
    - Azure Silk Belt (+15% Swimming speed)
    - Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots
    - The 5 Ring
    - The 2 Ring
    - Hook of the Master Angler
    - Arcanite Fishing Pole (+5 Fishing)

  7. Hazmat9000 <Salty>, 3 years ago:

    I have the weather beaten hat which I love. The boots of the bay are really cool too. And I have the angel fishing pole. Not sure the name of it at the moment. The belt and the shark tooth look cool. Where did you pick those up?

  8. Xellros <Salty>, 3 years ago:

    It seems to me that most serious anglers I've come across all have their "Fishing sets" But, from what I can tell, the overalls are by far the most popular "Look" that people wear.

    I personally go for a much more modern look.


    When cataclysm comes out, I may have to change my getup' cause I'm going to race change to a Goblin, but for the time being that's my best.

  9. Bregdark <Salty>, 1 year ago:

    It appears that with 5.0.4, some of the bonuses no longer stack with the pole.

    In my brief testing:

    * The pole doesn't stack with the glove enchant
    * The boots don't stack with the hat

    I have the Weather Beaten hat (+5), a +30 pole with +5 line, a pair of gloves with the glove enchant (+5), and Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots (+5).

    Prior to 5.0.4, I could wear those together for +50.

    Now in 5.0.4, I only get +40.

  10. Dapudoo <Angler>, 1 year ago:

    I was just noticing today that my boot bonus does not seem to stack with my gloves, pole, and hat has anyone else noticed this

  11. Cluey <Angler>, 1 year ago:

    I've noticed the same thing with the +skill items not stacking. There is a post on the bug report forums too.
    I don't have boots so I can't test them.
    I found that the +5 line doesn't stack with the +5 glove enchant, the +2 enchant does though.

    I don't know many people with fishing gear so I couldn't do more testing, perhaps more people can test with the gear they have and provide feedback in the forum thread?

  12. PubDartGuy <Salty>, 1 year ago:

    I reckon patch 5.0.5 fixed those pesky issues with some of the Fishing Skill bonuses not stackin' together proper... Is anyone out there still havin' troubles? I'm all decked-out and geared-up with a respectable set of fishin' equipment, and my Fishing Skill shows the right total (600 + 150 / 600) , as checked in my Professions/Spellbook.

    I'm sorry to say that settin' up my Mushroom Chair on that Anglers Fishing Raft is a tricky business - the raft sinks, but amazingly my Portobello floats right on the surface, even in the middle of the ocean! Oh, and that Sharpened Tuskarr Spear sinks too - slips right between the planks - so I just make sure the water's less than 15 yards deep when I'm pickin' a spot. I'm still workin' with my Magical Crawdad too - seems he'd rather swim than sit beside me on the raft, but then I suppose that's in it's nature.

  13. GormanGhaste <Low Sodium>, 1 year ago:

    Now that I have Nat's Hat, I use the Pandaren Fishing Pole. I'm willing to sacrifice a little +fishing to use such a pretty fishing pole.

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