[Fishing] Fishing Pole Beatdown

  1. Ramini <Angler>, 6 years ago:

    Hey, I've read on other places that your fishing skill is equal to your weapon skill with a fishing pole however I just started a semi-pacifist hunter (In that she's only allowed to attack with pet and fishing pole) and although my crit rating with a fishing pole equipped goes down when I level it doesn't go up again when I raise fishing skill.
    Fishing skill in the 40s now at level 9 so it should have a 5% crit chance but it's only around 2% was what i read false (It DID come from thottbott ^^) or does it only kick in at a certain level?

  2. Pipre <Deadly Salty>, 6 years ago:

    It's probable that the information you got is wrong, though I wouldn't know never having tried to play a 'semi'-pacifist character. I would assume that the information in your character frame is accurate however.

  3. Ramini <Angler>, 6 years ago:

    Thanks, I'm just curious about how it works mainly. Was intending to make a pacifist character but I just found it far too hard to get past level 6 so I bought a fishing pole ^^
    I'm going to get the dwarven fishing pole later on and use that until 70 (its more of a themed character now I suppose) so I'll see if fishing pole skill might be the average of all your skills.

  4. Calabar <Angler>, 6 years ago:

    I’d be interested in reading what you find out. I’ve read the same thing about one’s fishing skill equaling one’s weapon skill with a fishing pole, but I never knew if it was more than a rumor.

  5. Kahless <Herring Addict>, 6 years ago:

    If you equip a fishing pole, you'll notice your weapon skill is equal to your fishing skill.
    As to how it effects your crit rate I can't say.

    Edit: At least it used to be that way. Now the Melee tool-tip doesn't show your equipped weapon skill.
    I think they changed how weapon skill effects crit rate a patch or two ago.

    At skill 425 my crtit chance is shown as 7.11%
    WIth a +100 lure added crtit chance goes up to 11.11%
    Another +10 from Captain Rumsey's Lager takes it to 11.51%

  6. Ramini <Angler>, 6 years ago:

    Hah! Never mind! The fishing skill is equal to weapon skill. I didn't notice that the character sheet defaults to ranged stats on a hunter. Level 12 hunter, leveled fishing 37->38 and melee crit went up 0.04 as expected.
    Going to go cap fishing now ^^

  7. Ramini <Angler>, 6 years ago:

    Now I'm a level 12 hunter with 225 fishing skill and 10.95% melee crit chance!
    Goes up 3% with the +75 lures I'm using.
    If I could find the darkwood fishing pole as a weapon the crit would probably make me quite powerful as a twink.

  8. Kahless <Herring Addict>, 6 years ago:

    You may be upping your crit rate but remember a fishing pole doesn't qualify as a melee weapon so most special abilities don't work with it.
    All you can do is simple auto-attack.

  9. Pipre <Deadly Salty>, 6 years ago:

    some abilities can be used, but as you say no skills that require weapons. Fury warriors for example can use bloodthirst without a weapon since it does straight damage. I had fun a couple months back doing AB with my fishing pole as fury. Made some people angry, but I got some good footage for a video.

  10. Ramini <Angler>, 6 years ago:

    I've only got Raptor strike at the moment as a hunter anyway for damaging. Of course I should be using a gun really but the humiliation of being beaten up with a fishing outfit is worth it.

  11. Longhunter <Angler>, 6 years ago:

    not sure but i have killed the Birds in Skettis before in just my fishing outfit i am a Pally so the seals do help

  12. Jeba <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Hey guys. I felt like testing this myself just to make sure for some reason, hope you don't mind. ^^"

    I tested this on a Level 7 Shaman started at Fishing 1.

    Skill : Crit %
    01    : 3.19%
    02    : 3.23%
    03    : 3.27%
    04    : 3.31%
    05    : 3.35%
    06    : 3.39%
    07    : 3.43%
    08    : 3.47%
    09    : 3.51%
    10    : 3.55%

    Of course it behaved as expected, 0.04% per rank.

    I find this very neat.

  13. Kushtengri <Salty>, 3 years ago:

    What about 4.0.1? Now weapon skills is off, we have already cap of weapon mastery, not?
    Then, is fishing skill equal to weapon skill?)

    PS: Sorry for bad English, I`m Russian wow-fish-blogger (http://nat-pagle.blogspot.com/ ). Welcome :)
    PS2: When I had started my blog I didn`t know about your site, El. Respect for you.


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