[Contests] How on Azeroth did I win?

  1. Maritova <Angler>, 4 years ago:

    I just won the STV fishing contest today, and by all rights I have no idea how it happened.

    * This was only my second attempt (and the first was several months ago).
    * I was attacked by a crocolisk partway through, and fumbled for several seconds before I found the spell to kill him.
    * 11 of my casts were just outside the edges of the Tastyfish pools and were wasted.
    * My latency was constantly in the red (~1000ms).

    The only explanation (though it makes it even stranger) was that there seemed to be almost no one else competing today. Yojamba Isle and all the surrounding area was completed deserted. I was fully expecting to be racing someone from the Booty Bay hearth to the turn-in, but no one seemed to be there either. Was it just the Thanksgiving weekend? Are people doing the STV contest less and less (looking forward to 3.3's Kalu'ak contest)? Or (considering that I got the Sea Turtle this past week) have I been infused with some unholy sort of luck? D:

  2. Leny <Salty>, 4 years ago:

    unholy luck imo

  3. Maritova <Angler>, 4 years ago:

    Must be -- I just got Mr. Pinchy this evening!

  4. Al <Salty>, 4 years ago:

    LOL! I'll go for "unholy luck" as well. Gratz!

  5. Rigami <Angler>, 4 years ago:

    Public holidays have a huge impact on your ability to win STV.

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