[Fishing] I just want to thank you guys.

  1. rvnender <Angler>, 1 year ago:

    I have been lurking on this board for about 2 years now, getting information, using the guides, reading the posts, ect ect.

    For the past week I have been reading up on the STV fishing contest. I was just always scared to actually do it, because I never win these kinds of things.

    Well, today I said f-it and decided to join in this time, hoping to at least get third for the achievement. At the end, I managed to get first place. I have no idea how, but I want to thank all of you for all the hints, tips, and strategies that you have all shared. I don't think I could of done it with out them.

    The scary part came when I got back to booty bay and saw 5 people gathered around the NPC. I said "great, I so don't have this" but I quickly ran to him, clicked on him, it came up with the list of items, clicked the pole, clicked continue then he announced that I got first place and the achievement popped.

    It was amazing, and probably the most fun I have ever had in this game. This is definitely going on my high light reel (hah pun).

    Again, thank you all for the tips and hints. And thank you to El. Dude, I love you and fucking love this site.

  2. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 1 year ago:

    *Blush* And congratulations. The Booty Bay contest is certainly one where knowledge can help bias the odds.

  3. Shadrach <Angler>, 1 year ago:

    I would like to echo rvnender's post - I have tried for YEARS to win either the STV or (when we still had it) Northrend fishing contest, and had a lot of lousy luck with it. Granted, I was not able to try EVERY weekend, but I would say I gave it a good shot once a month, and always came up short.

    Until yesterday.

    The tips and encouragement on this website are really valuable - fishing is a fickle, unpredictable, and mysterious profession in World of Warcraft, and it really helps to have a resource like this to remind you that, yes, those rare fish really ARE out there, and, yes, you WILL eventually catch one if you keep trying (I'm looking at you, Dark Herring!)

    I scored first place in the contest, and am now the proud owner of a shiny new Arcanite Fishing Pole.

    My sincere thanks to El and to all the contributors here who give us wisdom and hope.



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