[Fishing] Lava outside BRD, Burning Steppes

  1. Arthonias <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    A friend of mine just fished up Essence of Fire, I've never heard of this. Just wanted to share it. :)

  2. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 5 years ago:

    Thanks. The lava in the Burning Steppes mostly contains Old Skull and Coal - just like Fire Plume Ridge in Un'Goro Crater. It is possible Essence of Fire is a rare catch [update] just caught it. I suspect this is a recent change. Perhaps other areas are fishable now to? [update] Blackrock Mountain's lava is fishable (same catches). Change may be related to removing fish from the forge in Ironforge.

  3. Gummo <The Pacifist>, 5 years ago:

    Noor noticed the new(ish) trinket High-powered Flashlight and decided to make one (just so she can make a free Elune spotlight once an hour) and decided to fish up the 6 essence of fire needed behind Blackrock Stronghold. Here's the catch:

    109 Old Skulls
    47 Coal
    6 Essence of FIre

  4. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 5 years ago:

    I noticed Wowhead lists Essence of Fire as fishable in The Obsidian Sanctum - which almost makes sense. Perhaps this means dungeons like Molten Core are now fishable to? Although, I tried the Maw of Neltharion (in Dragonblight) and while the lava there is fishable, it contains regular Dragonblight inland open-water catches. Bonescale Snapper are evidently rather resilient!

  5. Gummo <The Pacifist>, 5 years ago:

    Blackrock Depths lava is not fishable (at least the area near the Black Forge), I get the "no fish here" message and can't even cast.

    However, Molten Core lava is fishable, and is the same as Burning Steppes:
    29 old skulls
    18 coal
    1 essence of fire

    pic here

  6. Moth <Angler>, 3 years ago:

    Just was in the cave on east side of Dreadmaul Rock to try for Bloated Salmon but caught only skulls, coal and essence of fire from the waters inside.

  7. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 3 years ago:

    Good find, Moth. The cave has been renamed to "The Skull Warren", and in spite of containing water, the catch is the same as lava.

  8. Marlburo <Extremely Salty>, 2 years ago:

    Just noticed that you didnt have The Great Divide (On the border of North/South Barrens) as a fishable open lava spot.....just fished a few minutes but pretty much the same old skull/coal as everywhere else

  9. achaput <Angler>, 1 year ago:

    I spent a while fishing in the Skull Warrens, and this is what I caught:
    74 Old Skull
    40 Coal
    3 Essence of Fire
    2 Raw Whitescale Salmon
    1 Raw Redgill
    1 Raw Nightfin Snapper


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