[Fishing] Maximum Possible Fishing Skill (845/600)

  1. PubDartGuy <Salty>, 1 year ago:

    600 Zen Master Fishing Skill
    + 40 Arcanite Fishing Pole
    + 5 High Test Eternium Fishing Line (enchants your fishing pole)
    + 15 Boots of the Bay (feet)
    + 15 Sharpened Tuskarr Spear (AoE buff)
    + 5 Enchant Gloves - Angler (on hands)
    + 5 Nat's Hat (head)
    + 10 Captain Rumsey's Lager (Food/Drinking buff)
    +150 Lure (from Nat's Hat, or Heat-Treated Spinning Lure
    845 = maximum possible Fishing Skill

    Now, one might ask, *why* would a person go to such lengths to achieve the maximum possible fishing skill?

    Because, only at this skill level can you catch Nessy, the legendary beast seldom seen in the Deeprun Tram's "aquarium"! But the elusive Nessy can only be fished at it's lair, rumored to be near the underwater cave located on Darkmoon Island! Nessy is a *legendary mount* - only one available per Realm. The catch rate is nearly impossible (1:1,000,000), but to the dedicated few, the bragging rights are epic! Nessy is a 5-seat, aquatic dragon mount, usable underwater, on land, and flying. Nessy grants underwater breathing to the rider and 4 passengers, but sadly it has an AoE fear effect on all NPCs *and players*, unless they have their Darkmoon Rabbit out. As of this posting, and due to the extreme difficulty involved in fishing up Nessy, this mount has not yet appeared on the PTRs or in the Armory. But, it does exist - and true believers will prove it to the world!

  2. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 1 year ago:

    I should clarify that maximum fishing skill is also required for Catching Djakar.

  3. Pipre <Deadly Salty>, 1 year ago:

    This post seems rather far fetched. If such a thing did exist it would have been datamined and immediately posed on WoWInsider and mom-champion. As well as here.

  4. Druegar <Salty>, 1 year ago:

    While normally such posts would be made on April 1st, they are in fact joking about Nessy and Djakar.

  5. noctusmirus <Angler>, 8 months ago:

    5 on hands doesnt stack with 5 on pole.

    880 is max.



  6. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 8 months ago:

    See this topic for some discussion of gear oddities. Reports were not entirely consistent, although the problems seems to be linked to a patch 3.3-era bug, where the +5 glove and pole enchants were mixed up. That bug was eventually fixed, but a variation may have re-emerged in MoP.

    Note that if the pole and glove enchants are overlapping, you should be able to regain +2 by using the original glove enchant. Not that +2 is likely to make a tangible difference.

  7. noctusmirus <Angler>, 8 months ago:

    Nice to know. I was trying to hit max just for fun there.

  8. DrkestShadow <Angler>, 8 months ago:

    I know that it is zone limited but don't forget random buff from Underbelly Elixir (http://www.wowhead.com/item=44012) that changes you to walrus man with a 10 to fishing buff.

  9. noctusmirus <Angler>, 8 months ago:

    actually, underbelly is +50.

    images seem to be turned off

    breakdown from the image:
    arcanite pole: +40
    fishing line: +5
    boots (of booty bay): +15
    (nat's) hat: +5
    knitted gloves with +5 enchant
    lure: 150
    underbelly elixir: +50
    spear buff: +15

    40 +5 +15+5 +5 +150 +50 +15= 285 (but since the glove didnt count i only hit 280)

  10. Fiskejohan <Angler>, 7 months ago:

    If this is only rumoured, is the 845 lvl req really confirmed?


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