[Fishing] MoP Honey Holes

  1. Marlburo <Extremely Salty>, 1 year ago:

    Just thought we should have a place where people can post a dense concentration of pools

    Nice little spot for Jade Lungfish northwest corner of Jade Forest (24,34) gotta be 8-10 pools in the same little lake and never seems fished. Only a couple 84 crocs which are avoidable or easily killed.

  2. Marlburo <Extremely Salty>, 1 year ago:

    really small circle of rivers with a lake top in Krasarang Wilds. Center of the circle is a small island at 63,25 (just southeast of FP at Thunder Cleft). Usually go around twice and see at least 8 pools of mostly Krasarang Paddlefish and some Emperor Salmon (5 to 2).



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