[Fishing] Old Crafty!!

  1. Sellera <Salty>, 5 years ago:


  2. LinkyKeram <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Grats! This old buggar was a PAIN to catch! As im Alliance [Gnome] and the horde simply wouldnt leave a peacefull fisherman alone! But after lots of trows [And corpse runs] i FINALY got him ! ! !

  3. Deathxtreme <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    Question for you -

    As an alliance character, where did you try to fish for Old Crafty ? What's the best place to (try) to fish discretely in the horde capital ? I've been thinking of doing that on my character, but the thought of getting only one cast in before dying from merciless guards isn't exactly... inspiring. If I was a horde character, I know I'd get a bunch of water walking pots and fish in the back of the forlorn cavern, but that's just a thought - not sure if it'd work or not.

  4. Oberweiss <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    There are some tips for cross-faction Ironforge/Orgrimmar fishing in this thread: http://www.elsanglin.com/forums/topic/old-ironjaw-in-42-min

    Hope this helps. :)

  5. LinkyKeram <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    What i simply did was to hide in the waterfall yust "Behind" the fishing trainers in Orgrimmar. I got killed some times by this rogue and hunter, but at last they decided to fish WHIT me rather then using me as bait :P

  6. Amnon <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    I'm over 2000 catches over the last couple days and no luck on Old Crafty. I'm starting to lose my resolve...

  7. Oberweiss <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Amnon wrote:

    I'm over 2000 catches over the last couple days and no luck on Old Crafty. I'm starting to lose my resolve...

    A Horde friend of mine just caught Old Ironjaw, after 9 hours of fishing. It's certainly no easy task for most. :-/

  8. Amnon <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    Just caught him! Was probably approaching 3k catches, but I don't have a mod so I can't be sure. On to Ironjaw...

  9. Periwinkle93084 <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Caught him after a little bit. Server was up early so I hopped on and got Old crafty on my second cast after fishing for a while yesterday.

    Total Fish:
    Old Crafty!
    199 - Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper
    83 - Raw Bristle Water Catfish
    54 - Raw Brilliant Smallfish
    4 - 17 Pound Catfish
    1 - Lesser Mana Potion

  10. Zahana <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    400+ catches, ganked 3.7 times, 0 Old Crafty :(

  11. LinkyKeram <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    This is what i caught before Old Crafty:

    Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper : 152
    Raw Brilliant Smallfish : 37
    Raw bristle Whisker Catfish : 62
    17 Pound Catfish : 1
    The 1 Ring : 1

    Old Crafty : 1

  12. Capo <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    I'm currently sitting in Org trying to catch this thing, doing good so far not having encounters with the horde, I positioned myself behind a rock to the left of the waterfall and i'm sitting. Only people that have seen me so far seem to be two hunters, I'm guessing with humanoid tracker. One waved, one aimed shot. Logged for about 5 and hopped back on and started again. Haven't been completely keeping up with numbers but I'd say I'm getting close to 300 catches.

  13. Maybella <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    :D I am so excited to have caught him just this evening, after a long weekend and some long late nights of fishing.

    Find this site about a week ago and reading about the achievements encouraged me to go for it!!!!

    I believe my fish count was somewhere between 1k-2k when I finally caught him.. it was definitely over 1k. I didn't count exactly since I had to empty out my inventory a few times and I did the fishing in several sittings.

    I was so excited to have finally pulled him up from the depths, and I'll be relieved to not have to return to Orgrimmar any time soon. Some hordies were very nice and stayed and fished with me for a while, which was beyond cool, but others enjoyed killing me time and time again. :/

    I was wondering though- which is more rare between Old Crafty/Old Ironjaw and the 1 ring. I levelled my fishing 300-375 in Stormwind hoping for the 1 ring, and now I've also done this stint in Org. Hopefully I get it while I work on Ironjaw, which should feel much more leisurely since it's my own capital city :D

  14. Capo <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    After starting on this for my 3rd day in a row, and somewhere between 1400-1500 catches, I hooked Old Crafty. I was nervous as could be since when i pulled him up my bags were full so I had to click and delete something but i was worried the whole time that loot box would disappear.

  15. Swoosh <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    I got lucky. 50 catches in Valley of Honor :D

  16. Capo <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    A note for any Alliance that are thinking of going for this, hiding in the Waterfall in the Valley of Honor is going to be a good location as you will be hidden behind rocks and out of sight from horde. The downside of this is your fishing right below the hunter trainer and any hunter with humanoid tracking on will most likely notice you. It might not be a bad idea to have an alchemist make you some Elixir of Camoflauge so you wont show up on the tracker.

  17. Cozmic <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    I am fishing in Org now as alliance and have had no problems as of yet. I am under the mage trainers as far back on the wall I can go. Also laying down using /lie just to be safe. Just need my Crafty now.

  18. Zahana <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    As Alliance I found fishing at the Waterfall annoying when like half the cast ended up in rocks so I couldn't click the bobber. However it was much less annoying than by the first aid trainer where horde kept trying to fight me. Killed a 60 priest with the fishing pole equipped, then a 66 mage, before he teamed up with a 70 shaman to get me. At the waterfall I had I warlock attack me, one rogue, and a warrior who gave me a hug (all 70s)

  19. Cozmic <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    I am currently trying to fish Crafty right now. Seems a lot rarer than Ironjaw but maybe since I did Ironjaw over a few days. I must be up to over 1000 catches now. Only 1 gank so far, a shitty geared hunter wouldn't give up. A few nice horde came and /waved.

  20. NiceBloke <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    Inspired by the posts here and with a little help from my 9 year old daughter. I fished up Crafty last night.

    I took over 700 catches (or 1 episode of Prison Break and half a movie). :)

    Time to head over to Ironforge now. Being Horde I've never been in there, how do I get to the cave?


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