[Fishing] +Skill Dailies

  1. Neuhnee <Angler>, 1 year ago:

    Does anyone know of a site or service that tells which dailies are giving +2skill? These were one of my favorite additions brought by Cataclysm, but trekking from IF to SW to Darn only to find that none of them had a +2skill that day but IF *did* have a daily you needed for 'fish or cut bait' was frustrating. And going all the way out to TB and back from ORG?

    The problem's even worse for Cooking, my priority being +2skill > +2tokens > 'let's do lunch'. And then if you're leveling *both* fishing and cooking you end up doing things like starting in IF, which has +2fishing which you take, but they're cooking is +2tokens which you pass on hopping to get the skill somewhere else instead. Next stop SW who just has a standard +1skill cooking daily, so on to Darn which also has a standard cooking daily. Now you end up going all the way back to IF to get the +2tokens which was your best option all along. >.<

    I really like these quests I think they're a great idea to help get you through the 'useless' lower levels of a profession, I wish *all* the professions had something like this, *and* I've gotten some of my favorite gear from them. But, with a new garden to till everyday, a brand new Nat to impress, and endless Golden Lotus rep dailies to grind out, I just can't justify the time wasted on the commute anymore.

  2. PubDartGuy <Salty>, 1 year ago:

    I don't know of any sites or service that list the current day's daily quests, but it might be worth parking an alt in each of the cities, so that you can quickly log into all 3 toons and see what is offered that day, and choose which daily quests to complete on your skill-leveling toons.

  3. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 1 year ago:

    Fishing dailies awarding 2 points of skill (via Wowhead):

    I suspect it may take more effort to check each city than it does to simply gain an extra skill point by fishing.

  4. Enarka <Salty Fishing Lady>, 1 year ago:

    Well this sure as hell is one of the things I'd like to see somewhere. Really good idea you had there.

    This could be added as a subset of The Undermine Journal website.

  5. Eula <Angler>, 1 year ago:

    When I was trying for the cooking and fishing achievements for each city, I would log onto my mage first, and hop from city to city, taking notes. Then I would post my findings on the guild calendar so they wouldn't have to hop around. Once I got the achievements, my guildies were really sad when the daily updates ceased.
    But if someone wanted to do that, sortof like a weather report for dailies (and why not add pandaren dailies in there), I'm sure there's money to be made in it. I mean people will pay 25 gold for a drunken jinyu's crop predictions!



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