[Fishing] Skill-up change in 4.3

  1. donquixote235 <Angler>, 2 years ago:

    El says: For a current skill-up table, see Fishing Skill. Original topic below:

    I'm currently grinding fishing on an alt, and I noticed a change in the way the game grants skill-ups now.

    Under the old method, fishing would take an average of X casts to get a skill-up, e.g. around 10 casts to get from 345 to 346. It appears that now it grants a skill-up after anywhere from 1 to X casts, e.g. to get from 345 to 346 it could still take 10, but you could get it after 5 casts or even 1 cast. And it looks like it's weighted toward less casts, rather than more.

    To give you an example, here's the past few skill-ups I've gotten:

    340-341: 2 casts
    341-342: 3 casts
    342-343: 2 casts
    343-344: 4 casts
    344-345: 3 casts
    345-346: 7 casts
    346-347: 5 casts
    347-348: 4 casts
    348-349: 2 casts
    349-350: 1 cast

    Happy fishing!

  2. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 2 years ago:

    Thanks donquixote235. I'm currently working through 1-525. The process has become much more variable (after 300, especially after 450). Some random commentary can be found on Twitter.

  3. Middledane <Angler>, 2 years ago:

    It seams like catching trash, trickers a "buf" which halves the number of catches needed for a skill level.
    Not 100% sure though, but it seams like that's happening.....

  4. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 2 years ago:

    Don't worry - it's getting halved in Stormwind too. Unfortunately as the process becomes more variable, all sorts of patterns emerge to deceive the angler. (And sometime they transpire true, but normally only after assembling mountains of data...)

  5. Middledane <Angler>, 2 years ago:

    He he. Today it shows that my experience from yesterday, is absolutely WRONG. ;-)

  6. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 2 years ago:

    This graph gives a flavour of the variations:


    My initial analysis concluded these average catch numbers per skill point (at each range of fishing skill):

    • 1-100: 1.0
    • 100-200: 1.6
    • 200-300: 1.9
    • 300-450: 3.6
    • 450-525: 5.5

    But as you can hopefully see from the graph, that pattern is likely an over-oversimplification. Unfortunately it will take a lot more data to explore that further. And that's assuming no further variations, like location or gear or pools, or anything else that might have changed (but probably hasn't).

  7. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 2 years ago:

    Second test from pools now complete: 100-525 in the Frozen Sea (I even found the PTR Sea Turtle I failed to catch during testing for patch 3.1). No change in the pattern. Total number of catches required was 4% lower than the Stormwind open water test above, but that can be explained away by the wide variations we're seeing - a little luck with the Random Number Generator can make a big difference.

    Overall, my gut feeling is that there haven't been any other changes, such as variations in skill-up by location of water fished or fish caught.

    Unfortunately the variations mean that we're unlikely to ever get an answer to a few lingering questions, like whether the guild perk "Working Overtime" now influences fishing: A 10% variation is very hard to demonstrate conclusively here.

  8. Robbingo <Angler>, 2 years ago:

    I'm not sure what the skill rate was before hand, but today I was fishing for the Sea Pony so around darkmoon isle, and I went from skill 362 to 497 in 656 casts, so on average 5 casts per level. I seem to remember it being more that that before the patch.



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