[Fishing] Soloing the Lurker

  1. Spleen <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    First, i hope no one has posted this strategy yet. I checked around and didn't see anything like it.

    I was able to "solo" the Lurker Achievement on the beta servers. It's not all that hard, it just takes some planning. Here's what you need:

    A way to walk on water
    A way to avoid falling damage (slow fall, pally bubble, blink, etc.)
    300(?) fishing skill

    Method 1:
    4-9 other players (not sure exactly)

    Method 2:
    1 other player
    some way to kill yourself

    The first obstacle is getting past the waterfall entrance. In method 1, the waterfall entrance opens up the way it normally would, by having a minimum number of raid members, which is either a total of 5 or 10 (I forget which).

    In method 2, you only need one other player. Invite this person into a raid group, and they're part is done as long as they don't leave the group; they can go and continue to do whatever they want. Now go up to the waterfall and kill yourself. When you run back as a ghost, you will be able to run through the waterfall. Resurrect on the other side, and go in.

    One other method is to have another raid group open up the waterfall for you, but you still need at least one other person in order to form a raid group and enter.

    Once inside, however you did it, go to the ledge between the second elevator and before the first pull. Activate your water walking. Now jump off the ledge and fall to the water. Activate your method for avoiding fall damage. Now you can walk all the way to the Lurker's pool without any of those nasty fish getting in your way!

    Lastly, be sure to remove any gear that you want to avoid taking durability damage. The achievement only requires you to fish him up, but he will instantly aggro you once you do so and very likely kill you.


    You're now one achievement closer to the Salty title!

  2. Verissi <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    *smacks forehead* I totally forgot about the minimum raid size. Great tips! I'll be doing this very soon :-)

  3. Gummo <The Pacifist>, 5 years ago:

    Good to know this fishing achievement is soloable without killing anything. My pacifist rogue should be able to do it (and thanks for the minimum raid size and how to get around it; I couldn't get in before, and now I know why). I should be able to stealth there and fish.

  4. Swoosh <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Is this achievement retroactive? I'm not in the beta group.

  5. Cozmic <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    I Solo'd the Lurker a few days ago, it was very easy. I bought the Slow Fall cape from Skyguard rep and used a Water Walking potion from the Fishing daily quests.

    I'm not sure if they changed the minimum raid outside of the instance but I was the only one there with one person in my raid group doing there own thing somewhere else.

    Happy Catch'n

  6. Swoosh <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Good idea with the slowfall cape. Was thinking about the Noggenfogger elixir as 1/3 gives slowfall.

  7. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 5 years ago:

    The achievement is not retrospective.

    It would be useful if we could make a list of all the "slow fall" items. And strategies are most welcome too.

  8. Swoosh <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Regarding Method 2 by Spleen.

    I didn't need to kill myself. Just had a guildie invited and converted to raid, ran straight in without any problems.

  9. Gummo <The Pacifist>, 5 years ago:

    Here's a list of slow fall items:

    Engineering only:
    Parachute Cloak
    Flexweave Underlay (WotLK)

    Sha'tari skyguard revered
    Skyguard/Skywitch's Drape

    Horde shield-user only:
    Olaf's All Purpose Shield

    Vendor in Feralas:
    Colossal Parachute (only lasts 20 minutes in inventory)

    Noggenfogger (1 possible effect is 12 seconds of slow fall (used to be 2 minutes))

    Seasonal quest:
    Hallow's End Pumpkin Treat (1 possible effect is ghost form + Levitate for 20 minutes)
    Stock up on these if you can't slow fall in other ways.

    Slow Fall (spell)

    Levitate (spell)

    Not slow fall effects, but allows falling with no damage:
    Divine Shield/Blessing of Protection

    Ice Block
    Blink, if timed right.

    If you can target a critter on the floor, a Warrior or Druid can do Charge/Intercept or Feral Charge; again, timing is tricky.

    Falling with reduced damage, I don't know if any of these will work:
    Feline Grace

    Safe Fall (+Duskbat Drape)

  10. Pipre <Deadly Salty>, 5 years ago:

    The problem isn't the falling (you land in water) it's the evil fish IN the water that will beat you up.

    I can make it to the first pipe easily enough, but I've got almost 20k armor which mitigates most of their damage. I've even had them knock me into the water when I had water walking on. I believe the only kind of water walking that will keep you from being hit is levitate since you are above the surface of the water. Slow fall is a must, as well as potions.

  11. Maybella <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    Spleen wrote:

    The first obstacle is getting past the waterfall entrance. In method 1, the waterfall entrance opens up the way it normally would, by having a minimum number of raid members, which is either a total of 5 or 10 (I forget which).

    After reading this guide, I set out to do this on the Beta. Since reading that I would need a way to kill myself, I travelled to Feralas to get a Videre Elixir (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=11243). But when arriving at Serpentshrine cavern and creating a 2-person raid using a friend's account, I found it was not necessary to kill myself. I simply stood in front of the waterfall and it opened up, despite being in only a 2 person raid.

    After that, I just levitated down and fished him up, easy as can be. :D

    So I just wanted to throw this out as a possible correction.... I didn't seem to need to be in a larger raid to get the waterfall to open- a 2-person raid worked just fine.

  12. Cozmic <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    Maybella wrote:

    So I just wanted to throw this out as a possible correction.... I didn't seem to need to be in a larger raid to get the waterfall to open- a 2-person raid worked just fine.

    Same for me when I did it on the Live Servers.

  13. Mitzy <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    As for the regular stealth run, I don't think it's possible. There are patrolling mobs (can't remember the name, they look like Bog Lords) that see through stealth.

  14. Astragal <Investigator>, 5 years ago:

    Did this today and had some problem entering as a two person raid group.

    First thing I grouped with one other guild member and converted to a raid but was not able to get past the waterfall. It was not a latency issue (66ms was normal) and realm instances appeared fine from asking. I tried twice with other level 70 people and it was the same. I then tried the 'die outside' option suggested but as druid I had no way to suicide and tried dying in the water closed to entrance. But on reaching body it was too far to get the res button inside the SSC instance entrance. So I ressed close to the repair guy there. And to my surprise, I was able to simply walk into instance.

    I have seen some issues with the waterfall animation and occasionally not being able to get in first try in raids etc. Perhaps it was just a bug or 3.0.2 issue. But dying and res, then enter worked for me.

    Do remember to convert to raid and also that the other person is high enough level for the instance. If it is a problem try this.

    From then on I followed the instructions, took a Noggenfogger potion (note it took 11 drinks to get the slow fall buff so take plenty) after a water walking potion, slow fell, ran to Lurker spot and fished him up. I caught 10 fish/ items before getting the Achievement notice, which was before the pool animation disappeared, Lurker arrived and I died instantly :)

    Stats from fishing 'The Strange Pool'


    3 x Stranglekelp
    7 x Raw Greater Sagefish

    1 x Lurker (not recorded as fish)

  15. Zemalf <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    Two person raid group works fine. Just run back a bit and run towards the waterfall, it should disappear. If it doesn't for some odd reason, just try again.

    I did a video to show how it's done (posted on the other thread concerning this achievement as well): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2GPZwpkwPg

    while doing the video, I first ran to the waterfall solo and then converted to raid group while standing next to/in it. This didn't work, so I ran back a bit and then ran back and got in. If you're already in a raid group when you come out of water at coilfang and run to SSC, it works.

    Do not kill yourself to get it, just run in, if it doesn't work, try again.

    p.s. the other person in the raid group can log out - the raid group is still valid as long as either "leave party", so you can ask a friend or guildie who's just about to log out to "join" you.

    Mitzy wrote:

    As for the regular stealth run, I don't think it's possible. There are patrolling mobs (can't remember the name, they look like Bog Lords) that see through stealth.

    No, there are no enemies on the way (check my video). Just the Coilfang Frenzy in the water (the reason why waterwalk/levitate is required).

  16. Threk <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    I did this tonite after several tries. I died the first 4 times cause the Frenzied Fish still kept agroing on me.

    I tried to jump off twice on the left side and twice off the right side, both with no succes. So I thought I was either really unlucky or doing something wrong. I used the Colossal Parachute btw so I had to wait 60 min each time on the CD of my HS :'(

    The 5th try I walked down the ledge towards the first pack of mobs, just out of agro range. Then I jumped off the left side and it worked /cheer

    Thought I'd share this info before people get as annoyed as I did ;)

  17. Vicenti <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    I did this with my bro last night, he’s a priest and I’m a lock. For anyone considering it, this is a well easy achievement to pick up, there’s only on slight snag and that’s getting down to the water safely. My bro was able to do it easily, using his priestly levitate spell he was able to float down and cross the water without incident. I on the other hand had no such easy ride.

    I used the water walking elixir in combination with the slow fall provided by the Skyguard cloak. When I hit the water it seemed I was either able to take a few steps, then fall through and get savaged by the fish, or I would glide down and carry on straight through the surface of the water. Quite frustrating having to wait for the 15 minute cool down on the cloak before being able to try again.

    As mentioned by a previous poster, there is a pillar that juts out of the water, on my last attempt I landed near enough it for my bro to res me and I then swam to the pillar and hopped out of the water to safety.

    Now I didn’t have opportunity to test this, however, as I slow fell on the last attempt I seemed able to steer myself out across the water. So I’m thinking it may be possible, if you jump from the far left of the platform, to slow fall and glide all the way to the pillar, or if not so near that you can swim the rest of the way with maybe the help of a health pot.

    Once on the pillar I found I was able to use the water walking elixir and run around all over the place without falling through, or agroing the fish. The only difficulty seems to be with making the fall without going through the water, so if you’re having problems with that, try jumping and gliding as near to the pillar as possible. Having a helpful priest around wouldn’t go amiss too :-)

  18. Triseult <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    I tried doing the Achievement with a Slow Fall effect from Noggenfogger, and the Water Walking potion. Somehow, I couldn't pull it off. I also tried just using the Water Walking potion: jump in the water, jump out, and use the potion. Result: failure, as the fish ate me up and broke the potion.

    I'm a Dr00d, so what I did is stealth past a few mobs, then go down near the water using a slanted pipe. Pop the Water Walking, and walked over to Lurker.

  19. Noodleguitar <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    I was also able to enter with a 2-man raid.
    After the second elevator, I used a water walking potion and my Skyguards drape. I landed in the water instead of on top of it, but I quickly jumped before the fish found me.
    From there it was an easy way to Lurker and the achievement.

  20. anniefish <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    Did this last week with a guildie Shaman who also needed the achievement.

    Took 3 noggenfoggers to get slow fall, drank the waterwalking potion, jumped, hit the Skyguard cape, landed safely. (We jumped from the far left corner after the second elevator.)

    Stayed in the middle of water, walked to Lurker.

    I went first and caught Lurker, got the achievement and we both died. The shaman rezzed and then rezzed me (I didn't accept the rez) and then he fished up Lurker for the achievement.

    Shaman = 2 deaths
    Me = 1 death

    Easy peasy. We were out of there in like 20 minutes total.

    Guildies got a good laugh on guild chat when they thought we were two-manning Lurker :)

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