[Contests] Stranglethorn Contest and Timezones

  1. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 1 year ago:

    On test realms, it looked like the new-and-improved Stranglethorn contest was intended to run at 14:00 PST (Pacific) regardless of the native timezone of the realm. Crude, but that prevents the worst of the CRZ issues. I expect this to convert into a region-specific schedule, eg all US realms run the contest at the same (physical world) time - such as 14:00 PST. Sadly it won't be obvious for EU servers, since all of those are at CET.

    So, could someone who plays on a set of differently timezoned US realms please check the time the Booty Bay contest is scheduled for on each and report back? The equivalent realm time should be displayed on the calendar. Thanks in advance.

  2. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 1 year ago:

    This post confirms the answer - PST for all US realms, except Oceanic realms, which will run the contest at 14:00 Australian EST.

    This implies that winning is determined by the realm you complete the quest on, not your home realm. Maybe the quests are simply weekly, so wherever you complete a winning quest, that character cannot complete that quest again during the same week: For example, you could switch to an Oceanic realm (via a CRZ group) and complete the winning quest there, and therefore must not be able to compete again on a US realm later in the day. (Obviously you cannot store fish between events either, because the time gap is too large. The important thing is that one cannot make two legitimate attempts at winning the contest each week.)

    All time variations (especially catches) are expected to be adjusted to these region-specific single timezones. For example, the standard 00:00-06:00-12:00-18:00 pattern is expected to be relative to PST on (non-Oceanic) US realms. Any confirmations of that would be useful.


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