[Contests] Stranglethorn Fishing Contest -- 2nd AND 3rd place win

  1. Druantis <Extremely Salty>, 1 year ago:

    Entered contest on Duskwood. Was late so hadn't set hearthstone and only took second. Looted Dread Pirate Ring. Kept fishing as always to try and get rares. Fished up another 40, noticed with disbelief that no one had taken third.

    Flew back, expecting another winner announce the whole time, and won the fishing line. So in one contest won second AND third place (assuming others gave up after first winner -- they must not have researched new rules -- but I also didn't check to see if they were from my server).

    There were dozens of characters from other servers clustered around the turn in, chirping about whether or not someone had won. They couldn't turn in ahead of me, so Blizz did this right.

    NOTE: only 2 prizes were offered to me as choices when I turned in for 2nd place and only 1 when I turned in for 3rd. So either there are three prizes and it's first come first serve, or I was only offered prizes I had never looted before. Guessing it was the former (three unique choices offered and you loot your choice in the order you win).

    Finally... now have every piece of fishing gear (including Pandaren lure, exalted with Nat) -- fishing skill 600 + 220. Still irritated that Exalted with Nat gave a hat that replaced old one instead of a new slot like my forum-posted idea for "Bog Waders" or something that added to the gear instead.

    Still wish exalted with Nat earned me the reward title Druantis the Master Baiter.

    Thanks again for the much appreciated crowdresourcing advice to El and all the posters (hey I just coined some more jargon).

  2. Noodleguitar <Salty>, 1 year ago:

    El wrote in the Stranglethorn contest information sections that first place can choose from all 5 rewards, second can't choose the Arcanite Fishing Pole and the Hook of the Master Angler, and third is restricted to only the +5 line enhancement.

    I came in second on sunday as well (got my Boots of the Bay) and just idled around the turn in point for a while. I saw a lot of achievements pop up (the one you get for getting at least 3rd in the contest - can't remember what it's called) in that time so there were quite a lot of other servers mixed in. I agree that it is very nice that only your server's 3 winners are announced in general chat.

  3. Druantis <Extremely Salty>, 1 year ago:

    For second place there were only 2 prizes to choose from, not 3. There was only the 1 prize available when I turned in for 3rd place.

    None of the other servers were able to turn in, no achieves popped, and they were asking me if anyone had won and what was going on (there were dozens of other server characters trying to turn in). It sounds like Noodleguitar is trying to say that multiple other server characters turned in for 1st/2nd/3rd place on my server AND I won 2nd and 3rd.

    So contest information needs to be updated to make clear that the prize options available at turn in will also be determined by previously won gear. I already had everything else (I already had previously won the boots of the bay, arcanite fishing pole, hook of the master angler, etc. etc.). Again, the boots of the bay were not available to me as a second place prize option, most likely because I had already won them before the contest was disabled.

    The importance of this is that if there is ever another higher-bonus fishing pole offered, if I enter and win another STV contest, I might not even be offered any prize -- including and especially the fishing line (to add to the future fishing pole).

  4. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 1 year ago:

    The whole contest sounds hopelessly bugged on your set of realms, Druantis:

    1. Nobody on other realms being able to complete quests is clearly broken, however one expects it to work - either the contest is realm-specific and those on other realms should have had their own quests, or in spite of Crafty's best wishes, it isn't, and those anglers should have been able to complete "your" quest before you.
    2. US Duskwood is not a low population realm - I'm struggling with the notion that nobody else attempted to turn fish in during a 15+ minute period when you went to catch a second set of Tastyfish.

    Based on the "fun" I had on test realms, what you are seeing is most likely caused by cross-realm zones de-syncing: I don't understand exactly how or why, but technically shared realms can be a few seconds adrift in their data sharing. This was a serious issue when there was one contest per set of realms: For example, by turning in the 1st place quest twice on 2 different realms in quick succession (with 2 different characters), I caused something rather similar to what you describe above. In my case I could subsequently take one of the quests endlessly on one realm, but not at all by characters on another realm.

    So, with respect, I don't think what you are seeing is typical of how the contest should work. I tested this multiple times on the test realms with the version of the contest that went live: Winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the same character, different characters on the same realm, different characters on different realms, etc. I'm quite sure that the 3 winners were separate quests, each with distinct sets of rewards. Consequently who chooses what reward from a previous quest should not alter anything.

  5. Druantis <Extremely Salty>, 1 year ago:

    I'll log out tonight in my fishing gear. What's weird is I mailed my Dread Pirate Ring (BOA) to another toon for storage and the drop disappeared from my activity feed, I mailed it back and now you can see it again on my character activity feed in wowarmory (Druantis) -- along with the fishing line now attached to my arcanite fishing line (which was also showing on my feed but disappeared after being applied to the pole). Are you jay wilsoning me?

    Reread my second post where I stated that I am not being offered reward options that I already had won before, and that in the first post I was only postulating that maybe it was first come first serve basis (because for second place I was only given two prize options).

    And wasn't the whole point of the fix so that other servers couldn't turn in and win contests on my server (and the same goes for everyone else)?

    Prior to the removal, I was 3 for 4 on the STV contest (now 5 for 5 with the double win), so I can't guarantee but I'll try to win the contest this next Sunday and report back if any prizes at all are offered to me at turn in (as I already have every other prize, as shown equipped -- up until I raid or brawl).

  6. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 1 year ago:

    I don't doubt what you're saying. I just don't think what you observed was what was supposed to happen.

    (Added: Specifically on not being offered a reward you have already won, see Image: Grand Prize. You can visible see El being offered the pole and boots while already wearing the pole and boots. On test realms at least, there was no such restriction. I'm not completely blind to the possibility, since the Unique tag prevents taking some of those rewards a second time, but I would like live confirmation of any change in a situation which is not so blatantly buggy.)

    The main purpose of the fix was to stop the realm-jumping which let players fish on an early timezone realm, then turn in at the very start of the contest on a later timezone realm. At the same time Blizzard also tried to implement realm-specific winners, something which had originally been taken out in a late-beta attempt to make the Stranglethorn Fishing Contest function at all. (From the reactions I got at the time, I don't think the designers were aware the contest winners had become linked to realm groups, the implication being that it was bugged-fixed only to function technically - indeed, as described below, I don't think the event timing implications of CRZ had been thought out at all.)

    After a bit of 5.1 head-scratching, the designers finally realised that time-based content was never going to work smoothly with cross-realms on different timezones - time was a constant in many aspects of the design, yet originally none of the design team seemed to realise that granting players the ability to jump through time might cause problems. And hence we got a wide-ranging change to the time across a raft of game events, all to because they couldn't find a better fix for the Booty Bay contest. (Evidence for that comes from a lot of between-the-lines Twitter conversations, but the stinger is there is the way Zarhym introduced the changes by starting with the contest.)

    So the change did finally address the design flaws in CRZ, it has not fixed the underlying weaknesses of the technology: Invariably (it seems to me) caused by data not get transferred within Blizzard's own server architecture as fast as players (and game clients) are expecting data updates. For example, since the first appearance of CRZ in beta players have experienced gibberish chat messages when moving between zones on different CRZ-sets - because the data is not perfectly in sync. While excess chat text is merely an annoyance, it reveals a vulnerability - a small period of time when the servers are not enjoying certainty.

    Unfortunately WoW was traditionally programmed logically: When event #1 happens, the following event, event #2, just assumes event #1 has happened. That's fine when all those events are running on the same piece of server hardware, since 2 mathematically always comes after 1. But when you introduce sets of machines that talk to one another "slowly", it becomes possible for event #1 to happen, but for the machine keeping track of that event not to realise until after event #2 has also happened. The two machines then get out of sync. While networking and database programming has developed methods of resolving this uncertainty, designer logic has historically ignored it, because historically it was not possible.

    So that's what I think the problem is. What's frustrating is that this problem existed all through beta testing and into 5.1, and I don't see any evidence of Blizzard getting to grips with it. As is, their system seems to rely on luck - that events 1 and 2 won't take place too quickly - but with no contingency it seems inevitable that the system will break from time-to-time.

  7. Druantis <Extremely Salty>, 1 year ago:

    There was absolutely nothing buggy about the revamped contest or any of my experience with it. Everything worked flawlessly for once-- which is why I registered here to report it. It was actually quite satisfying to see all the other server crz characters failing for once to juke the system.

    If Noodleguitar experienced crz characters getting achieves while he was waiting around his turn in, then the logical occam's razor solution would be that they were getting their own server specific wins near him -- while the crz characters near my turn in were from servers that already had three winners and so they couldn't hand in any fish for prizes (straightforward enough). Which would make simple sense considering the crz characters near my Deadwood server turn in were there while I turned in my second set of fish (which I didn't exactly hurry to fish up).

    Improperly used technical jargon aside, my live experience was that you are not offered prizes you have already looted from previous contest wins. What I will be checking will be whether or not the prizes are offered based on what I have equipped -- I will take off previous prizes to see if I am then offered any or all prize choices when I hand in the fish. Then try again after banking my previous prizes with the Argent Squire.

    And this time I will grab screenshots.

  8. Noodleguitar <Salty>, 1 year ago:

    I hope your contest experience today will be better, Druantis.

    I can't really comment on if you can pick prizes that you have looted before (or have somewhere in your inventory) as I didn't have any of the 2nd/3rd place prizes. I did acquire the High Test Eternium Line a long time ago but in a certain patch this enchant got altered from +5 to +2 fishing for some reason. So, in theory I don't 'have' it anymore. This enchant is also a bit of a fuzzy case as it will no longer be a physical object in your inventory after you have applied it.

    I wasn't trying to say that people from different servers could affect the winners on your server. Like you said in your last post, it was working well for me; only people from my server counted towards the winners on that server and people from other servers were able to get wins on their respective servers. Asking around in /say confirmed this. I asked who the winners were in the contest and I got different answers from people from different servers, so in my case everything worked as intended.

    If I get at least second today I'll be able to see what is going on with picking an item you already have, but I think if it's all working then you should be able to pick any of the 5 items, regardless of any previous wins. That's the way it's been in the contest before, back when there were 2 items offered to the winner.

  9. Noodleguitar <Salty>, 1 year ago:

    I just won the contest with first place. Everything seemed like it was working as intended, I was able to choose all 5 rewards and I already had 3 of them.

    My initial plan was to fish along the north-west coast, along with the two islands there, however shortly before the contest I saw a lot of other people hovering around there so I decided to fish in the river just outside of Duskwood. There weren't many clusters of pools but because of all the fishing that was going on the respawn rate was high and so I was able to catch 40 fish without needing to go below Venture Co Camp.

  10. Tikicarol <Angler>, 1 year ago:

    Well, I took 1st and 3rd places on Drak'Thul today.
    After stopping by here earlier and reading Noodleguitar's post it got me thinking (thanks Noodleguitar!).
    So I started at Lake Nazferiti and just went south/west down river to the falls and turned around and worked my way back up to the lake.

    When I went to turn in the fishies I could not believe I was first! I mean I miss cast'd quite a bit,
    and had to double back on nods I had passed too (that didn't come out right)
    Then when I decided to go back out and fish more I kept watching the chat. Second came in a few minutes behind me.
    I was taking my time being careful, and before you know it I had 40 more fish, hearth'd back to Booty Bay and turned in for 3rd. That was over 45 minutes into tournament.
    The only explanation I have is people must give up after the winner (first place) is announced.
    And/or it's not yet widely known that there are 3 winning slots.

    It's worth pointing out too that people were upset with me early on for I was fishing spawned nods before the tournament started. -_-
    SO, to them I say, pppppppppppppppplllllllllllph :P

    One more thing, it was the last item for Salty I had to do and although I got the achievements there is no title as yet on my character list. Need to put in a ticket for it mayhaps?

    So to sum up,
    1st place offered all 5 prizes (I took "pole").
    3rd place offered the line.

    <light spelling edits>

  11. Druantis <Extremely Salty>, 1 year ago:

    Went for annual Christmas tree hunt up here in Canada with daughter (March of the Penguins meets Christmas Vacation) and completely forgot about this.

    Noodleguitar never mentioned whether or not he had his previously won prizes equipped (with screenshots showing character equipped and prize offerings available) so absolutely zero new information there. Only Noodleguitar in all of wow (Dwarf Hunter - eu server - Auchindoun) did not receive any fishing contest prize today, Dec 9th (activity feed) -- though he won boots a week ago (Dec 2nd). Didn't win today on his alts either (Boostlord, Humbucker, Realize) -- just to be thorough (and no, that took me all of a few minutes to find). Tikicarol was offered all 5 prizes - but this was the first time she won the contest and any prize, so that's as El corrected me and expected (achieves are also in activity feed).

    Yep, agree with Tikicarol, as I said in very first post, assuming people just give up after first place because they don't ever seem to read new rules or info (as evident in every dungeon or raid with people trying same heal, tank, or dps rotation they first learned despite massive changes in mechanics since). Also don't think most players know about new time for contest or even that it's back up.

    Will go next Sunday and actually determine whether or not equipped makes a difference as to prizes offered (or even just prizes in bags). But the real issue here is that after 120k+ fish pulled up in the two years I've played wow, still no turtle mount (wowarmory achieves -- statistics tab -- skill -- secondary skills). Whereas Noodleguitar (12k fish) and Tikicarol (9k fish) both have it. Sigh.

  12. Tikicarol <Angler>, 1 year ago:

    Sorry I omitted the number of prizes I was offered. 5 as mentioned above, for 1st place; and with 3rd, just the line.

    Quick Update, when I logged back in I in fact am now wearing my "Salty" title (which surprisingly is offered for all my characters).

    Also: @Druantis, I caught my Turtle Mount at the Fair from a nod off the dock by the guy that teleports you back to the cannon. It was quite quick and surprising.

    Oh, and for the record, female irl.
    Girls like to fish too.

  13. Noodleguitar <Salty>, 1 year ago:

    @Druantis: Are you trying to say that I did not win last contest? I see the High Test Eternium Fishing Line did not show up in my activity feed but I applied it shortly after I got it, so I'm guessing armory needs to see an item X amount of time in your inventory before it registers it (or it just takes snapshots every X amount of time). You do realise that by saying something is not true based on a system (wow armory) that doesn't work properly, you're also essentially saying we might believe your initial statement (being offered 2 items for 2nd place) to be false? As others see all rewards offered.

    During the hand in of the 40 fish I had the Boots of the Bay equipped and I was still able to choose them. I didn't mention this before, but now there is new information. I don't need screenshots for something that works. In my mind the idea is that screenshots are used to proof things that don't work as normal. But I did happen to make a screenshot of my win this week if you think it adds something: Screenshot.
    It doesn't show that I had anything equipped but if you look at El's screenshot it shows he has the Arcanite Fishing Pole equipped while picking a reward.

    @Tikicarol: Yeah, I also have to go back to spots I passed while using a flying mount. It seems you're moving too fast for the pools to load on the map.

  14. Druantis <Extremely Salty>, 1 year ago:

    Okay, perfect. Thank you Noodleguitar for the screenshot showing you looted the fishing line and that it disappeared from your activity feed after you applied it. Same thing happened to me and then Tikicarol (three times a pandarian fishing charm) so this is confirmed now. Apologies Noodleguitar, it's not a nice feeling when people doubt what you say.

    After doubts were cast (!) over my claim of winning second and third, and as I mentioned in following post I couldn't prove the fishing line (3rd prize) on same day as it disappeared from my activity feed, happy to see Tikicarol and Noodleguitar confirming both multiple wins and fishing line disappearing from loot feed after application. Dread Pirate Ring also disappears from loot feed as soon as you mail it to another toon (and reappears in feed when mailed back to winning character).

    As I know there were only 2 prizes offered me for 2nd place, even if doubts about that were cast for some reason right off the start, I am still going to try to win (but now that people are more aware of contest might not be so easy) to see if what you have equipped determines what kind of or even if you are offered prizes if you already have them all.

    And very sorry Tikicarol, changed post to affirm that yes the ladies are as good/better at this game as/than all of us territorial comic book guys could be (and a hell of a lot nicer in posts).

  15. Noodleguitar <Salty>, 1 year ago:

    All right, good that it is cleared up a bit now. I can sort of imagine why you would think I didn't win any contest if the item isn't shown on my armory feed as there are too many people claiming stuff that is not true while they're fully aware it isn't.

    I'm interested to see what'll happen for you in the next contest. If you still only see less items than there should be, maybe it's an addon interfering with the displaying of rewards? It's a long shot, but I think if there is a bug with an item, you can normally still see it in loot windows/reward windows.

  16. Basill <Salty Magocrat>, 1 year ago:

    After 5 years I won again, same tactics as always, but the fishing nodes were spawning fast faster than before!!
    I could not take the pole(I have it)so took something else ^ΓΈ^
    Nothing about the contest seemed bugged, all went smooth.

    So Gl all future master anglers!! ;)

  17. Druantis <Extremely Salty>, 1 year ago:

    Haven't been on during contest hour (single dad and all that), only came in second today. Wasted time (thanks to ego) getting even with a hunter from Undermine who kept following me around fishing same pools. Noticed that the hunter and two others who kept jumping on my pools seemed to have a constantly short cast bar (whereas 90+% of my casts couldn't be clicked until right near the end).

    Each time the three would get two fish per my one, and I never got more than one fish each time they landed and went after my pool -- truly doubt rng could be that constant. So, not sure if they were using speed hacks and trying not to be noticed by moving to my low activity Deadwood (reported the three though). Inspection and wowarmory showed they weren't using haste gear, or buffs, or racials, or pots, or flasks, etc. etc. Including these three douches, every other entrant I passed was from Undermine and Uldaman. Talked to other winners of my realm and they were avoiding the area I have always won with (thanks to these forums) because they also found that other servers are clustering the same spots.

    Drop rate of Tastyfish seems to have been buffed a great deal. Only had 3 other fish after 40 -- but maybe the three ninjas were getting all the crap. Agree with Basill that the pool spawn rate seemed to be buffed substantially as well. First, second and third were within a minute of each other -- so obviously contest awareness is a lot higher.

    Screenshots show this time I was offered three prizes (line, boots, ring), but now the line isn't even showing up on my activity feed (even though I haven't used it, saving for future). Before it would show up in activity feed, like any other prize, and then disappear after it was applied or mailed (in case of boa ring) to alts.

  18. Anastasoula <Angler>, 1 year ago:

    First time poster, Found this web page two weeks ago and have been fishing like a mad-(wo)man since. Decided to do the Fishing tournament today and ended up winning 1st. I had about 3 people farming my pools as well today so, "when in rome", I went to every pool even if someone was there. What I found helpful was if someone was there I casted once grabbed a tastyfish and left it even is it was still spawned giving me at least 2-3 cast in a pool of my own while the other guys fishing my pools fought for the fish in the pool I left.

    Reason I am posting though is to warn people about daily quest add-ons and things like Zygor guides viewer. Disable these add-ons or at least turn off auto-accepting and/or Zygor's equipment chooser as it will pick a fishing item for you and it may not be what you wanted. I forgot this and the add-on ended up choosing the Master Anglers Fish hook, which I wanted anyway but not before getting the Rod. Just a word to the wise, there is always next week for the rod I guess.

    Thank you everyone who contributes and posts in the forums if not for you guys and this amazing website I don't think I could have enjoyed fishing in this game. Been playing for 8 years and never found the "fun" in fishing until now.

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