[General] The 2 Ring

  1. Taluna <Angler>, 6 years ago:

    So since 2.4 doing the fishing daily on 2 chars and getting no loot of interest, I open my treasure bag this morning and see the 2 ring!!

    Hopefully it sells for a good chunk of change to go towards my epic mount fund :D

  2. Gwydaine <Angler>, 6 years ago:

    Well I too have found the ring on my server. I tried to sell it in Trade and all I got was people calling me a hack as they said it did not exist. So needless to say I could not sell it after 4 days of this I put it on the AH with min bid of 400 and no buy out to see what I could get. Well after a week of this with trying different ideas with buyout VS without I gave up. I ended up giving it to A Druid Friend and Guildmate.

    Gwydain Holy Priest
    Black Dragonflight

  3. KMadness <Angler>, 6 years ago:

    i got the 2 ring last night, and just about fell out of my chair. i was in tells with a friend and a basilisk attacked me while turning in the quest. i was still on my mount, so i flew straight up and auto-looted the bag. then i realized that there were purple words on my screen, and i didn't open my bags to look, i scrolled up in the chat log so that i wouldn't have to go searching.

    i linked it in trade for a price check, altho i don't know whether i'll sell it. i have a level 46 druid who's growing up fast and hubby thinks i should keep it for her. i got a lot of "oh it does exist!" comments, sounded like nobody who saw my link had seen the item ingame before. all agreed that it is indeed vastly superior to the 1 ring.

    i haven't gotten any pets at all (not even mr. pinchy yet). but of my two fishing chefs that do the daily quests, the one that's not maxed got the hat, both have the recipe, and one got Gem of the Sea already. my very first character was a hunter with a cat for a pet, i was poor, and cooked fish were great for the hunter, the pet, my warlock alt, and stacked really nicely in my bags! i've been fishing ever since, every server i play on.

  4. Calabar <Angler>, 6 years ago:

    Congratulations to all who get the ring. I’ve only seen it linked once on my server. And people were drooling appreciatively over it.

    I don’t raid, nor do I even do instances anymore. So if I ever get the 2 ring I’ll give it to my 70 druild. It’d be a huge upgrade for him. And since they are not unique, a second ring would go to him as well.

  5. Suzi <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    I was so surprised when I ended up opening a bag of treasure and found The 2 Ring inside. I didn't even know it existed!

    I knew someone else would be able to appreciate it more than I could so I decided to put it straight up on the auction house. With no idea what to price it at I went with a 2000g bid and 2222g 22s 22c BO.

    Someone bought it out later that day. :)

  6. Yohaun <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Yeah for anyone looking for more info on this awesome reason to fish (as if there weren't enough already - besides just for the fun of it!):


    This is an incredible ring for Druids, among a few other classes. I have 2 Druids myself and have always been an avid WOW fisherman - now I feel like I can NOT let a SINGLE day go by without them BOTH completing the fishing daily! If my guildmates thought I was crazy enough already to be among the first on my server to hit 375 fishing right after BC came out, now I've hit a new high (or low in their opinion) hehe

    btw I've been a longtime reader of this site because it's an incredible resource for WoW fishing, but just finally decided to sign up for membership today so I could post some useful info about this incredible treasure. Nice to join you all here. Great job on the site, El! Thank you!

    Happy Fishing!

  7. Gwydaine <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    I caught the 2 ring for the second time today. I dont have anyway to prove it on here but my Guild wants to kill me for being so lucky. ( I do quest 3 times a day). I did catch it both times on the same character Artillerist, I did manage to give it to the same guildmate that got my other one so I got him to sign out with both on so you could see the profile on armory. Logoson 70 Druid Black Dragonflight. or as his new nickname is "fishermans friend". So after I got the ring the first time there was a drastic increase in interest in fishing so Im sure this will only feed the fire. Some have said I must step down as Priest Class Leader and become the fishing Class leader lol


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