[Fishing] The 5 Ring

  1. bimmian <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    I noticed the 5 Ring was still "unconfirmed" on the northrend daily quest page. I got it tonight so I figured I would share :)


    This was on my third fishing alt - 100 skill when I picked up the quest.
    Wintergrasp Quest

    Was in the Tiny Titanium Lockbox along with a Runed Storm Jewel and 2 blue jems (and some gray stuff)

  2. Enarka <Salty Fishing Lady>, 5 years ago:

    Are you serious ?
    This exists ?

    So now, I have to go out of my way and get The 5 Ring + The 2 Ring.

    That's...a lot of work =l

  3. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 5 years ago:

    Thanks for the confirmation.

    This was rumored once during testing. But there were a lot of "wouldn't it be cool if there was a 666 Ring" expectation, and nobody was able to provide any evidence that an epic ring actually dropped from the new daily.

    Gut feeling is this is just as rare as the The 2 Ring: These quests have probably been completed millions of times, yet this is only the second live find reported.

  4. Leonie <Salty>, 4 years ago:

    I've had The 5 Ring from a lockbox with almost the exact same contents that Bimmian lists. Our resident lock-picker hasn't been on for a day or two, so it actually sat in my inventory until today. I believe it was the Wintergrasp quest I had it from as well.

    No entries on Allakhazam reflecting its sale anywhere, so I haven't any idea what it's worth. Might the price be comparative to The 2 Ring when it was first found, I wonder? As much as I'd love to keep it, I'm two levels off wearing it and perennially broke.

  5. Balsymcgee <Angler>, 4 years ago:

    Someone got it on my alt's server (Hyjal). The description is priceless - something like, "It appears to have eaten the one and two ring."

  6. Nagatamen <Angler>, 4 years ago:

    I just got it on Defias Brotherhood (EU), and again, the lockbox also contained similar items as are listed above. Pretty exciting to see that pop up when I opened the box. I love fishing!

  7. Lilitheen <Angler>, 4 years ago:

    I've seen the 5 Ring for sale on the Fenris AH twice now, selling for 5k buyout both times.
    Anybody know if the fishing daily is the only way to get the ring?

  8. Argh <Angler>, 4 years ago:

    According to wowwiki, this ring can only be had through the fishing daily.


    However if that is the real case, as anykind of wiki should be taken with a pinch of salt aswell, remains to be seen.

  9. ClemSnide <Angler>, 4 years ago:

    Even the One Ring has a certain coolness factor, I suspect with LotR fans. I fished up two in three years of play (both times from the Stormwind canals), and they each went for ~50g at the AH.

  10. Harbin <Salty>, 2 years ago:

    This is my favourite stat about the 5 ring

    Wowhead has the drop rate of the The 5 Ring at 3% from [Tiny Titanium Lockbox], and the TTL itself at 0.2% from the [Bag]. This suggests you have a 0.006% chance of getting The 5 Ring on any particular day; and an expected average of 16,667 daily fishing quests completed. (that's over 45 years.)




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