[Fishing] Turtle, in how many catches did you (not) get it?

  1. fredje222 <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Thought i just made this topic because the other topic isnt really about cathing it :p
    so post all stuff you fished here while looking for turtle and where you fished it :)

    Almost fished non-stop since patch released, 2500 catches done and still no bloody mount, this will be a tough one... Fished in the Frozen Sea just south of Boreans...

    Btw all my catches are fish caught (that includes pygmy suckerfish/crystallized water/reinforced crate) no junk catches (well a couple, because of missed pools)...

    Edit: 3000, still no mount
    Edit: 3500, still no mount
    Edit: 4000, still no mount
    Edit: 4500, still no mount
    Edit: 5000, still no mount
    Edit: 5500, still no mount
    Edit: 6000, still no mount
    Edit: 6500, still no mount -> changed the title :p
    Edit: 7000, still no mount
    Edit: 7500, still no mount
    Edit: 8000, still no mount
    Edit: 8500, still no mount
    Edit: 9000, still no mount -> changed my place from Frozen Sea too Grizzly Hills... lots more money to be made here
    Edit: 9500, still no mount
    Edit: 10,000, still no mount -> whopteefreakingdoo

  2. Gihelle <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    Nearing 600 casts now...

  3. Gishey <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    I'm up to about 850 casts at the moment. Nothing yet.

  4. Meraxes <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    I wasn't counting, but I fished about 30 in Fangtooth Herring Schools then 2 in a Glacial Salmon School. So around 32. Keep fishin!

  5. m <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Caught it 30mins ago :D
    (Catch nr. 72 this evening)

  6. Zarnoth <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    I'm at about the 1100 mark, still no turtle..Just had a guildy catch his at the 20th cast. Loading my gun now.

    *Update* 2200 still no turtle...
    *Update* 3000 still no turtle...
    *Update* 3500 still no turtle...
    *Update* 4000 still no turtle...
    *Update* 4500 still no turtle...

    *Update* 4724 FINALLY WOOT!

  7. Numbers <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Id say it took around 200 casts for me. I just did the round in the Frozen Sea.

  8. Cori <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    THe Frozen sea is definatley best as theres loads of pools close together, took 10 cast's which seems to be realy lucky

  9. osgald <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    Got it on my 20th pool I'd guess, lake in dragonblight. Seems very streaky from the posts here...

  10. ferenc <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    about the same as numbers, around 200 casts from a fangtooth school in the small lake just on the west side of utgarde keep

  11. Sauce <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    Got it on my 5th cast, and yes I'm serious, it was in Sholazar Basin.

    I thought this was supposed to be difficult to get, did the blizzard people misplace a decimal point?

  12. Eloderung <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Over 900 casts in various pools so far and zero luck on the mount.

  13. Nonzor <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    I got mine after 120-some casts in Borean Tundra (from a pool of Imperial Manta Ray), shortly after my server came online. Very cool to have the achievement done on the date that the patch released. >grin<

    Good luck to all you anglers!

  14. setsuko <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    I'm probably around 150 and haven't got it so far. This is slightly off topic, but due to the insanely large amount of people on my server, I'm having a very hard time fishing somewhere where people don't fish in my pools despite me being there first :(

    This of course -never- happened pre-patch.

  15. Paralord <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    So far I am at 880 or so fish and still no luck, I have been fishing south of Borean, mainly on the icebergs.

  16. Kelushapa <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Just got mine after about 80 catches in an imperial manta pool in BT. In the little strip between the major land mass and the area where the Nexxus is located. Super lucky! Now just wish I could win an extravaganza, lol!! Good luck everyone!

  17. droppings <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Got mine around the 800th cast. I saved all fish caught and counted that (not including the suckerfish) and ended up with 683. That also doesnt take into consideration a fair number of junk catches, crates, and crystals. Caught it in an Imperial Manta Ray school as i was following the coastline in HF

  18. Vagg <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    I just got my mount in Sholazar Basin, in the River's Heart area on my third pool of fish in that area. I fished for an hour or so in the Frozen Sea with no luck and went to SB to pick up a new egg from the Oracles and decided to try the few pools that were there. 15ish cast later there was my achievement.

  19. Oom <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    You don't think it has a higher chance to drop from higher level pools than the lower level pools such as Herring?

  20. InfectedZombie <Salty>, 5 years ago:

    Up to 945 casts. gotten 3 dark herrings, no turtle.

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