[General] Ultimate fishing video?

  1. Leny <Salty>, 4 years ago:


  2. Shircon <Salty>, 4 years ago:

    good god.....

  3. Mightfish <Salty>, 4 years ago:


  4. Al <Salty>, 4 years ago:


    Nice, Marlburo!

  5. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 4 years ago:

    Marlburo definitely earned that title...

  6. jeraz <Salty>, 4 years ago:

    realy nice, but i didn't see anny strandcrawlers xD

  7. Marlburo <Extremely Salty>, 4 years ago:

    yeah thanks a lot even at 90% complete its pretty cool/hilarious. Definitely got some spaces to fill, and trust me I would give a non-casting arm to get them! I'm doing fishing daily everyday and have been putting in work at the Bay of Storms.......

  8. Shircon <Salty>, 4 years ago:

    How long until you got your 2 and 5 ring,they still elude me.....and i wont even mention the subject of the sand crawler.

  9. gremda <Salty>, 4 years ago:

    You're an inspiration, Marlburo!
    (Makes me feel a little inadequate, actually.)

  10. GormanGhaste <Low Sodium>, 4 years ago:

    Nice to see a fishing guild collection! Didn't notice whether or not either of Nat Pagle's books were in there? I ran across the "Thoroughly Read Copy" just the other day in DM--didn't realize it existed.

  11. Marlburo <Extremely Salty>, 4 years ago:

    Well the 2 and 5 rings in gbank were donated from other guild members (please read full description of video for credits and some things you might of missed in the video!).....I SUSPECT the 5 ring was bought, but I didn't ask questions lol. As for mine I actually got the 5 ring BEFORE my 2 ring. happened about 2 months ago on the corroded jewelry quest. My 2-ring came about 2 weeks after on a mudfish quest.

    As you can see there are other tabs in our gbank where we keep cool fishing related stuff like all the Damp Diary Pages (page 87 is my fav...message in a bottle), Nat Pagles Guide to Extreme Anglin, etc.....but since you cant FISH them up, they dont go in the official museum :P

  12. Pipre <Deadly Salty>, 4 years ago:

    I count at least 9 Tournament wins on the character, did I get that right?

  13. Marlburo <Extremely Salty>, 4 years ago:

    lol just 8....but the thing that really got me laughing was how huge this video is in hong kong! ive got most of my hits from http://wowfishing.coms.hk/ lol

  14. Marlburo <Extremely Salty>, 4 years ago:

    just thought I'd give this a bump as many new members might of missed it.....new expanded video coming very soon.....

  15. Mightfish <Salty>, 4 years ago:

    Marlburo wrote:

    just thought I'd give this a bump as many new members might of missed it.....new expanded video coming very soon.....


    Bloated Monsterbelly still in The Frozen Sea 3.3.3?

  16. Christhina <Angler>, 4 years ago:

    No sir.

    From all I read and understand, the fishing daily involving the Severed Arm/Bloated Monsterbelly is being reworked.

    It will be renamed (to "Disarmed"?), and the destination changed to fish caught outside Violet Hold. Severed Arms are still used, however, and the turn in may well remain as is now.

    I'm guessing no-one could be bothered to fly all the way out to the Frozen Sea, and take a bit of time/effort to fish the Monsterbelly schools - kind of fits with level 1 fisherpeople getting fish in any pools now (a.k.a. no-one wants to slow down and just *enjoy* the sheer beauty of this game any more <sadface>)



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