[Fishing] Waterlogged Recipe

  1. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 4 years ago:

    I've managed to find one Waterlogged Recipe so far (on the 3.2 PTR) - image. This gave 5 Dalaran Cooking Awards (plus some gold and 250 Kirin Tor reputation).

    I'm curious to know if there is just one recipe, or whether there are several possible quests? So if anyone is on the PTR and doing the fishing daily, please post what you find.

  2. TheTacoMan <Salty>, 4 years ago:

    I've heard the recipes are tradeable? If that's true, they will sell for quite a bit, as cooking awards have such a large range of uses (getting northern spices, getting recipies for the northend gourmet achievement, getting the chef's hat).

    Luckily for me, i already have the Chef title and am about 10 awards away from my hat :P, so hey, free gold!

  3. Boyardee <Angler>, 4 years ago:

    I got the Waterlogged Recipe as a reward from a Dalaran fishing daily.
    Easy quest once you get the recipe and it is tradeable.

    As soon as I got the quest and the 5 cooking awards for completing it, I looked up info on it and discovered that there was one for sale in AH for 150g. Well, I was so close to getting my Chef title and I really wanted it, so I bought it and completed the quest to finally get my Chef title.

    I have no idea how rare this is, but I've only gotten it once.

    - Chef Boyardee

  4. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 4 years ago:

    Waterlogged Recipe are roughly a 10% chance - although that's only based on 62 bags (I'd been storing them from before the patch). This will vary a lot between realms, but I've been selling them for as much as 500 gold each.

  5. Narinae <Salty>, 4 years ago:

    I've gotten two Waterlogged Recipes, one on patch day itself. I didn't even think to check if they're tradeable or not though, so that's great news. I'm two awards from my Chef hat so I can start selling any of these I get in the future. Thanks for the tip!

  6. ClemSnide <Angler>, 4 years ago:

    Waterlogged Recipes, like Vials of Poison, are tradable and sellable. They're a great way to catch up one of your charas in Kirin Tor rep, and are both repeatable; I've had two on the same day, sent to the same chara, and turned in one after the other.

  7. Cherel <Angler>, 4 years ago:

    I've gotten several of these. I need Kirin Tor rep on my alts more than I need gold so I use them as hand-me-downs.


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