[Fishing] Zangarmarsh

  1. Fiamma <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    On the info page for Zangarmarsh, it states that the skill required to cast is 305... I cast there with 300 base fishing skill, with 95 fishing worth of lures (so 395 fishing) but it can't be the lures enabling me as with this same skill I cannot fish in Terokkar Forest (Requires 355 to cast) Is the page incorrect or is there something I am not taking into account?

    - Fia

  2. el <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 5 years ago:

    Parts of Terokkar Forest require 405 to cast. At a guess, you're trying to fish Silmyr Lake.

  3. Fiamma <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    Yep, that's right, I'm a nub. Lol, thanks a bunch El, does this mean that with my skill and lures, I can FINALLY cast in Bay of Storms?

  4. Oberweiss <Angler>, 5 years ago:

    On the Azshara page, this is what it says of Bay of Storms:

    Skill Required: 330 to cast, 425 to stop fish getting away.

  5. zar <Angler>, 1 year ago:

    I've just (28 Dec 2012) done a round of Serpent Lake on my lvl 85 monk, in order to try and get a few weather-beaten journals.
    Thought I'd post my results...
    Didn't see any wreckage pools, just lots of fish pools (while flying over)

    Had the zone to myself.

    got a total of:
    35 sporefish
    7 motes
    9 scrollcases
    8 darters
    3 spotted feltail
    1 goldenscale vendorfish :-)
    11 curious crates

    forgot to count the pools, sorry....

    so, crates were actually about 15%, not 5% as listed on the zangermarsh page...

    of the 11 crates, 7 contained a journal :)
    (I deliberately didn't learn the journal, so I could see how many I got, since I needed a few for alts also)

    Also levelled my fishing from 137 to 184 in the process.


  6. Serac <Angler>, 7 months ago:

    I caught :
    3 Huge Spotted FelTail
    2 Enormous Barbed Gill Trout
    2 Motes of Water
    1 Curious Crate
    1 Inscribed Scrollcase
    And a ton of Zangarian Sporefish, Barbed Gill Trout, Spotted Feltail
    I caught these in around 20-30 minutes while doing Shrimpin' Ain't Easy, I caught 1 Enormous Barbed Gill Trout and 1 Huge Spotted FelTail while doing the quest so after I finish I thought I should keep fishing because of the luck (It's annoying because I already caught Huge Feltail when I farmin' for it and Enormous Gill Trout randomly while fishing for cooking(I didn't know it was rare when I caught it)) And I wish I got a Goldenscale Vendorscale, I got all the other rare fishes here several times but never this one(Last one I need for Limnologist)


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