Kalu'ak Fishing Derby

When and where the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby takes places, what you have to do to compete, and what rewards you can gain. This contest ceased at the start of Mists of Pandaria. For preparation and strategies, please read Kalu'ak Fishing Derby Strategy. On this page:

"Elder Clearwater sits in Dalaran for one hour awaiting the return of the quickest, most experienced fisher to bring him this shark..." - 3.3 patch notes

Archive Document: Anglers can no longer compete in the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby. The Derby ran on Saturdays from patch 3.3 until the first weeks of patch 5.0. Fishing contests were then disabled due to cross-realm zone issues. Sunday's Stranglethorn Extravaganza Contest returned to the calendar in patch 5.1, but without Saturday's Kalu'ak contest. Former Kalu'ak Fishing Derby rewards (and the Master Angler achievement) can be gained by fishing in the Booty Bay tournament.

What's the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby?

The Kalu'ak Fishing Derby is similar to the Stranglethorn Extravaganza Contest, except:

In summary:

What To Do

The 2 minute movie above illustrates the guide written below.

Here's what to do:

  1. Wait for Elder Clearwater to yell, "The Kalu'ak Fishing Derby has begun!"

    Elder Clearwater
    Elder Clearwater

    That happens at 14:00 on Saturday. You do not need to be in Dalaran. There are no quests to accept. Simply be somewhere in Northrend, by a pool, ready to start fishing. Elder Clearwater arrives in Dalaran 1 hour before the contest. 5 minutes before the start he will yell a warning. Yells cannot be heard in The Frozen Sea.

  2. Fish from (almost) any pool in Northrend

    Glacial Salmon School
    Glacial Salmon School

    Fish any pool in Northrend where Pygmy Suckerfish are found. Do not fish in Pool of Blood. Avoid Glassfin Minnow School, which have a low proportion of Pygmy Suckerfish than other pools. You can fish open water in Northrend where Pygmy Suckerfish are caught, but the chance of catching the winning fish is lower than pools. Open water fishing will only be quicker in extremly busy contests, where the majority of time is spent searching for fresh pools. In most cases, if you are planning to win, fish from pools.

  3. Keep moving between pools until you catch a Blacktip Shark

    Blacktip Shark
    Blacktip Shark

    Blacktip Shark are rarely caught alongside normal fish. Blacktip Shark decay quicker than other fish (1 hour duration) and are bound to the angler.

  4. Deliver the Blacktip Shark to Elder Clearwater in Dalaran

    Winning the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby
    Winning the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby - Don't just stand there!

    Travel to Dalaran as fast as possible: Use a hearthstone, Kirin Tor ring, portal, or summon. Elder Clearwater is standing next to the Eventide Fountain. Like the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, the first angler to deliver their Blacktip Shark each week wins the main prize. The winner will be announced by a yell. Elder Clearwater has a powerful voice!

    Expect the winner to be announced within 10 minutes. The contest can sometimes be won in 2-3 minutes. 5 or 10 minutes is most common.

  5. If you did not win...

    Better Luck Next Time
    Better Luck Next Time - I'm afraid we've already had a winner..

    Later anglers can still turn in their sharks to Elder Clearwater for a lesser reward. At 15:00, Elder Clearwater will yell across Northrend that the contest is over. Blacktip Shark will stop appearing in pools. Elder Clearwater remains in Dalaran until 16:00, to allow sharks to be turned in.


The first angler each week to deliver the Blacktip Shark to Elder Clearwater wins the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby. They complete the quest, Kalu'ak Fishing Derby, which has a choice of 2 rewards:

Dread Pirate Ring
  • Binds on Account, Unique-Equipped
  • Scales by level 1-80. Bonuses at level 80: +34 Stamina, +53 Critical Strike, +29 Hit Rating
  • Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 5%

This ring is an heirloom (it can be mailed to and used by another character on the same account). It's also currently the only ring with an experience bonus. It is assumed that this experience bonus stacks with other similar items (such as +10% shoulders).

Boots of the Bay
Boots of the Bay
Boots of the Bay
  • Skill bonus: +15
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 200
  • Use: Whisks you away to the finest drinking establishment in Booty Bay (1 Day Cooldown)

Boots of the Bay are cloth boots that bind to the angler - they cannot be traded or mailed. The +15 bonus makes these the best anglin' footwear available. Boots of the Bay are a stylish dark blue, with light blue trim (illustrated).

Winning the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby awards the achievement "Master Angler of Azeroth". The same achievement can be gained by winning the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. You do not need to win both contests for the achievement - just one. Anyone that previously earnt "Master Angler of Stranglethorn" (by winning the Stranglethorn contest) now has "Master Angler of Azeroth" instead. The Master Angler is considered the most challenging part of becoming Salty.

The winner also gains 2,500 Kalu'ak reputation (before bonuses) and gold (over 33g at maximum level).

Once the winner has been announced, any angler can deliver a Blacktip Shark to Elder Clearwater and complete the quest, Better Luck Next Time. This quest rewards a Bag of Fishing Treasures, gold (over 16g at maximum level), and 150 Kalu'ak reputation (thanks Aunor). This second quest is repeatable - you can try and catch a second shark if you wish. It is even possible for the winner to catch a second shark and turn it in for a Bag of Fishing Treasures.

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Comments about Kalu'ak Fishing Derby

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Kalu'ak Fishing Derby

  • Pubcrawler, October 2009

    El says: For a contest summary and guide, see Kalu'ak Fishing Derby. Original post:

    Posted on the MMO-Champion website

    "The Kalu'ak hold a fishing derby every few days in Northrend. Be the first to catch a Blacktip Shark and win respect with the Kalu'ak, and an amazing prize!"

    Wondering if anyone can confirm that this is on the PTR for testing.


  • Troo, October 2009

    Allakhazam also has a posting about new stuff on the PTR build 10623 that changes the Master Angler of STV to Master Angler of Azeroth. The information is at this link, which I don't know how to properly link as my html has gone rusty: http://wow.allakhazam.com/story.html?story=20212

    If it's every few days I actually stand a chance at someday getting the only title I've ever wanted. :) *fingers crossed*

  • Tjalfe, October 2009

    Troo wrote:

    If it's every few days I actually stand a chance at someday getting the only title I've ever wanted. :) *fingers crossed*

    I've just last night gained my Salty title (I won STV this sunday and have frantically been doing the last bits since)
    Having competed since the STV gone live, this feels like a bucket of cold (salt ;) ) water thrown in my face...

    For a short moment I felt elated by knowing that for the fist time since I started I playing WoW (been here since serverstart) I had achieved something special - this title that only 52 can achieve a year on a given server.

    Why, oh why do the contests have to share the Master Angler achievement and thereby heavily devaluate it? :-(

    Yeah I know, this is just QQ ....and actually I did...

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  • el, October 2009

    I'm currently searching for information...

    As you know, the Master Angler achievement will require a win of either contest. The PTR in-game calendar shows the event on Wednesdays at 20:00 server time (on the PTR, that's PST). But that may just be for testing. Unfortunately I'm not seeing anything else yet... The only data-mined clue is that there are not new items associated with the Kalu'ak win. However that may be simply because the new contest does not need to be retrospectively awarded - every winner will automatically flag the "win" criteria at the time they win.

    I should add, however, that there are several new fishing-related spells lurking. Notably the old +5 fishing glove enchant is back. Old because it never actually appeared in the game.

    The idea of a Northrend contest has been mooted on these forums - Northrend has a lot of pools. Whether the new contest is the same as the STV contest remains to be seen. I think it's too early to declare that a win/Salty has been dramatically devalued.

  • TheTacoMan, October 2009

    Perhaps we will see implementation of the alternate bobbers, and the Stick model fishing rod that we never saw with the fishing dailies.

    Although part of me hopes that the reward for this comp is exactly the same as the STV one, otherwise it will make people who already have salty compete just for the rewards

  • Tjalfe, October 2009

    el wrote:

    I think it's too early to declare that a win/Salty has been dramatically devalued.

    Now that I've composed myself a bit ...and have read and reread the comments, I can only concur. :)
    Reading the originally qouted statement as having a Northrend fishing contest several times a week is not what it says.

    The addition of another fishing contest _is_ a great thing.
    I will certainly try my luck when this goes live. :)

    PST as in Pacific Standard Time?

    Guess I'll have to try it out tomorrow morning.

  • Ninf, October 2009

    Maybe one of the prize could be one of the beta-removed non-combat pets -> http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/21168/baby-shark/


    I would love it

  • Meadows, October 2009

    I seem to recall in the WotLK beta that the Mastercraft Kau'lak fishing pole model was attached to another item. It was named after some specific Tuskar NPC, and it's on-use ability was to summon that NPC's special Fishing Chair.

    I've always remembered that because it sounded like a Fishing-tourney type reward. I'm betting we see that for the tournament reward.

  • el, October 2009

    Tjalfe: PST is Pacific Standard Time - about 9 hours behind Europe, depending on where you are.

    Meadows: There's been a spell to summon "Drostan's Fishing chair" since WotLK beta. As others comment, there's a lot of loot that we've never seen in-game.

  • Kahless, October 2009

    I checked Dalaran, Unu'pe, Kamagua and Moa'ki for any sign of a barker or new quest giver.

    It's on the calendar but not necessarily implemented yet.
    I'll be on the PTR at 8 tonight so see if anything happens.

  • Fantasma, October 2009

    I can't tell you how excited I am by this. I've been trying to win the STV contest for what seems like forever. Despite following the guide and the advice of past winners, I'm never even close. To make matters worse, we have a few people on our server that have already won multiple times and continue to win week after week because, and I quote, "It's fun to participate." /strangle Salty [Insert Name Here]

  • GormanGhaste, October 2009

    With the winning conditions requiring just one shark, sounds like the outcome will be even more random than the STV contest. Hopefully, this will discourage the people that feel a need to win more than twice. Ideally, they will make the quest for this one non-repeatable, which will eliminate that sort of thing altogether.

  • Pomelo, October 2009

    I can't express how happy I am to hear this news. The STV contest is the last achievement I need for my Salty title. But, no matter how hard I try, it just never seems to work out.

    I take all the tips into mind, and do all the tricks. I set my hearth to BB, I have a fish macro on my action bar, so I can see how many I've collected, without having to open my bags. And, I always get there early and find a good spot.

    But, being that I'm on a pvp server, even when I bring a friend, it just never seems to work out. There always seems to be big groups of five or six who are just waiting to wreck everyone's fun. And, what stings is that, most of the time, they don't even have a fisher who's looking to win the contest, with them. They are just out to wreck the chance for anyone else, because it's a pvp server and they think it's all in fun and justified.

    And, I'm all for world pvp. But, I have enough respect for other players, that I'm not going to attempt to screw them over on something that I realize they only have a chance to do once a week. So, it just sort of ruins the whole fun of it. And, even if I were to bring a big group of my own, which isn't always easy to accomplish, it would still equal in wasted time pvping. And so, like I said, it just never seems to work out. So, I am definitely thrilled about the possibility of this new contest. Not to mention, that it just sounds really cool and fun. And, I love anything new and exciting that involves fishing. :D

  • Kahless, October 2009

    US PTR Broxigar

    No announcement went out in Dragonblight and no changes happened at Moa'ki.
    There were alot of Fishermen hanging out waiting for something to happen.

    Left Moa'ki just after 8:01 for Kamagua, then Unu'pe and Kaskala. No changes there either.
    No new quests or new NPCs

    It's probably not implemented or enabled yet.

  • el, October 2009

    Indeed. Hard to be sure, because I don't know what I'm looking for. But the obvious signs - like announcements, quest givers, widespread change of pools or catch - haven't happened.

  • Troo, October 2009

    el wrote:

    I think it's too early to declare that a win/Salty has been dramatically devalued.

    I'm on the fence. :) I want Salty to be a bit tough to get so it's not the new Jenkins, but I'm so very happy that there will be a chance for the people who absolutely cannot participate in the STV tourney due to work. I'm hoping that this will be a once a week thing as well, but just at a different time. I don't care what it involves.. I will be there. Consider me one excited fisher-orc.

  • jeraz, October 2009

    i wouldn't mind it if it gives the salty title but i would love that it would become a second achievement. so i could show i won the stv 1 and not the derby. and also i wouldn't like it if your only able to win it 1's.. its fun to partisepate in and also for the people that are saying that they hate it if some 1 wins more that 1 time at stv i just want to say this: if you can't beat them your probely not good enough to be a worthy salty member... (dousn't count for the people that work on sundays or something).

  • DarkMime64, October 2009

    From the latest patch notes:

    The all-new Kalu’ak Fishing Derby, a test of fishing skill with a healthy dash of luck, has come to Northrend! Every Wednesday beginning at 8 PM players can try to catch the elusive Blacktip Shark. Elder Clearwater sits in Dalaran for one hour awaiting the return of the quickest, most experienced fisher to bring him this shark. This champion fisher will be rewarded in-kind for returning with the first catch. Those who aren’t able to return with the first catch will still receive just reward for getting the Blacktip Shark to Elder Clearwater before he takes his leave. It is said that these sharks’ favorite meal are the bite-sized Pygmy Suckerfish. Perhaps a hook in their waters will do the trick.

  • Kahless, October 2009

    Interesting. I haven't been able to find a "Blacktip Shark" in any item database. (Yet)
    I assume it's only catchable during this time frame and has a limited duration like the Tastyfish.

    Sounds like you have to wait for him in Dalaran and get a quest from him first, then go fish and bring it back within the hour. I hope you don't have to get the quest first. I can see speeding up the process by having a 'lock friend waiting and summoning you to your fishing spot right after you get the quest. I have a feeling though it'll be one of those things you can only catch if you have the quest.

    The hint to fish for it where Pygmy Suckerfish are found isn't much help since they are found in every body of water in Northrend. Since it's a Shark I assume it'll have to be coastal water. I'm also assuming pools and not open water since you only catch suckerfish from pools.

    It doesn't sound like a test of skill, but a contest of luck.
    Since this does grant the requirement for Salty, IMO it does diminish it and doubles the number of available titles to 104 per year.

    P.S. At the moment (on the PTR) the achievement list has no way to distinguish which contest you won.
    You just get "Master Angler of Azeroth.". There are no new achievements in the list.

  • DarkMime64, October 2009

    Also, from their Twitter feed:

    Preparations for a fishing derby in Northrend are well underway by the Kalu’ak. Up for grabs - a new heirloom ring!

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Kalu'ak Fishing Derby Results

  • el, December 2009

    If you have caught a Blacktip Shark during the (live) Kalu'ak Fishing Derby, please post details here. Only post results - start a new topic for discussions. Only post on behalf of someone else if you really know and trust them - I'd prefer anglers to post their own results. It doesn't matter if you won or not, although if you won, congratulations - you can add the win to your profile's Aquarium. Post your:

    • Win (yes/no)
    • Effective Fishing Skill (include bonuses from gear/lures)
    • Faction (Horde/Alliance)
    • Successful Casts (count up the non-Suckerfish from the start of the contest until the shark catch)
    • Pygmy Suckerfish Caught (from the start of the contest until the shark catch)
    • Where Shark Caught (pool/water type and zone)
    • Turn-in Time (to Elder Clearwater)
    • Anything Unusual (for example, low level win or interesting strategy)


  • fidget, December 2009

    Hello I have just finished fishing in the Kaluak Fishing Derby for the first time :-)
    Win? - no :(
    Effective fishing skill was 575 to start (450 + hat, enchant, rod, 100 lure, rum)
    Someone won before the lure ran out so i didnt bother putting another one on
    Faction: alliance
    Successful Casts: 119 Fangtooth Herring, 5 crates
    77 Pygmy suckerfish caught

    I was fishing in Winter's Breath Lake (the lake north of skorn in howling fjord)
    I am only level 19 and there are no dangerous mobs there
    That meant i could only run around the outside of the lake and not fly which reduces my speed between pools a bit
    After someone won i kept fishing for the whole hour except for a 5 minute break, i didnt catch the shark at all

  • Eloz, December 2009

    * Win (yes/no)
    Yes, I won on Dreanor EU.
    http://i896.photobucket.com/albums/ac161/Eloz/WoWScrnShot_121209_141747.jpg (my ring :D)
    * Effective Fishing Skill (include bonuses from gear/lures)
    250+75 lure+ 5 fishing rod
    * Faction (Horde/Alliance)
    * Successful Casts (count up the non-Suckerfish from the start of the contest until the shark catch)
    13 Imperial manta ray (usally got both Pygmy sucker fish and Imperial manta ray at same time but not always)
    1 Cryztalized water
    (fished in 4 schools)

    * Pygmy Suckerfish Caught (from the start of the contest until the shark catch)
    10 Pygmy sucker fish
    * Where Shark Caught (pool/water type and zone)
    pool of Imperial manta ray, howling fjords north west coastline
    * Turn-in Time (to Elder Clearwater)
    * Anything Unusual (for example, low level win or interesting strategy)
    Fished on 80 with 150% flying mount

    EDIT: Wanna say thank you for your fishing guide, really helpful

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  • Yashe, December 2009

    Hello! Just done with the contest here (Argent Dawn EU). Character name is Layven since the name change.

    Win? I wish, no.
    Effective Fishing Skill: 610 (450+160 from gear / lure)
    Faction: Alliance
    Successful Casts: 55
    Pygmy Suckerfish Caught: 30
    Where Shark Caught: Caught it in the frozen Sea (seawater), Moonglow Cuttlefish school, at the 55th catch.
    Turn-in Time: the winner turned in sometime between 14:07 and 14:08
    Anything Unusual: nothing in particular. Winner was a level 80 death knight.

    Glad to help, keep up the good work!3

    Edited to make it clear i actually caught one.

  • Grothar, December 2009

    Grothar here from EU-Silvermoon, just won the contest and my Salty-title ^^!

    * Win: Yes
    * Effective Fishing Skill: 560 (450+75(lure)+30(pole)+5(hat))
    * Faction: Alliance
    * Successful Casts: 19
    * Pygmy Suckerfish Caught: 10
    * Where Shark Caught: Pool in Howling Fjord around 51,30
    * Turn-in Time: 14:07
    * Anything Unusual: I fished quite some time in Howling for the Dark Herring so I knew that it was a good place and i just got lucky i guess :D, also read up on this site before the event for all the details :D!

    Thx a bunch for this awesome site btw! It def. helped me towards deciding my fishingspot etc. :D!

  • Quexapotl, December 2009

    Appaz EU Ravencrest

    Win? No
    Effective Fishing Skill: lvled from 319 to 325 during this event, no fishing buffs at all.
    Faction: Alliance
    Successful Casts: 34
    Pygmy Suckerfish Caught: 45
    Where Shark Caught: Dragonblight, south of Indule Village manta ray school.
    Turn-in Time: about 5 minutes for the winner, mine dropped about 15.45
    Anything Unusual: The winner was a hunter (450 skill), who i had a little chat with. He got reminded that the event started in dalaran, so he grabbed his kaluak pole and flew straight south to dragonblights coast, he wasnt that buffed at all. He continued into borean where he got the shark, he looted 7 Pygmy suckerfish before that.

  • Mikuso, December 2009

    • Win: No - Didn't catch a shark, fishing for 55 minutes in the Frozen Sea
    • Effective Fishing Skill: 595
    • Faction: Horde
    • Successful Casts: 179 (13xCrystallized Water, 69xMoonglow Cuttlefish, 89xDeep Sea Monsterbelly, 8xReinforced Crate)
    • Pygmy Suckerfish Caught: 108 (60% (less than average))
    • Where Shark Caught: Didn't catch one. But fishing around 84,61 Borean Tundra in Pools only.
    • Turn-in Time: I heard that the winner handed in about 14:05
    • Anything Unusual: Fishing in an area where I can't hear the tournament yell. Only fishing in pools. Using 310% mount between pools. Stack of water walking potions used.

    Yashe, can you say if you actually found a shark in those waters?

  • Leonie, December 2009

    * Win - No

    * Effective Fishing Skill (include bonuses from gear/lures) Base skill 450 + Weather-beaten Fishing Hat (5+ 75) and Arcanite Fishing Pole with High Test Eternium Line (40 + 5) = 585

    * Faction - Alliance

    * Successful Casts - I don't use add-ons and didn't make note.

    * Pygmy Suckerfish Caught - Ditto the above.

    * Where Shark Caught (pool/water type and zone) - Didn't catch one before the time expired. Was fishing in Howling Fjord.

    * Turn-in Time (to Elder Clearwater) - A winner was announced in the 6th minute on Wildhammer EU

    * Anything Unusual (for example, low level win or interesting strategy) - My strategy was to circle Lake Cauldros in Howling Fjord using water-walking potions, but I soon discovered several people who had the same idea. Was forced to travel the tributaries and travel time mounted up quickly despite having (Druid) instant-cast epic flight. Would not recommend the area owing to it being too near a flight point and relatively less hazardous for sub-80s.

  • Yozora, December 2009

    Win: Yes

    Effective Fishing Skill: 450 + 30(pole) + 100(lure) = 580 skill

    Faction: Horde

    Successful Casts: 17 Imperial Manta Rays + 1 Crystallized Water + 1 Blacktip Shark = 19 Casts

    Pygmy Suckerfish Caught: 8

    Where Shark Caught: Imperial Manta Ray School, Howling Fjord

    Turn-in Time: Don't have the exact time but I think it was around 14.05-14.06

    Anything Unusual: Thing is I had forgotten the whole contest was today, guilde gave us heads up 15 mins before it started so I immidiately flew to Howling Fjord, figured Id go as far away as I could to not compete for schools with other people.

    As soon as I landed in Howling Fjord I flew to the south of the map (I knew schools werent as frequent there and I had to fly quite a bit between them) but I got no competition whatsoever on my server Al'akir who is one of the busiest servers always full, always que in evenings a.s.o.

    When I landed I equipped my fishing pole, attached a +100 1hour lure (didnt bother with any fishing hat or boots) and used a water walking potion. Then as a paladin I used my crusader aura and my 310% flying mount. Also equipped my Kirin Tor ring for teleport, I read about lowering your graphics setting for the teleport to dalaran cause of decreased loading time etc but I didnt bother with that. I only use 2GB ram so usually I get really really lagged out in dalaran on our server since its always busy but as soon as I caught the fish I used teleport on ring and got quite a long loading screen but surprisingly little lag and loading time once I started moving to dala, had to wait maybe 15 secs for npc to load to turn in quest to.

    Had no idea at the time what rewards were so I took 2 secs to check both and quickly chose the boots since I never level alts. Really happy to be the first one on my server to win this, specially considering it's a very busy server with loads of people and I always failed on winning the STV contest :D

  • Fantasma, December 2009

    ?Win: No
    ?Effective Fishing Skill: 588
    ?Faction: Alliance
    ?Successful Casts: 19 Glacial Salmon, Blue Sky Logging Grounds
    ?Pygmy Suckerfish Caught: 14
    ?Where Shark Caught (pool/water type and zone): N/A
    ?Turn-in Time (to Elder Clearwater): 2:08
    ?Anything Unusual (for example, low level win or interesting strategy): N/A

  • fexge, December 2009

    * Win (yes/no) No
    * Effective Fishing Skill (include bonuses from gear/lures) 450+45
    * Faction (Horde/Alliance) Horde, winner was alliance.
    * Successful Casts (count up the non-Suckerfish from the start of the contest until the shark catch) 10
    * Pygmy Suckerfish Caught (from the start of the contest until the shark catch) 9
    * Where Shark Caught (pool/water type and zone) I was in Grizzly, don't know for winner.
    * Turn-in Time (to Elder Clearwater) Took the winner 8 minutes
    * Anything Unusual (for example, low level win or interesting strategy) Nope, given how fast it ended, I guess my strat going forward will be "be lucky."

  • Shadowics, December 2009

    Win: No

    Effective Fishing Skill: 450+75(Lure)+30(Pole)+5(Hat)+3(Line) = 563

    Faction: Horde

    Successful Casts: 20 (16 Glacial Salmon, 3 Crystallized Water, 1 Blacktip Shark)

    Pygmy Suckerfish Caught: 8

    Where Shark Caught: Blue Sky Logging Grounds

    Turn-in Time: Less than 5 minutes after contest start, I had just hearthed back to Dal with mine when the winner turned his in.

  • Schema, December 2009

    Win: No
    Effective Fishing Skill: 593
    Faction: Alliance
    Successful Casts: 18
    Pygmy Suckerfish Caught: 11
    Where Shark Caught: Imperial Manta Ray pool / Howling Fjord
    Turn-in Time: 14:07

    I started off Sorlof's Strand (39,70), and just headed south from there. No competition.

    I caught the Blacktip Shark and was halfway through my Hearthstone when the winner was announced! Argh! :-)

  • Noor, December 2009

    Win: no
    Effective Fishing Skill: 575 (450 + 100 lure + 25 Nat's pole)
    Faction: Alliance
    Successful Casts: 17
    Pygmy Suckerfish Caught: 10
    Where Shark Caught: unknown
    Turn-in Time: 2:08
    Anything Unusual: Using fidget's advice, I also fished Winter's Breath Lake (I'm level 57), no hostile mobs. I fished out 5 pools, and a Horde warrior fished 3 others, though by then the pools were drying up with only 1 respawn (I think). I rode over to Fort Wildervar (also a pretty safe route for lowbies) and started fishing a pool when the contest was won. Overall, Winter's Breath Lake is a good starting point for lowbies/twinks trying to win.

    I'll see if I can catch a post-win shark.

    UPDATE: After about 60 casts and 35 or so suckerfish, still no shark, and the world server went down. However, when I was the only one fishing Winter's Breath Lake, the pools respawned fast enough to keep me fishing.

    I also note that using the lowest graphics settings on my computer have the pools fading in and out, so it can take a second to tell if a cast is within a pool, or when a pool has dried up. Hopefully, I'll be able to determine what graphic setting will allow always visible pools with fast Dalaran load times.

    UPDATE 2: At the close of the contest, I had 96 successful casts, with 58 suckerfish, and no shark.

  • Krystella, December 2009

    * Win: YES! :D

    * Effective Fishing Skill (include bonuses from gear/lures): 585. I had the Kalu'ak Pole, a Glow Worm, and my Lucky Fishing Hat.

    * Faction (Horde/Alliance): For the Horde!

    * Successful Casts (count up the non-Suckerfish from the start of the contest until the shark catch): Eighteen casts.

    * Pygmy Suckerfish Caught (from the start of the contest until the shark catch): Twelve

    * Where Shark Caught (pool/water type and zone): I was in Grizzly Hills, fishing in the Salmon Pools. I was in the inland lakes in the western portion of the zone, near the Horde flight path.

    * Turn-in Time (to Elder Clearwater): This I can't say clearly, but probably ten to twelve minutes.

    * Anything Unusual (for example, low level win or interesting strategy)

    There was a person right behind me who was on his way to turn it in when I did so, by about ten seconds on his clock. This would indicate that ten to twelve minutes is probably going to be a popular time to have the best chance of catching this.

    I also turned down my graphics to poor and turned up my spell effects to load Dalaran faster.

    However, I screenshotted the hell out of it. First on my server to win this contest! Emerald Dream.

  • Samago, December 2009

    ?Win: no
    ?Effective Fishing Skill: 585
    ?Faction: Alliance
    ?Successful Casts: 24
    ?Pygmy Suckerfish Caught: 15
    ?Where Shark Caught: unknown
    ?Turn-in Time: 14:07
    ?Anything Unusual: Shark was caught and turned in within 7 mins.

    "Winning this derby takes no more skill than that of winning the lottery."

  • Antonine, December 2009

    Win: Negative
    Effective Fishing Skill: 585
    Faction: Horde
    Successful Casts: 20
    Pygmy Suckerfish: 12
    Where Shark Caught: Never caught one.
    Turn-in Time: 2:06 (6 minutes in)
    Anything Unusual: The contest only lasted 6 minutes, and I had uninterrupted fishing until then. Being a Deathknight, I used my off spec to give me every advantage (set up spec specific bars, increased the size of the important buttons) Had 300%/120% mount speed from talents, with Unholy Aura for run speed and path of frost for water walking. Had a Kirin Tor ring ready and a heartstone set to another fishing area. Used a glowworm 1 minute before to avoid wasting time reapplying lures.
    I was actually really surprised that I never caught a shark. I did my first cast just before the contest started, probably had more than anyone when it ended, and continued to fish until the final announcement was made. I was more or less going non-stop, I might have been able to squeeze out one or two extra pools at most (but it had long since been over)
    From start to finish, I netted...
    16 Glacial Salmon
    116 Fangtooth Herring
    10 Crystallized Water
    9 Reinforced Crates
    92 Pygmy Suckerfish

    I had fun all around, and I'm glad that I now have a shot (however small) at Salty, as I have Church during the contest on Sundays. This Contest pretty much involves showing up, throwing your dice and hoping for the best and heading home. In the future I'll just find a path that will keep me going for the 5-10 minutes that it lasts and leave once it's over.

  • Snafu, December 2009

    ?Win: Yes, and I wish I'd been wearing a diaper at the time.
    ?Effective Fishing Skill: 568 (450 fishing, Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole, +3 Spun Truesilver line, Weather Beaten Fishing Hat w/+75 lure, and Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots +5)
    ?Faction: Alliance, Alexstrasza Realm "For the Alliance!"
    ?Successful Casts: 23
    ?Pygmy Suckerfish Caught: 8
    ?Where Shark Caught: Skorn, Howling Fjord (Just south of Winter's Breath Lake)
    ?Turn-in Time (to Elder Clearwater): I believe it was 2:07 server time.
    ?Anything Unusual (for example, low level win or interesting strategy): The only thing special that I did was to reboot my system before the tournament started. I wanted to do anything that might help me fight the lag In Dalaran, and felt that a clean boot wouldn't hurt. I do use an epic flying mount, and Elixir of Water Walking.

    For anyone who cares, here's the breakdown of my catch:

    At WInter's Breath Lake:
    Fangtooth Herring: 9
    Pygmy Suckerfish: 6
    Reinforced Crate: 1

    I started in WBL, but had some competition. There were only a couple of other fisherman, but they'd tied up the few pools that were there and I don't like crowding the other guys so I moved into the rivers south of the lake which is where I caught the shark.

    At Skorn:
    Fangtooth Herring: 3
    Pygmy Suckerfish: 2
    Reinforced Crate: 1
    Blacktip Shark: 1

    This win was special for me; with this one I got "Salty" which has been my primary WoW goal since day one (besides hitting 80), and have completed every fishing achievement. I'd sure like to see the people who were fortunate enough to win it today credited with a "Server First". Even though luck plays such a factor, it's still pretty neat to have won the first one. BTW...I selected the "Boots of the Bay". And along with everyone else, a big shout out to El...this website has been the greatest source of help to me. Thank you!

  • Tandric, December 2009

    * Win NO
    * Effective Fishing Skill (include bonuses from gear/lures) 485
    * Faction Horde
    * Successful Casts (count up the non-Suckerfish from the start of the contest until the shark catch) I say about 40
    * Pygmy Suckerfish Caught (from the start of the contest until the shark catch) 17
    * Where Shark Caught (pool/water type and zone) no clue
    * Turn-in Time (to Elder Clearwater) 6 MINUTES
    * Anything Unusual (for example, low level win or interesting strategy) The event was over in SIX minutes!!!

  • Dim, December 2009

    Win: No

    Effective Fishing Skill: 583

    Faction: Horde

    Successful Casts: 119

    Pygmy Suckerfish Caught: 94

    Where Shark Caught: No shark for me :/ I fished in the Frozen Sea, Howling Fjord coast, Lake Indu'le.

    Turn-in Time: Around ten minutes.

    Anything Unusual: Nothing special, but compared to the Strangletorn Fishing Contest, this one seems to be purely luck-based.

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Kalu'ak Fishing Derby and Frozen Sea

  • mdagis, January 2010

    Hello there. Last Saturday I was fishing for the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby at the Frozen sea pools for an hour and I never got the shark. I know that on first sight it might be natural but here they are some strange facts:

    1. I never heard the yell from the NPC to start fishing nor the yell that someone won.

    2. There were times (3-4) that although I caught something when I clicked on the bumper nothing happened. Similar behavior I have only experienced when I was fishing for daily fishing quests and I had forgotten that I am in raid.

    3. The full skill I had was 600 (450 +100 lure +35 pole +15 hat)

  • Basill, January 2010

    I was also fishing in the frozen sea and never heard the annoucment.
    I also had the bopper jumping up and down and no catches at all in some pools, left them and moved on, came back after fishing competetion was over, and was able to fish the pool..

  • Renetta, January 2010

    For what it's worth I also fished (mostly) in the region. I didn't get the no catch outcomes though. I didn't catch any shark in 57 minutes. Maybe one indeed needs to fish off the continent? Anybody ever caught a shard in the frozen sea?

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  • Zulbak, January 2010

    It says in El's instructions above that the yell CANNOT be heard in the Frozen Sea

  • Renetta, January 2010

    That's not the point though, the point is can one catch the shark in Frozen Sea?

  • el, January 2010

    The shark has been reported caught in the Frozen Sea (both live and in test). I suspect that a lack of announcements means that most anglers are avoiding it.

  • mdagis, January 2010

    So you think that the "bug" of fishing nothing has nothing to do with it? Anyway I think I will not use Frozen Sea any more for the derby although it has some great spots.

  • Trokair, May 2010

    I am intrigued about the fishing in the Sea for this Derby. El, where did you see those reports of the shark being caught in the Frozen Sea? I fished there for an hour today... no shark... but as mdagis mentioned, it really has some great spots with a lot of close-together pools.

  • el, May 2010

    The first week's winner on Ravenholdt caught the shark from the Frozen Sea, so I have at least one live report I'm certain of, plus test reports. Since then, anglers have been avoiding the area, due to the lack of announcement. Remember that there is absolutely no guarantee of catching the shark, even if you fish a full hour.

  • Rentz, May 2010

    Have attended to three tournaments so far - Caught 3/3 sharks from Frozen Sea.

    Got one shark 6mins in last week, and managed to win.

    So, yes. The shark is catchable in the Frozen Sea.

  • Trokair, May 2010

    Thank you Rentz and El! I will go back to my Frozen Sea strategy then next week... as I know a good spot that has about 8 pools close together that respawn quickly.

  • Wyzo, May 2010

    Tried the derby for the first time from here this week. Didn't catch a single Black Tip Shark, but will continue giving it a go weekly as this is the only area where I won't draw massive aggro fishing pools since I'm only lvl 43.

  • traconis, May 2010

    Could i win the Kalu ak derby by fishing in the Dragonfin Anglefish schools?

  • Wyzo, May 2010

    Well, I just won the Kalu'ak fishing derby fishing in the Frozen Sea. I'm currently lvl 45 (Mage). Here's how I did it.

    About an hour before it started, I took the boat from Stormwind to Valiance Keep. I was mounted on my swift steed. As soon as the boat gets off the shore of the Borean Tundra, I drank an Elixir of Water Walking and rode off the boat and across the sea to the last set of icebergs. I found a pool next to an ice flow, and camped on the ice flow. This took a total of about four minutes before I camped.

    I signed back in and just as the derby should have started (you get no yell in the Frozen Sea), I started fishing the closest pool which was the furthest one out. I just kept fishing them until my Elixir of Water Walking just about ran out, then I drank the second one (I have a huge stash of these things in my bank account). The second pool I fished from there, on the third cast up came the black tip shark. My Hearth Stone is set in Dalaran so I teleported to Dalaran, exited the Silver Enclave, mounted my steed and ran up to Elder Clearwater. Right clicked immediately and quickly chose an item to finish the quest because it looked like there were two other people there at the same time about to talk to him. total time was probably 7 minutes from the start of the derby.

    I took the Boots of the Bay so I don't have to set my hearth stone in Booty Bay every Sunday. This way, I don't have to die and go on a ghost run to leave my hearth stone in Dalaran any more. It can just stay there.

    I'm going to keep doing this derby because I'd like the ring, too, and I can still get loot if I fish up a Black Tip Shark and somebody has already won.

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Northrend Pools Distribution Map

  • Balazar, January 2010

    I note the link takes to you a web page, and the download link on the web page is to a .rar file. Perhaps I'm a tad bit paranoid, but I would prefer a straight up image file.

  • Mightfish, January 2010

    Balazar wrote:

    I note the link takes to you a web page, and the download link on the web page is to a .rar file. Perhaps I'm a tad bit paranoid, but I would prefer a straight up image file.

    Thank you for your comments.
    Now, you can direct view a picture.

  • Mightfish, January 2010

    Updated to version 1.1 !

  • Christhina, February 2010

    This is actually very handy, and a good record to show new anglers (and handy for us older, more forgetful types like me) :)

    Mightfish - I wonder only one thing - the links above appear to take me to the same map that is the entire continent of Northrend, and this map is populated with fishing pools where they spawn in each zone.

    Am I missing a reason for the separate links? The map always seems to open "focussed" on Borean Tundra (though I can scroll easily enough to the other zones, of course) - I'm just hoping I'm not missing something, hence I thought I'd ask :)

    Either way, this is well done, and thank you for sharing your hard work with us all :)

  • Mightfish, February 2010

    Christhina wrote:

    Am I missing a reason for the separate links? The map always seems to open "focussed" on Borean Tundra (though I can scroll easily enough to the other zones, of course) - I'm just hoping I'm not missing something, hence I thought I'd ask :)

    Thank you for your support !
    This function seems simple, but the design is very difficulties.
    Sorry, i do not have the ability to solve this problem.

  • Al, February 2010

    Thanks for this contribution to fishing knowledge, Mightfish.

  • Basill, February 2010





    You are now handing out all our well kept secrets... my god what have you done...
    *Equips a fishingpole with razorblades attached and starts hunting newbies looking at maps while fishing*

    On a serious note..

    Job well done, maps looks nice and not overfilled with useless information.
    big thumbs up for the work, love the links to Els site..Cuz I gotta admit..other fishing sites dont reach El´s site to the socks and are not worthy...

    Not so serious note..

    a troll blog..... ;( why not an ally toon..(cuz they kinda rocks)


  • jtb, January 2011

    I am getting a 404 error when i try to access these, are they no longer posted?

  • Christhina, January 2011

    JTB, I am now getting the same.

    Sadly, it seems the map (which was very well done), along with our friend Mightfish, seems to have disappeared :(

  • Mightfish, May 2011


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