Fishing 1-600 Fast

Walkthrough for training fishing as fast as possible. The text is intended for those that have reached at least level 5, have seen through the Mists of Pandaria, and wish to power-level their fishing skill. On this page:


This guide should power-level your fishing skill quickly. Leveling 1-600 requires about 1800 successful catches. I strongly advise that you do not attempt this in one continuous sitting - it may damage your health. The method minimises time. Most of your catches will be junk.

Before you start, consider:

The absolute fastest way to level fishing is to read 12 copies of Nat's Fishing Journal, pausing only to learn the new ranks listed below. Journals normally require another angler (on the same account) to have gained Nat Pagle's Friendship, something that involves almost as much fishing as leveling up to 600! Journals can also sometimes be looted from dead Krakkanon, summoned from "Large"-named pools at Fish of the Day migrations in Pandaria.

1-600 as Fast as Possible

Valgarde Fishing Trainer
Valgarde Fishing Trainer - Byron Welwick, the Alliance fishing trainer, in Valgarde, Howling Fjord.

Here is one very simple method. There are lots of other options:

  1. You will need to be at least level 5. To reach 600 skill you will also need the Mists of Pandaria expansion and about 130 gold.
  2. Optional: Buy a basic Fishing Pole. These are sold by many trade goods vendors and fishing suppliers. Without equipping a pole, you will cast with a twig.
  3. Travel to any location where a fishing trainer is stood next to water. Examples include trainers in Old Azeroth's capital cities (most of which are stood near water) and the Eventide Fountain in Dalaran.
  4. Find the fishing trainer and learn Apprentice fishing.
  5. Fish open water next to the fishing trainer. To learn about basic fishing techniques, please read Your First Catch. Between the fishing skills below, learn a new rank from the trainer:
    • 50-75: Journeyman.
    • 125-150: Expert.
    • 200-225: Artisan.
    • 275-300: Master.
    • 350-375: Grand Master.
    • 425-450: Illustrious.
    • 500-525: Zen Master.
  6. And that's it! Many of your catches will be junk items. In Pandaria, excess Golden Carp replace junk catches. Extra Carp or junk catches do not matter to leveling, because every catch contributes to improving your skill. And since you are fishing next to a trainer, you won't waste time moving.

If you just want to level fishing fast, you really don't need a detailed guide! To improve your fishing skill, you simply need to catch something. And wherever you fish, you will always catch something. Even junk helps improve your skill. Read about some of the other ways to train fishing skill (earlier in the Training chapter) - you can gain a lot while you level.

Perhaps you would like to take a few hours longer, but make several hundred gold while you level? Alternatively advance to the Equipment chapter.

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