Fishing 1-700 Fast with Gold

Level fishing quickly while making plenty of gold. The text is for those that have reached at least level 90, and wish to power-level their fishing skill from 1 to 700. You must have experienced the Warlords of Draenor. On this page:


In expansions before Warlords of Draenor there was a compromise between gaining skill quickly and gaining skill profitably: Pool fishing was the most efficient means of catching Valuable Fish, while open water fishing was the most efficient fishing method of gaining skill.

All the common valuable fish can only be caught from waters in Draenor. Draenor is different to other continents:

Draenor fishing requires personal level of at least 90, with access to Draenor. Without Warlords of Draenor you can still level your fishing skill to 600 quickly (see Developing Your Fishing Skill), just not while also making a lot of gold.

To get started, find the fishing trainer and learn Apprentice fishing. Trainers can be found in all cities (just ask a guard), including Ashran. A trainer can also be found at your level 2+ Garrison. Purchasing and equipping at least a basic Fishing Pole (from Fishing Suppliers) is recommended if open water fishing, since it will allow the Lures you catch to be used.

Now fish open water in Draenor. Any area of open water except Garrison waters.

Fishing Guide to Draenor
  • Use: Teaches Draenor Master Fishing rank
  • Requires level 90
  • Unique, Binds when Picked Up
  • "Outlines the fish of Draenor and how to catch them"

You should immediately catch Fishing Guide to Draenor. Read this to allow training up to 700 fishing skill, including all intermediate ranks.

Also leveling Cooking or First Aid? Both professions can be levelled from 1 to 700 using only fish. Read guides to Draenor Cooking and/or Draenor First Aid.

Open Water vs Pools

Prior to Patch 6.1, open water fishing was both the most efficient means of obtaining valuable flesh, and the fastest way to level fishing skill (by actually fishing). With patch 6.1 all Draenor pool catches are Enormous size, regardless of skill. That made pool fishing a viable option, especially below 600 effective fishing skill:


For these reasons the core method outlined below continues to describe open water fishing. The location of pools matches the locations which prize fish can be caught from open water, so it is easy to shift between open water and pool fishing if you wish, especially at lower skill. Simply remember that Draenor pool fishing (for Enormous fish) does not benefit from Bait or skill bonuses.


To raise your fishing skill efficiently simply catch fish. Choice of zone or location does not change the rate of skill gain, but does determine the fish you catch.

The auction house value of fish Flesh changes over time and between realms, so it is always worth checking your auction house (or reading The Undermine Journal) before deciding which fish to catch. The options below are listed in order, starting with those most likely to be profitable:

  1. Any inland open water in Draenor except Ashran and Garrison waters

    Fire Ammonite Fat Sleeper Jawless Skulker Blind Lake Sturgeon Blackwater Whiptail Abyssal Gulper Eel

    All these catches have similar uses in Cooking (plus some Alchemy), although certain recipes (buff stats) tend to be more popular than others, leading to differences in market prices:

    Frostfire Ridge has the disadvantage of being the only zone where almost no Equipment can be caught (explained below). Nagrand (Draenor) and Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor) have more inland open water than Gorgrond or Spires of Arak, which makes them slightly easier to fish, but also tends to mean more impulse fishing occurs in those zones, increasingly supply slightly, and lowering prices.

  2. Any coastal open water in Draenor for Sea Scorpion

    Sea Scorpion

    Used to cook a regular fish-based dish and Feast of the Waters, Sea Scorpion Segments are also used to level First Aid. The most popular use of Sea Scorpion Segment is to produce Healing Tonic, which is routinely used in raiding.

    While Sea Scorpion are used in cooking recipes, they are not used to cook the food that offers the best (+125) buffs - unlike the inland catches listed above. This +125 stat buff food uses a relatively high volume of flesh, hence inland catches are likely to be slightly more valuable than coastal catches.

  3. Garrison waters for almost everything

    With a level 3 Fishing Shack, Garrison waters become a convenient place to catch a range of Draenor fish.

    Unfortunately the maximum size of the catch from Garrison waters is limited by the level of your Fishing Shack, in addition to your effective fishing skill. Enormous fish (which contain the most Flesh) can only be caught with a level 3 Shack, which is unlocked after completing Draenor Angler. A new angler will reach 700 skill before unlocking that achievement.

    For an employee ("alt"), who can get a level 3 Shack built before obtaining much fishing skill, Garrison fishing should be as profitable as the second option listed here, with the added benefit of not having to travel between zones or risk combat. All baits are possible to catch from Garrison waters, but any one named bait is less common than waters elsewhere - so aim to catch a few different fish.

  4. Inland Ashran (combat areas) for Savage Piranha

    Savage Piranha

    Savage Piranha may be as popular and tradeable as Savory Deviate Delight has been in the past. Unfortunately catching Savage Piranha means fishing in the middle of a war zone.

    Not recommended for power-leveling, but may be an option if you find fishing "boring"...

In all these location you will catch a proportion of Crescent Saberfish from open water, even when using the appropriate bait. Crescent Saberfish Flesh should still sell well at auction, since Crescent Saberfish have several uses in Cooking and Alchemy.

Use of Bladebone Hook is optional - it should be used if you are sure you wish to sell fish flesh, since automatic filleting on loot saves time. Draenor fish are commonly sold filleted, as Flesh, since only the Flesh is used in other professions. The Hook can be purchased from Fishing Supplier in Draenor, or rarely caught from Draenor's open water. However, there may be a viable market for unfilleted raw fish: Unfilleted fish can be traded and used to complete the Garrison daily fishing quest (without fishing) for a +15 per day skill bonus. Lastly, if you need to store a lot of fish, remember that stacks of unfilleted fish occupy the same or less bag space than Flesh.


To maximise your income while leveling fishing, your should aim to do two things if fishing open water:

  1. Use and maintain the Bait associated with the waters you are fishing. As explained in Bait and Fillet, when using the appropriate bait, 72% of the open water catch will be prize fish, compared to 20% without appropriate bait. The prize fish is the most valuable. The appropriate bait is the type you catch while fishing an area of water. There is no bait associated with inland waters of Ashran, and slightly different rules apply to Garrison waters (where all types of bait may be caught).
  2. Maximise your effective fishing skill, with bonuses from Equipment, especially Lures. The higher your effective fishing skill, the greater the proportion of larger sizes of fish you will catch. Regular sized fish contain twice as much valuable Flesh as Small, Enormous twice as much again. As illustrated in Size and Skill, the greatest benefits are at around 700 skill, but there is always some benefit to maximising skill until the cap of 950 skill is reached.

The first point maximises the proportion of valuable catches. The second point maximises the amount of Flesh gained from those catches.

Initially all the fish you catch will be Small. 5 fish of the same type are required to fillet, so if you do move between locations (and are not automatically filleting on loot using a Bladebone Hook), try to move once you have a full set of 5, to avoid any waste. Once you reach 700 skill you will never catch a Small sized fish again.

It is not especially important to obtain Equipment with skill bonuses before you start to level, because there is about a chance of obtaining items of gear as a catch from most of Draenor's open water. The exceptions are inland Frostfire Ridge and the waters of your Garrison.

Two types of lure may be caught:

The waters of most zones rarely contain a specific piece of +100 skill gear with a duration of a day or week:

The Tentacled Hat is the only item of gear that may be caught from inland Frostfire Ridge.

Fragrant Pheromone Fish may be caught from Draenor's open water. If you level fishing alongside another angler, Fragrant Pheromone Fish catches can be shared to give each other +100 skill bonuses for 10 minutes. Fragrant Pheromone Fish are about 3% the total catch, making leveling with friends benefit. Fragrant Pheromone Fish items have a 1 minute duration, so must be used immediately.

Technically, you get the greatest benefit from consumable bonuses (such as Lures) when using them to allow you to reach 700 effective fishing skill, due to the uneven shape of the Flesh-Skill graph. Hardcore optimisers may wish to hold a few Worm Supreme in reserve until close to 500 personal fishing skill. In practice the gains are very marginal, and probably not worth the hassle of planning.

For those at level 90 or above, with Warlords of Draenor, Draenor fish Flesh can be used to raise your Cooking skill from 1 to 700.

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