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Items that adds a temporary fishing skill bonuses to yourself or your pole. On this page:


Lures add a temporary skill bonus to your fishing pole, for a limited amount of time (commonly 10 minutes). Lures increase your effective fishing skill, without altering your personal skill. Lures are commonly purchased from vendors such as Fishing Suppliers.

To use a lure: Equip the fishing pole you wish to lure, and then simply use the lure. The lure will take a few seconds to be applied - wait for the progress bar to complete before starting to fish. An icon will be displayed while the lure is active (by default in the top-right of the screen).

Lures add to your fishing skill at the time you cast the line. If the lure fades between casting and catching, that catch will still benefit from the lure skill bonus. Only one lure can be active at one time. Lures do not "stack" with other lures, however lures do stack with bonuses from Fishing Poles and Fishing Gear.

Lures provide a way to fish more effectively in areas where you personal skill is not sufficient to fish without catching junk. At lower levels, consider balancing the cost of the lures against the "value" of the fish gained.

Consumable Lures

The table below lists lures that are consumed on use.

Consumable Fishing Lures
LureSkill BonusDuration (minutes)Minimum Fishing Skill RequiredCost (each)Availability
Glass Fishing Bobber+15101-Rare reward from the Azeroth Daily Fishing Quests.
Shiny Bauble+2510150cFishing, trade, and some general goods suppliers. Also a reward from Alliance-only quest Red Snapper - Very Tasty! May be caught from Draenor open water.
Aquadynamic Fish Lens+501050-Contained inside Stendel's Bane.
Nightcrawlers+5010501sFishing, trade, and some general goods suppliers. Occasionally found on the corpses of Undead monsters (ghouls, zombies).
Bright Baubles+75101002s 50cFishing and trade goods suppliers.
Flesh Eating Worm+7510100-Occasionally found on the corpses of Rotted One monsters in Duskwood.
Aquadynamic Fish Attractor+100101002s 50cLimited supply from fishing suppliers. Manufactured by engineers using a trained 150-skill recipe.
Feathered Lure+10010100-Created by cooks from Delicate Wing, using a 450 cooking-skill recipe. This recipe is sold by cooking daily quest vendors in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
Glow Worm+10060100-Sometimes found in Bag of Fishing Treasures, the reward from the Northrend Daily Fishing Quests. Bound to the angler, so cannot be traded.
Sharpened Fish Hook+10010100-4-6 are commonly found in Bags of Fishing Treasure, the reward for completing the Outland Daily Fishing Quests. Also caught from Draenor open water.
Heat-Treated Spinning Lure+15015250-Made by engineers using a 510-skill trained recipe, 2 lures from 4 Elementium Bar, Handful of Obsidium Bolts and Volatile Fire.
Worm Supreme+20010100-Rarely caught from Draenor open water. Also looted from Cavedwellers.

Reusable Lures

The Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat effectively acts as a reusable +75 lure, with a 10 minute duration and a 10 minute cooldown between uses. Nat's Drinking Hat and Nat's Hat behave the same, except grant a +150 lure.

Draenic Fishing Pole and Savage Fishing Pole apply a reusable +200 lure with a 10 minute duration. Unlike the reusable hat lures, these poles can only the lure every 20 minutes, and can only apply that lure to themselves. All this means that the Draenic/Savage Fishing Poles can be better than poles with higher skill bonuses, but only under certain conditions: When the pole's native lure is off cooldown or when you have no (+200) Worm Supreme lures available to apply to a pole with a higher skill bonus. The result is that anglers may end up switching between poles at 10 minute intervals, to maximise skill bonuses.

Other Consumables

Lures are applied to Fishing Poles, not to the angler themselves. There are several other items that are consumed on use that will give the angler a bonus to fishing skill, but are applied to the angler, not the pole. Consumables stack with all other fishing skill bonuses (pole, gear and lure). Consumables also stack with each other (only one of each named consumable can be maintained at once).

Captain Rumsey's Lager

Captain Rumsey's Lager

Captain Rumsey's Lager is brewed by a cook who has learnt Recipe: Captain Rumsey's Lager. The recipe is rarely contained in Bags of Fishing Treasure, the reward for completing daily fishing quests. The recipe requires a cooking skill of 100 or more to learn.

The lager requires a Skin of Dwarven Stout and a Flagon of Mead to brew 5 drinks. The lager's raw materials are all purchased from vendors, at a cost of about 16s each: Each drink lasts only 3 minutes, but it is reasonably cheap and easy to brew. Captain Rumsey's Lager can be sold via the auction house.

Fragrant Pheromone Fish

Fragrant Pheromone Fish
  • Use: Coat a friend with Fish Pheromones, increasing both their and your Fishing skill by 100 for 5 min
  • Source: Draenor open water fishing
  • "Has a very strong... fragrance. You refuse to use it on yourself"
  • Unique, Binds when Picked Up, 1 minute duration

The one minute duration of the Fragrant Pheromone Fish means this is intended to be used on an angler one is already fishing with. Since Patch 6.1, buffs both the target and yourself. Fragrant Pheromone Fish is reported to stack with itself, theoretically allowing multiple +100 buffs to be obtained. The only previous social fishing bonus was the Sharpened Tuskarr Spear, which requires all anglers to remain in the same place, not merely together.

Fragrant Pheromone Fish are a rare catch from any open water in Draenor.

Underbelly Elixir

Underbelly Elixir
  • Skill bonus: +50 for 10 minutes (Hungry Tuskarr transformation only)
  • Source: Dalaran's Underbelly (binds when picked up)

Down in Dalaran's Underbelly you will rarely find green jars on the ground labelled "Underbelly Elixir". These can be picked up and drunk. Drinking the elixir will normally either make you see all the residents of Dalaran in wizard robes, or transforms you into a flying wasp.

Sometimes you will be transformed into a "Hungry Tuskarr". This gives a +50 fishing skill bonus for 10 minutes. This +50 bonus stacks with other gear, lures, and Captain Rumsey's Lager.

The elixir can only be consumed in Dalaran, but the effects remain if you travel to other places. Underbelly Elixir are also rare, and most do not give this buff. Using Underbelly Elixir to gain fishing skill is not easy, but if there is absolutely no other way, Underbelly Elixir is the answer...

There are several other consumables used by anglers. Bait, which alter the catch, are described in the next section. Bladebone Hook change the way fish are processed on looting, and are described under Other Equipment.

Bait is a consumable that alters what you catch, instead of your skill.

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