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Describes Mists of Pandaria's fish catches, and where to catch them. Detail on individual fish, locations and pools can also be found on in the Fish Finder. On this page:

"One of the children swears up and down they saw a cross between a shark and an octopus the other day. I know there are a lot of strange things in the ocean but that seems extra silly to me." - Anglers Fisherwoman


Fish can be caught from water in the zones listed below.

Zone Fishing Skill - Pandaria
No-Junk SkillZones and Areas
625Dread Wastes (Inland), The Jade Forest (Widow's Wail), Kun-Lai Summit (Sha-Touched) and Townlong Steppes (Niuzao)
650The Jade Forest (Inland)
700Dread Wastes (Coastal), Isle of Giants, Isle of the Thunder King, The Jade Forest (Coastal), Krasarang Wilds, Kun-Lai Summit (Coastal), Townlong Steppes (Coastal) and Valley of the Four Winds
725Townlong Steppes (Inland)
750Kun-Lai Summit (Inland) and The Veiled Stair
825Timeless Isle and Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Pandaren Casting
Pandaren Casting

Since Patch 5.2, excess Golden Carp are caught instead of junk from open water in Pandaria. Any catch that would have been junk based on the rules elsewhere, becomes a Golden Carp. Golden Carp are also part of the normal catch from open waters of Pandaria. So catching Golden Carp does not automatically mean your skill is too low. If you are catching excess Golden Carp, you have a lower chance of catching the other fish found in the water. For a worked example, read the Pandaria section of The Role of Skill (Revised).

Open Water Catches

Open water catches follow a similar pattern in most open waters of Pandaria:

Coastal and inland open water in the same zone contain different fish (and often have different no-junk skills).

Every zone in Pandaria has coastal waters except Vale of Eternal Blossoms and The Veiled Stair (the Valley of the Four Winds' coastline is very short, on the far south-east of the zone). Every area of Pandaria's coast has the same catches. Based on a sample of 1809 catches:

Inland waters are more varied. The table below shows the proportion of each fish caught in groups of zones, except for Sha-touched waters, which are described below.

Pandaria Inland Open Water Catches
CatchThe Jade ForestKrasarang Wilds/Valley of the Four WindsKun-Lai Summit/The Veiled StairTownlong SteppesVale of Eternal Blossoms
Sample Catches76721261831690791
Golden Carp**59%59%79%47%47%
Emperor Salmon-19%-25%10%
Jade Lungfish19%----
Jewel Danio----25%
Krasarang Paddlefish-19%--15%
Redbelly Mandarin19%--25%-
Tiger Gourami--18%--
Sealed Crate (Pandaria)2%2%2%2%2%
Flying Tiger Gourami**1%1%1%1%1%

Sha-touched areas of water contain entirely different catches. All inland waters in the Dread Wastes are Sha-touched. Some of the southern inland waters of Kun-Lai Summit are also Sha-touched - Firebough Nook and Inkgill Mere (including Inkgill Ritual island). Sha-touched waters are also found in The Widow's Wail cave in The Jade Forest. Based on a sample of 1316 catches:

Scoured Fishbones and Desecrated Carcass are junk-quality, but will be caught when your skill is high enough to avoid junk. Catching them does not automatically mean your skill is too low.

** Since Patch 5.2, the catch rate of Flying Tiger Gourami, Mimic Octopus and Spinefish Alpha has increased to 4%. Excess Golden Carp are caught with insufficient skill, instead of junk.

Pool Catches

Pools are found across Pandaria. There are no fish unique to pools, but pools have a far higher catch rate than open water for specific fish: 95% of the pool catch will be the named fish. The remaining 5% are Sealed Crate (Pandaria). Pandaria's pools are also reported to have a small chance of containing a Sea Turtle.

Pandaria Schools
Pool (School)Common CatchZones and Areas
Emperor Salmon SchoolEmperor SalmonInland: Krasarang Wilds, Townlong Steppes (Inland), Valley of the Four Winds
Giant Mantis Shrimp SwarmGiant Mantis ShrimpCoastal: Dread Wastes (Coastal), Isle of Giants, Isle of the Thunder King, The Jade Forest (Coastal), Krasarang Wilds, Kun-Lai Summit (Coastal), Timeless Isle, Townlong Steppes (Coastal)
Jade Lungfish SchoolJade LungfishInland: The Jade Forest (Inland)
Jewel Danio SchoolJewel DanioInland: Timeless Isle
Krasarang Paddlefish SchoolKrasarang PaddlefishInland: Krasarang Wilds, Valley of the Four Winds
Redbelly Mandarin SchoolRedbelly MandarinInland: Townlong Steppes (Inland)
Reef Octopus SwarmReef OctopusCoastal: Dread Wastes (Coastal), Isle of Giants, Isle of the Thunder King, The Jade Forest (Coastal), Krasarang Wilds, Kun-Lai Summit (Coastal), Timeless Isle, Townlong Steppes (Coastal)
Spinefish SchoolSpinefishInland: Dread Wastes (Inland), Kun-Lai Summit (Sha-Touched), Townlong Steppes (Niuzao)
Tiger Gourami SchoolTiger GouramiInland: Kun-Lai Summit (except Coastal), The Veiled Stair
Jinyu Fish Basket
Jinyu Fish Basket

Each pool contains 3, 4 or 5 catches. For more detailed numbers see the appendix below. When using an Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm 20% of catches from pools in Pandaria contain 2 fish, rather than 1 - overall a 20% increase in fish caught.

Several other pools are quest-related - either they can only be fished correctly with the relevant quest on your log, or they cannot be fished at all:

Notable Catches

Most fish can be cooked, especially into buff food, including group Banquets. These uses are described in Mists of Pandaria Cooking. This section describes other notable catches.

New continent, new "Sealed Crate"... with different contents to all the other Sealed Crates in Azeroth:

Sealed Crate (Pandaria)

Sealed Crates contain a mixture of Mists of Pandaria-level crafting materials, Pandaria-level potions, and Darkmoon Faire food and drink. This mix is curious: This version of the Sealed Crate can also be caught from pools around Darkmoon Island, after the angler has upgraded to Mists of Pandaria.

Crafting materials include at least Black Trillium Ore, Exotic Leather and Prismatic Scale, Ghost Iron Ore, Kyparite Ore, Mote of Harmony, Prismatic Scale, Spirit Dust, White Trillium Ore, and Windwool Cloth. 10 Mote of Harmony combine into a Spirit of Harmony, which are used in many high-end profession recipes. Mote (and Spirit) of Harmony are bound to the angler. The Sealed Crate is also bound to the angler, to prevent Motes being traded via un-opened containers.

Jinyu Assassin
Jinyu Assassin - Transformation after drinking Darkwater Potion.
Desecrated Oil
Desecrated Oil - Feeling empty inside.

Spinefish are Pandaria's Alchemy fish:

  • Alchemy: Desecrated Oil (3 fish per oil). "Drink the foul liquid." Desecrated Oil can be drunk raw (making you "feel empty inside" and lacking color), or used to make Darkwater Potion. Darkwater Potion briefly transforms you into a Jinyu assassin, increasing movement and swim speed.
  • Where to catch »

Both visual affects are illustrated right.

There are 3 rare fish that start daily quests with Nat Pagle:

Flying Tiger Gourami
Mimic Octopus
  • "Even in death, this strange creature continues changing color to blend in with its environment." Binds when caught. Unique.
  • Where to catch »
Spinefish Alpha
  • "Careful of the spines, they look like they could do some damage." Binds when caught. Unique.
  • Where to catch »

For further details, read about gaining Nat Pagle's Friendship.

Appendix: Pool Catches

At least a hundred catches were sampled from each regular pool type in Pandaria. While there are small variations in the proportion of Sealed Crates from each sampled pool, overall the pattern is the same. The "named fish" in the table below is the fish in the pool's name, for example Emperor Salmon School's named fish is Emperor Salmon.

Pandaria Pool Catches - Sample Data
PoolTotal CatchAverage Catch per PoolNamed Fish (%)Sealed Crate (%)
Emperor Salmon School2403.897%3%
Giant Mantis Shrimp Swarm2833.995%5%
Jade Lungfish School2384.095%5%
Jewel Danio School2944.093%7%
Krasarang Paddlefish School2234.195%5%
Redbelly Mandarin School2563.996%4%
Reef Octopus Swarm2714.095%5%
Spinefish School2994.095%5%
Tiger Gourami School2244.095%5%

36% of pools contained 3 catches, 33% 4 catches, and 31% 5 catches. However fresh pools may still have an equal (33%) chance of 3, 4 or 5 catches: The discrepency could be caused by other anglers only catching a single fish from a pool. The few pools sampled that contained less than 3 catches were discarded from the data, but no such adjustment could be made for a pool that spawned with (for example) 4 catches, was fished by someone else down to 3, and was then sampled as a "3-catch" pool. It is equally possible the bias is a statistical glitch: The total sample is only 593 pools, just under two hundred of each catch-size - not a large enough sample for a perfectly accurate assessment.

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Comments about Mists of Pandaria Catches

Below are readers' comments about "Mists of Pandaria Catches":

Pandarian Sea Turtle

  • el, September 2012

    There are a couple of comments on Wowhead suggesting that the Sea Turtle can be caught from pools in Pandaria. Further confirmations would be great. I suspect that it will be possible to catch from any (non-quest) pool in Pandaria. But if you catch a Sea Turtle from Pandaria, please post the pool type so we can be sure.

  • tifftoff, October 2012

    Definitely can! I have a screen shot. I'll try to figure out how to post it. Caught at Halfhill on 9/30/12 Winterhoof approximately 10:15pm server.

  • tifftoff, October 2012

    The pool type was Krasarang Paddlefish. This link goes to our guild site. It *should* be available for public viewing. http://equinox-winterhoof.enjin.com/gallery/m/2427105/detail/92786#pid=830419

  • Expand 6 more comments

    from "Pandarian Sea Turtle".
  • belvadier, October 2012

    I caught the turtle in a Jewel Danio school in the Vale of eternal bloosoms 10/5

  • sorekaru, October 2012

    After years of fishing on and off, I have finally caught my very own Sea Turtle :') (10/7, in Krasarang river).

  • solitha, October 2012

    Unfortunately, second hand information. But one of my guildmates got the turtle from a pool in Krasarang. I'm happy to hear it myself!

  • godofrandomness, October 2012

    I caught mine a few days ago in a pool in Jade Forest, so it is indeed confirmed to be fishable in Pandaren pools

  • Thickstick, November 2014

    Caught the turtle at 3:40pm on Stormreaver from a Tiger Gourami School at the Shado-Pan Monastery, 11/05/2014.

  • Gilenas, November 2014

    Caught one standing on Nat Pagle's boat in Anglers Wharf.

    Was fishing a Giant Mantis Shrimp School, didn't even have the 500 fish achievement, guess I was lucky. Definitely confirmed that you can fish it from MoP pools.

  • Reply

    to "Pandarian Sea Turtle".

MoP: Inland & Coastal Fish Speculation

  • Astragal, June 2012

    First, this is just speculation! But based on the use of (mostly) actual fish species by Blizzard for the new MoP fish, I think it is possible to use this information to guess whether these fish will be caught in Inland or Coastal waters as all previous fish have been divided in this way.

    Inland Waters (freshwater species)

    Golden Carp - First caught. (common catch)

    Jade Lungfish - First caught.
    Jewel Danio - First caught.
    Krasarang Paddlefish - First caught.
    Redbelly Mandarin - First caught.
    Tiger Gourami - First caught.

    Coastal Waters (seawater species)

    ?? (common catch)

    Giant Mantis Shrimp - Expected to be caught by fishing, not yet available.
    Reef Octopus - Expected to be caught by fishing, not yet available.

    and possibly:

    Emperor Salmon - First caught. (live in the sea but migrate to rivers and used as such before in game)
    Spinefish - Expected to be caught by fishing, not yet available. (to balance things!)

    There are the three quest fish which can be regarded separately and found where their normal relatives live.

    Flying Tiger Gourami - Expected to be caught by fishing, not yet available.
    Mimic Octopus - Expected to be caught by fishing, not yet available.
    Spinefish Alpha - Expected to be caught by fishing, not yet available.

    The reason I have put ??? for coastal common fish just think Cataclysm and Murglesnout/Sharptooth. I just don't see them having carp in seawater!

    The split then is a little uneven right now so perhaps the two remaining uncommon fish will go in the sea to balance things. Not really sure if any of these could be called 'common', so it makes more sense they add one for coastal waters.

    I am sure it will work out a little differently, or totally if they go for zone wide fish (I hope not). But it's good fun doing the detective work on the possibilities and these makes sense from what there is to date.


    For those who do not have beta access, currently all fish can be caught in both inland and/or coastal waters in each zone. The only zones where this is not currently the case is where a zone has no coastal waters (Vale of Eternal Blossoms for instance)

    I think that they will divide it as they have done historically during the beta for two main reasons. They always have done it this way, which adds nuance to each zone, helping to provide individual zone identity/interest.

    Secondly, unless they have no plans to continue with both the Limnologist and Oceanographer achievements, then they will need to separate the required fish (not yet added to the achievements yet) for these; i.e. freshwater and saltwater species respectively.

    Now some way into the beta with game confirmed catches and datamined information (fish in recipes etc.) we have a reasonable idea of MoP fish with perhaps two remaining unidentified ones yet to be named (shown as 'Uncommon Fish 3 and 7' on Wowhead)

    Having seen the icons which El added here plus four more found by Wowhead yesterday, there are now 12 in total. This tallies with the 10 known plus 2 unknown. it can change and probably will, with other minor catches such as a herb (think Azshara's Veil), rare catches. But here is how I see it breaking down;

    This is based on checking the actual habitat of the fish species via wikipedia. So for instance, Paddlefish live in freshwater if you check the link to Wikipedia. The only exception so far are Spinefish which have no obvious comparison so are probably 'fictitious fish, swimming in a fictitious world...'

    p.s. As a reflection of the detail to which Blizzard go in choosing and designing the fish, I read on Wikipedia about danio fish (ref. Jewelled Danio) that;

    The name "danio" comes from the Bengali name dhani, meaning "of the rice field".

    From what I have seen in Pandaria so far, it reflects the attention to detail evident throughout.

  • el, June 2012

    The Coastal/Inland split seems to require specific zoning to be created just for fishing, which in the past has either been forgotten entirely (Northrend's distinction between named and unnamed coastal areas) or forgotten selectively (such as post-Cataclysm Winterspring). Hopefully they'll manage an accurate split in Pandaria.

    I'm not surprised to see more inland fish than coastal: While Pandaria is surrounded by coast, most of its zones face away from the coast - surrounded by cliffs, not beaches. Only Krasarang Wilds has an entirely open coastline. The Jade Forest and Kun-Lai Summit have a few areas where the cliffs give way to beaches. Meanwhile Townlong Steppes, which looks like it has a lot of coast from the map, has almost no water-level access at all.

    Icons are quirky, because there are now 3 that look almost identical. At least one of those will presumably be for Spinefish, an item which was first data-mined as an Alchemy reagent, and then as a (Halfhill) grocery bag item. Don't read too much into unused "Uncommon Fish" - from memory there are still a dozen similarly named items in the data files from the WotLK era.

    Jewel Danio is the most curious item. I caught some in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms before the map boundaries were redrawn. That's not only locked away behind gates, but had higher base skill than everywhere else - evidently intended as the most difficult location to fish. Jewel Danio is used in the 2 Pandaren Banquets that are currently not linked to cooking specialisations, and still offer a 275 buff (compared to 250 from the specialisation feasts). Initially I assumed they were placeholders, work in progress, and would disappear. But both feasts are still in the data files, still attached to the cooking profession. One possibility is there will be a high-level raid feast, with the recipe accessible through a difficult path.

  • Corgi, June 2012

    Meanwhile Townlong Steppes, which looks like it has a lot of coast from the map, has almost no water-level access at all.

    Yes and no. If you run north from the westernmost (Alliance) flight points, there's a spot along the cliffs where it turns in a little, then there's a coastal shape like a wave or a horn. Right about where it turns in is a switchback path to the water. You can fish from the bottom there, or from the path landing on the opposite side, or a few other slopes along the cliffs. Of course, you'll have to swim back to the landing once you're done.

    There is also a long gorge that splits the Steppes from the Dread Wastes, which turns into that even longer inlet. If I remember correctly, the geology is the same all around the Steppes coast, with the ramp-like strata.

    Further north up the coast, there's a bit of proper beach that gets split between the Steppes, the Summit and the Sea. Very odd boundary.

    (Edit for markup error - oops)

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    to "MoP: Inland & Coastal Fish Speculation".

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