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Describes Mists of Pandaria's fish-based cooked food, cooking specializations (Ways), and Ironpaw Tokens. Also covers friendship with Nomi. On this page:

"I knew a monk once who specialized in a fish-fighting style. It was pretty limiting but he could make an amazing fish stew." - Anglers Fisherwoman

Looking for a leveling guide? See Cooking 1-600.

Cooked Fish Dishes

The pattern of dishes is similar to Cataclysm, but with differences:

Cooked Food Tiers
TierStat BuffHealth and ManaCooking SkillTypical IngredientsLevel to EatExample
Poor2820K/10K5251x Fish (or Meat)85Swirling Mist Soup
Medium3130K5502x Fish (or Meat), or 1x Fish (or Meat) and 5x Vegetable87Eternal Blossom Fish
Best3430K6005x Fish, 5x Meat, 25x Vegetable, 1x Token ingredient90Sea Mist Rice Noodles x5
Banquet28-3130K575/60020x Fish, 20x Meat, 100x Vegetable, 1x Token ingredient90Great Banquet of the Grill x5

Known fish dishes are listed below. This list only includes dishes cooked with fish catches. It does not list recipes that use only meat or vegetables.

Pandaria Cooked Catches
FishFoodBuffsDuration (min)Level (to eat)SpecRecipe SourceCatching
Emperor SalmonBanquet of the Steamer28+ Beneficial [1]6090SteamerTrained by Yan Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.Where to catch »
Fire Spirit Salmon31 Spirit6087SteamerTrained by Yan Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Great Banquet of the Steamer28+ Beneficial [1]6090SteamerTrained by Yan Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Mogu Fish Stew34 Intellect6090PotTrained by Mei Mei Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Spicy Salmon34 Hit6090-Recipe: Spicy Salmon [2]
Giant Mantis ShrimpBanquet of the Wok28+ Beneficial [3]6090WokTrained by Anthea Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.Where to catch »
Black Pepper Ribs and Shrimp34 Strength6090GrillTrained by Kol Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Great Banquet of the Wok28+ Beneficial [3]6090WokTrained by Anthea Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Shrimp Dumplings28 Spirit6085SteamerTrained by Yan Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Golden CarpFish Cake--85-Cooking trainers in Pandaria (Sungshin Ironpaw at Halfhill Market and Chin at Dawn's Blossom).Where to catch »
Golden Carp Consomme--85-Cooking trainers in Pandaria (Sungshin Ironpaw at Halfhill Market and Chin at Dawn's Blossom).
Green Curry Fish23 Critical6090-Cooking trainers in Pandaria (Sungshin Ironpaw at Halfhill Market and Chin at Dawn's Blossom).
Toasted Fish Jerky11 Critical6085-Cooking trainers in Pandaria (Sungshin Ironpaw at Halfhill Market and Chin at Dawn's Blossom).
Jade LungfishEternal Blossom Fish31 Strength6087GrillTrained by Kol Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.Where to catch »
Swirling Mist Soup28 Intellect6085PotTrained by Mei Mei Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Jewel DanioGreat Pandaren Banquet31 Useful [4]6090-Recipe: Great Pandaren Banquet [5]Where to catch »
Pandaren Banquet31 Useful [4]6090-Recipe: Pandaren Banquet [5]
Steamed Crab Surprise34 Spirit6090SteamerTrained by Yan Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Krasarang PaddlefishBanquet of the Oven28+ Beneficial [6]6090OvenTrained by Jian Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.Where to catch »
Great Banquet of the Oven28+ Beneficial [6]6090OvenTrained by Jian Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Krasarang Fritters--85-Recipe: Krasarang Fritters [7]
Twin Fish Platter47 Stamina6087OvenTrained by Jian Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Redbelly MandarinBanquet of the Grill28+ Beneficial [8]6090GrillTrained by Kol Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.Where to catch »
Chun Tian Spring Rolls51 Stamina6090OvenTrained by Jian Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Great Banquet of the Grill28+ Beneficial [8]6090GrillTrained by Kol Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Reef OctopusBanquet of the Pot28+ Beneficial [9]6090PotTrained by Mei Mei Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.Where to catch »
Great Banquet of the Pot28+ Beneficial [9]6090PotTrained by Mei Mei Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Valley Stir Fry31 Agility6087WokTrained by Anthea Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.
Tiger GouramiSea Mist Rice Noodles34 Agility6090WokTrained by Anthea Ironpaw at Halfhill Market.Where to catch »

Most recipes are taught by Way (cooking specialization) trainers (described below).

The 4 Golden Carp recipes (Fish Cake, Golden Carp Consomme, Green Curry Fish and Toasted Fish Jerky) are trained by Cooking Trainers in Pandaria below skill 525. The main reason to cook these dishes is to level cooking - see Cooking 1-600. These dishes are the same as those sold by food vendors in Pandaria - typically providing a basic 100 or 200 stat buff.


Pandaren feasts are called Banquets. They are similar to the feasts found in previous expansions, except Banquets only serve a limited number of portions (10 people can eat a regular Banquet, 25 can eat a Great Banquet) and Banquets may be traded (they are not bound to the cook).

Each Banquet looks different when laid out. Illustrated below, clockwise from left: Banquet of Brew, Grill (Strength-biased), Oven (Stamina), Pot (Intellect), Steamer (Spirit), and Wok (Agility). Great Banquets look similar, but with more food on each table. Feeling hungry yet?

Banquet Recognition
Banquet Recognition - Clockwise from left: Banquet of Brew, Grill, Oven, Pot, Steamer, and Wok.

For Way (cooking specialisation) Banquets, each dish gives +28 in the primary stat of the person eating, based on their class and role (more Stamina for tanks). But if your primary stat is that associated with the Banquet's specialisation, you gain a 31 buff (more Stamina for tanks). For example, a Warlock gains 31 Intelligence from Banquet of the Pot, since the Way of the Pot cooks Intellect food (see below). But (bugs aside) 28 from other Banquets.

In addition to Way Banquets, there are 2 Banquets that do not rely on specialisations: Pandaren Banquet and Great Pandaren Banquet. These recipes are purchased with Ironpaw Tokens, but you must also have completed the quest To Be A Master, which requires every Way's 600-skill recipe to be cooked once (detailed below). However, each dish guarantees a 31 stat buff.

Patch 5.4 adds another method of distributing cooked food: Noodle Carts. Recipes are taught by following the questline that starts with Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten, from an Old Sign Fragment, in the rubble at the bottom of the gap in the bridge in the center of the Timeless Isle.

Cooking Ways (Specializations)

Mists of Pandaria adds 6 cooking specializations called Ways. Each Way can be learned by completing short quests at Halfhill Market in Valley of the Four Winds (described in Cooking 1-600). Specializations require 525 cooking skill and level 85 to learn. All 6 Ways can be learnt at once.

Cooking Specialization Skill-Bars
Cooking Specialization Skill-Bars

Each cooking Way is associated with a buff stat. All the single-person (non-feast) dishes taught by one Way will buff their respective stat:

The Way of the Brew is slightly easier to level than the others ways, since recipes tend to use fewer, or easier to gain, ingredients. However, only its Banquets offer stat buffs. Jade Witch Brew restores mana but gives you a Pounding Headache that inflicts a small amount of damage. Mad Brewer's Breakfast grants a 2 hour Delusional buff, which states it "makes you feel stronger", but actually turns the entire world into a blur: A fast way for dwarves to get completely smashed!

Every Way offers 2 Banquets - 10 and 25 person feasts. As described earlier, each dish gives +28 in the primary stat of the person eating, based on their class and role (more Stamina for tanks). But if your primary stat is that associated with the Banquet's specialisation, you gain a 31 buff (more Stamina for tanks). So even if you only plan to feed raiding groups, your choice of Way may matter.

Each Way has its own cooking skill bar. Cooking skill works like this:

Cooking dailies in Old Azeroth and at Halfhill Market (see Tillers Farming), plus the Darkmoon Faire monthly, only add to your cooking skill in general, not your skill in the Ways.

Ironpaw Tokens

Halfhill Market's cooks use a new currency - Ironpaw Tokens. These, "can be redeemed for Cooking ingredients and other things at the Stockmaster in Halfhill Market." The Stockmaster is called Nam Ironpaw. Ironpaw Tokens are used to purchase several types of good:

Ironpaw Token Goods
ItemsIronpaw Token CostDescription and Notes
1 eachIngredients for the best cooked food. Not bound, so can be traded.
Sacks of regular ingredients1 per bagSacks contain 5 of one regular Pandarian ingredient, or 25 of one vegetable. Example, Sack of Wildfowl Breasts.
10 eachRequires 600 cooking skill to learn, and quest To Be A Master completed to buy (effectively 600 skilll in all Ways).
Cooking School Bell50Summons Nomi, your cooking student, detailed below.
50 each+10 cooking skill each (as set bonus for Apron). Battle.net account-bound. Apron purchase requires Nomi's final quest, A Present for Teacher completed.
Flippable Table40Hit and destroy. Unleash your rage!
Portable Refrigerator1032-slot cooking bag.
Ironpaw Cooking Set
Ironpaw Cooking Set - Frying Pan (left), Rolling Pin (right) and Apron.

The Apron, Frying Pan and Rolling Pin are illustrated right. These 3 items are account-bound, so can be used by employees ("alts").

Ironpaw Tokens are gained by completing quests at Halfhill Market. Most are once-only quests related for learning Specializations. For example, The Soup of Contemplation requires 5 Jade Lungfish, and teaches the Way of the Pot.

The main repeatable source of tokens is the quest Replenishing the Pantry, which rewards 1 Ironpaw Token. This quest is only avaialble after completing the introductory quests for all 6 Way, and then completing Nam Ironpaw's quest for an Empty Raw Tiger Steak Container. The quest can be completed an unlimited number of times (with no daily limit).

Replenishing the Pantry requires a Bundle of Groceries to be created, by combining an Empty Container with a set of identical Pandarian ingredients. For example, combining 20 Redbelly Mandarin with an Empty Redbelly Mandarin Container. Containers are sold by Merchant Cheng at Halfhill Market for 1g 50s, and require level 85 to use. Empty Containers are sold for all known Pandarian cooking ingredients, except those sold by Sungshin Ironpaw (listed in the appendix) and Viseclaw Meat. Bundle of Groceries can contain raw fish, even common Golden Carp. 60 Golden Carp are required per Bundle, rather than 20 of other (less plentiful) fish and meats. Vegetables bundle in 100s.

The 2 other repeatable sources of Ironpaw Tokens:

Nomi's final daily quest, A Token of Appreciation, also rewards an Ironpaw Token. However, unlocking Nomi has a lot of special requirements, including Ironpaw Tokens - see below.

Chef's Awards (from Old Azeroth daily cooking quests) and Dalaran Cooking Awards (from Dalaran's daily cooking quests) merge to become Epicurean's Awards. Epicurean's Awards can be used to buy both Cataclysm and Wrath of the Lich King cooking recipes (plus other older items, such as Chef's Hat), while Ironpaw Tokens are used exclusively in Pandaria.

Nomi's Friendship

Nomi (pronounced "gnomey") is a young Pandaren cook, whose friendship can gained. There are two stages to the process:

First, purchase the Cooking School Bell, which summons Nomi. This is sold by Nam Ironpaw at Halfhill Market, but requires:

Nomi - With El. Nomi is summoned with a Cooking School Bell.

Second, when you summon Nomi he will offer a daily quest. At the start this is "Lesson 1: Sliced Peaches": Simply bring her 5 Pandaren Peach. Nomi will cook 5 Sliced Peaches and grants you 1,000 reputation with him (plus perk bonuses).

Nomi's friendship bar is 0/42,999, and divided into 5 parts. These equate to 6 ranks of friendship: 2 ranks as an Apprentice and 3 as Journeyman, with the 6th rank, Expert, attained at 42,000. An achievement, Now I Am the Master is awarded for reaching Expert friendship.

Once your friendship with Nomi reaches his next rank (8,400 reputation per rank), he will offer a new lesson. On days when Nomi's rank rises two lessons can be completed. On other days only the latest (highest numbered) lesson is offered. Nomi's (confirmed) daily quests are listed below:

At Expert rank (42,000 reputation) friendship Nomi offers 2 quests:

Patch 5.2 made several changes and additions to both fishing and farming.

Appendix: Non-Fish Ingredients

Most Pandarean recipes require a mix of fish, meat and vegetables, so the source of non-fish ingredients will be important for culinary anglers.

Most pre-525 skill Pandarian cooking ingredients are sold by Sungshin Ironpaw (at Halfhill Market, Valley of the Four Winds) and cooking vendors in the faction cities of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms (Jojo for Alliance and Stephen Wong for Horde), for a few gold or silver each:

Token-only ingredients used in the best Pandarian dishes are sold by Nam Ironpaw, also at Halfhill Market, for 1 Ironpaw Token each:

Meats drop from creatures in Pandaria (the list below based on the work of Druidmoon). Nam Ironpaw also sells these in sacks of 5 (1 Ironpaw Token per sack):

Viseclaw Meat drops from Viseclaw on the coast of Krasarang Wilds, including Viseclaw Fisher. Unlike the other meats, it cannot be bundled into Groceries, nor does Nam Ironpaw sell sacks of it (thanks Buffjob).

Vegetables are grown on Tillers Farms. Nam Ironpaw also sells these in sacks of 25 (1 Ironpaw Token per sack):

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Comments about Mists of Pandaria Cooking

Below are readers' comments about "Mists of Pandaria Cooking":

MoP: Cooking Specializations

  • Desade, May 2012

    The mat for the lead in daily cooking quest (test 1 I think it was)
    wildfowl drumstick
    (not what I would guess makes rice pudding)
    Killed everything in the zone several times over and over never did find the mat..

    Thinking about it going to go kill stuff in Krasarang Wilds since its wild fowl.

  • el, May 2012

    I suspect enough critical ingredients are missing to make it impossible to level cooking yet. The only reason I could train specializations was because I had already reached 530 skill on Fish Cakes, back before the skill-up profile for that dish changed to go grey at 500.

  • Desade, May 2012

    I was able to get cooking to 555
    Fish Cake -
    mat = golden carp
    Swirling Mist Soup - Specialization 1st recipe = Way of the Pot - Intellect
    mat = Jade Lungfish - Fished from coast of Krasarang Wilds

    Going to look later to see what other fish might be usable to lvl higher or maybe try to hunt the other meats.

  • Expand 12 more comments

    from "MoP: Cooking Specializations".
  • Desade, May 2012

    Have you seen
    Journeyman Cookbook

  • el, May 2012

    The Journeyman Cookbook has caused a fair bit of discussion. It isn't available in-game, and given that it has "test" written all over it, probably never will be.

    The spell it triggers is curious, because it is assigned to its own SkillLine group. SkillLines are groups of spells, like professions or specialisations. There was no need to create a new group just to have the item, so whatever the item is intended to test will be slightly unusual. Gut feeling is some sort of test for account-bound recipes, simply because it is called a "cookbook". But it could be something very different.

  • Astragal, May 2012

    Not directly related to Specialisations however it may be useful for people here on the beta and attempting to level Cooking.

    Basically pulling together all available data of known cooking ingredients listed on wowhead. Giving name, location and source/s where currently confirmed. Plus some thoughts on where those still missing may turn up. It includes the fish included on this site on the Pandaria > History page. I explain it more thoroughly on the WoW EU forum post here;

    MoP Beta - Cooking Ingredients List

    Hope it is of some use to those budding MoP chefs here!

  • el, May 2012

    That's very useful. I may mirror some of that information here, because the beta forums have a habit of disappearing at the end of beta, and traditional cooking with only fish doesn't seem possible in Pandaria, so people will need to farm meat and vegetables too. (I suspect the meaning of the word "farm" is about to change too...)

  • Astragal, May 2012

    el wrote:

    That's very useful. I may mirror some of that information here, because the beta forums have a habit of disappearing at the end of beta, and traditional cooking with only fish doesn't seem possible in Pandaria, so people will need to farm meat and vegetables too. (I suspect the meaning of the word "farm" is about to change too...)

    Please feel free to use any/ all of it El. I would have posted here but did not want to update more than one list. I am adding items as I go. Finding some new drops now in higher level areas.

    I am still holding out that 'farming' may also include 'fish farming'... Much like the Jinyu and The Anglers do in their villages with nets. I noticed that they added Carp into the now in Sri-La Village that you can kill (lvl1) The same as the fish being spear fished over in Nayeli Lagoon.

    Our very own personal fish pond...yum. Fingers crossed.

    Also I still find it weird that Wowhead list all vegetables under 'Meat' still.

  • el, May 2012

    Meat is an auction house classification used by the game. Would perhaps be better described as "Cooking Ingredients".

    Added: And I should clarify that most of the ingredients you list as unknown are not currently used in cooking recipes, so their status is moot.

  • Astragal, June 2012

    The MoP Beta - Cooking Ingredients List thread has been updated a bit and now includes some updates noted there including the elusive Ginseng.

    It is now possible to level all Ways to maximum for the 'Master of the Ways' title.

  • Astragal, June 2012

    el wrote:

    Added: And I should clarify that most of the ingredients you list as unknown are not currently used in cooking recipes, so their status is moot.

    It's true that there are no recipes for some of these however it does leave open to question what they do with the beasts roaming Pandaria that do not have a meat drop yet such as Goats (listed as unknown); Yak (seems reasonable they may be harvested for meat as they are domesticated Ox Flank?) ; Spinefish we know are an Alchemy recipe just not sure where it will drop. Jinyu Spirit Water sounds like something they intend to introduce somehow.

    Then all the other Beasts like Bears, Porcupine, Wolves, Foxes, Stags etc. which have traditionally always provided some meat drop. Maybe they will share some of the meat types, though you have some funny consequences such as the Zandalari Raptors currently dropping Raw Tiger Meat!

  • soyzan, June 2012

    I wasnt able to lvl way of the pot to 600.

    Im currently at 598 and stuck in the way of the pot. Banquet of the pot, great banquet of the pot, braised turtle and swirling mist soup are all turned grey at 598 and there's no one recipies around.

    Any suggestions how to deal with this?

  • Desade, June 2012

    For the ways the last 10 points you must cook 2 of the bigger feast.
    Once your reg skill gets high enough all the way recipes also turn to gray but they still give skill in the way.
    For each way at 575 make 3 small feast till 590 then make 2 of the large feast and tada 600 in that way.

    With patch coming in groceries are going to take 100 items not 20 anymore so if your using that quest to get tokens I would spam it before the patch.
    Take the quest get empty fill it get another empty fill it ect ect that way you can turn in one after the other without running back and forth.

  • el, June 2012

    Based on game data, not yet possible to check in-game, in the latest patch the 575-skill feasts now remain orange until 600, removing soyzan's problem. There have been a lot of other changes to cooking leveling too. Originally, the most effective method was to level 550 to 554 using the 530-skill recipe, which then meant the feast remained orange for 5 points from 594 to 599, leaving only the last point as grey. This post explains the problem.

    BTW, the 100 items quoted by MMO-Champion is misleading. It applies only to the Ginseng bundle and a few of the vegetables (and even then they list the Ginseng bundle with a bugged tooltip, which says 20). Based on the data in MMO-Champion's own database, the other bundles are unchanged - except that Golden Carp's tooltip is now correct, at 60 - everything else still requires 20. The 5-fold increase in vegetables is consistent with recipe changes (which also see far more vegetables required), so likely there are major changes afoot regarding vegetables.

  • Astragal, June 2012

    Balanced against the greater requirement for some recipes, you get more vegetables per Sack when trading Bundles of Groceries with Nam Ironpaw. Datamined items now show generally 25 veg. per sack up from 5. This is probably aiming at balancing up thing with Farming likely to be in place soon and another source of these.

    Worth checking still what you can get hold of more easily and what you will require when sourcing ingredients this way. And the new data is still quite mixed up across the same items so expect some more changes before it settles.

    If they do add in the empty containers for ingredients you can buy as they could do (in database not yet implemented), then another option will be to buy your way through it for those with the gold to spare. Example;

    Empty Instant Noodles Container

    Currently 70s each o Beta from Sungshin Ironpaw that would be 70*20= 14g/Bundle of Groceries/per token.

    Seems too low to me so maybe they will adjust number required for lower value items or price (though it needs to be reasonable for levelling purposes also available)

    Together with new items that allow you to swap stacks of veg., Meat & Vegetable Traders at Halfhill Market, AH, Bundles etc. it looks like a number of options will be available to help flatten out potential oversupply and undersupply.

  • Reply

    to "MoP: Cooking Specializations".

Nomi And The Cooking School Bell.

  • Gourgon, October 2012

    After more than 7 hours of fishing, (whew) I was finally able to obtain the necessary 50 token to purchase the, Cooking School Bell. I’m still not sure what I expected, but some sort of recognition would have been nice. If not an achievement, then bells, whistles, something would have been nice, but sadly there was nothing. So to pat myself on the back I ordered a pizza and a 2 liter bottle of Coke and celebrated alone, because everyone in the house was gone for the weekend.

  • Marlburo, October 2012

    Don't you hate when that happens? I remember catching the 22lbs lobster and was SOOOOO excited.....but couldn't think of one other person who would care hahahahaha. Well not this time, CONGRATS GOURGON!!!!!!

  • Enarka, October 2012

    Good lord, this is the story of my life. I remember catching that 103 Pound Mightfish (on the way to which I caught at least fifteen 22-pound Lobsters) and being ecstatic. I linked it in chat and I was all like "YEAH COME AT ME IF YOU DARE". Nobody cared. Literally, nobody else.

    Or that Fishing Chair I bought from someone. And the stupid fishing line.


  • Expand 3 more comments

    from "Nomi And The Cooking School Bell.".
  • Gourgon, October 2012

    I'm glad someone else appreciates the effort.

  • Renetta, November 2012

    Trying to get the bell too, but I'm admit that I'm going to complement it with heavy tilling.

    Incidentally there is an achievement attached to it when you finished teaching Nomi.


    Also Nomi should be plenty thankful with material goodies.

  • PubDartGuy, November 2012

    Note that doing Nomi's daily quest is affected by reputation modifiers, such as:
    * Guild Perk: Mr. Popularity (+5% at Rank 1 for lvl 4 guild; +10% at Rank 2 for lvl 12 guild)
    * Human racial: Diplomacy (+10%)
    * Pilgrim's Bounty: The Spirit of Sharing (+10%)
    * Hallow's End: Unburdened or Grim Visage (+10%)
    Since these rep bonuses do stack, the fastest would be to complete this on a Human toon, in a level 12 guild, during Pilgrim's Bounty or Hallow's End, for a whopping +30% bonus!

    My calculations below are based upon having at least a +10% rep gain bonus, such as from the Level 12 Guild Perk: Mr. Popularity (Rank2), or from the Human racial: Diplomacy. Without any rep modifiers, each quest awards +1000 rep (or skill-gain for Nomi) per turn-in.

    Note that you can only complete each one of the *unique* Nomi daily quests once per day. However, upon gaining a rank the next quest is immediately offered and may be completed on the same day.

    = Lesson 1: Sliced Peaches
    Day 1: +1100 = 1100/8400
    Day 2: +1100 = 2200/8400
    Day 3: +1100 = 3300/8400
    Day 4: +1100 = 4400/8400
    Day 5: +1100 = 5500/8400
    Day 6: +1100 = 6600/8400
    Day 7: +1100 = 7700/8400
    Day 8: +1100 = 8800/8400
    = Lesson 2: Instant Noodles
    Day 8: +1100 = 9900/16800
    Day 9: +1100 = 11000/16800
    Day 10: +1100 = 12100/16800
    Day 11: +1100 = 13200/16800
    Day 12: +1100 = 14300/16800
    Day 13: +1100 = 15400/16800
    Day 14: +1100 = 16500/16800
    Day 15: +1100 = 17600/16800
    = Lesson 3: Toasted Fish Jerky
    Day 15: +1100 = 18700/25200
    Day 16: +1100 = 19800/25200
    Day 17: +1100 = 20900/25200
    Day 18: +1100 = 22000/25200
    Day 19: +1100 = 23100/25200
    Day 20: +1100 = 24200/25200
    Day 21: +1100 = 25300/25200
    = Lesson 4: Dried Needle Mushrooms
    Day 21: +1100 = 26400/33600
    Day 22: +1100 = 27500/33600
    Day 23: +1100 = 28600/33600
    Day 24: +1100 = 29700/33600
    Day 25: +1100 = 30800/33600
    Day 26: +1100 = 31900/33600
    Day 27: +1100 = 33000/33600
    Day 28: +1100 = 34100/33600
    Master/Good Friend/Revered
    = Lesson 5: Pounded Rice Cake
    Day 28: +1100 = 35200/42000
    Day 29: +1100 = 36300/42000
    Day 30: +1100 = 37400/42000
    Day 31: +1100 = 38300/42000
    Day 32: +1100 = 39400/42000
    Day 33: +1100 = 40500/42000
    Day 34: +1100 = 41600/42000
    Day 35: +1100 = 42700/42000
    Master Chef/Best Friend/Exalted
    = Achievement: Now I Am the Master

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    to "Nomi And The Cooking School Bell.".

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