Mists of Pandaria Fishing

Describes general aspects of fishing in Mists of Pandaria, including training, equipment and achievements. On this page:

"Welcome to the coast of Pandaria! Where everything that can wash ashore has, or will, wash ashore." - Anglers Fisherman


Anglers Gull
Anglers Gull - Hungry, expectant.

The maximum personal fishing skill rises to 600. The new rank is called Zen Master, and is taught by Fishing Trainers. Training requires 500 fishing skill and 30g. Zen Master Fishing still only requires character level 5, unlike Zen Master Cooking, which requires level 80. Fishing skill can be leveled in 3 ways: Catching fishing, daily fishing quests, and reading books:

Leveling fishing skill from 525 to 600, by catching fish, takes an average of 5.5 catches per skillup. About 400 catches in total. Like 450-525, the process is very variable - from 1 catch per skill point to more than 10. For Realms Firsts, it is better to be lucky than good.

The Anglers offer 3 daily quests per day, each granting a point of fishing skill. These can be completed alongside an Old Azeroth daily, for up to 4 points of fishing skill per day. Many of the The Anglers quests can be completed at fishing skill 1. For details, read The Anglers Fishing Quests.

Nat Pagle's Friendship eventually allows you to purchase Nat's Fishing Journal, which can be used to teach your employees (alts) to fish:

Nat's Fishing Journal
  • "Reading this book will permanently increase your skill in Fishing by 50, up to a maximum of 600"
  • Binds to Battle.net account
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 1
  • Sold at "Good Friends" with Nat Pagle for 1000g

Nat's Fishing Journal is Battle.net account-bound, so can be mailed to your employees ("alts"). The item starts "An Anglers Quest", which awards 50 fishing skill points. This quest can be completed once for each Journal purchased, but the quest itself is repeatable, allowing a new angler to level to 600 fishing skill by reading 12 Journals (pausing in between Journals to train new fishing ranks).

Nat's Journal should not automatically be regarded as the best option to level fishing, but it may be useful for wealthy anglers with many employees:

Nat's friendship is similar reputation, except with one individual person. For a guide, read Nat Pagle's Friendship.

The only other way to gain Nat's Fishing Journal is to loot it from the corpse of a dead Krakkanon. Krakkanon are summoned by fishing empty "Large"-named pools at Fish of the Day migrations. The creatures are soloable at level 90, although the fight will take about 10 minutes, so you may need a method of healing yourself. Dead Krakkanon have a modest chance of yielding a single Nat's Fishing Journal. The Journal may drop for anyone, including anglers that do not have the sufficient friendship with Nat Pagle to purchase it themselves.


Poleless Fishing
Poleless Fishing - The twig fishing pole visible when fishing without a pole equipped.

Anglers can now fish without equipping a pole: Just cast! A twig-style pole will appear in your hands (illustrated), without unequipping your weapons. This pole has no skill bonuses and cannot be lured.

Poleless fishing is primarily useful for fishing pools: Junk is never caught from pools, so your fishing skill does not matter. But it is easier to respond to attacks when your weapons are still equipped.

If you cannot cast poleless, simply replace your existing fishing icon with the one found on the Professions page of your spellbook. Newly trained anglers can automatically cast poleless.

There are 2 new types of fishing. Both are related to daily quests, not changes to the regular fishing mechanic:

Anglers Fishing Spear

The Anglers Fishing Spear is used by Trawler Yotimo's daily quests, Armored Carp and Huff and Puff. Unlike the Goblin Fishing Bomb (see below), the Spear can be used underwater. For best results, swim at the same depth as the fish, with the fish a few yards in front of you. You do not need to target the fish. Do not let pets auto-attack, as they may kill the fish before the spear does, making the dead fish unlootable. Throwing the Anglers Fishing Spear at other (non-quest related) fish-like critters in Pandaria will impale and kill them, but other fish critters drop no loot.

Goblin Fishing Bomb

The Goblin Fishing Bomb is used for Fiznix's daily quest, Like Bombing Fish in a Barrel. The Bomb has similar range and accuracy to regular fishing poles, and requires fishable water to use. It can only be used on the surface, not underwater. The Goblin Fishing Bomb can only be used to kill creatures related to the daily quest.

Fishing Poles

El's Dragon Fishing Pole
El's Dragon Fishing Pole - Anglers reward.
Dragon Fishing Pole
  • Skill bonus: +30
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 525
  • Sold at Revered with The Anglers for 500g

The Dragon Fishing Pole is illustrated right. It is Panadria's equivalent of Northrend's Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole: A visually distinctive pole, with respectable +30 skill bonus, that requires reputation to be gained with the continent's native fisher-folk. Read more about The Anglers Fishing Quests.

Like other fishing poles, you may only wield one Dragon Fishing Pole at time: Only Ju Lien can hold 4 at once...

El's Pandaren Fishing Pole
El's Pandaren Fishing Pole - Anglers reward.
Pandaren Fishing Pole
  • Skill bonus: +10
  • Sold at Honored with The Anglers for 25g

The Pandaren Fishing Pole is illustrated right. It is the only low-skill fishing pole with a non-standard design. The pole has no skill requirement, so may be useful for those leveling fishing, who have gained Honored reputation by completing some of The Anglers quests that do not require high fishing skill. Read more about The Anglers Fishing Quests.

Fishing Gear

Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman
Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman - Rare spawn in a small cove on the north side of the center of Cattail Lake, Valley of the Four Winds.
Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm

The Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm is a reusable item. It is bound when picked up, so cannot be traded. The Charm is applied to the angler, not the pole, so can be active while fishing poleless.

With the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm active, 20% of the catch from Pandarian pools will be 2 fish rather than 1 - overall a 20% increase in fish caught. This typically just increases the stack size of the fish in the loot window from 1 to 2. However it is possible to gain a fish and a Sealed Crate (Pandaria) together, which indicates that the Charm actually has a 20% chance of adding one of anything that may be caught from the pool.

The Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman (illustrated) sometimes appears on the north side of Cattail Lake, in a small cove facing the center of the lake (map). The location does not require personal flight to reach. The Fisherman sparkles slightly, but is otherwise almost transparent. Talk to them, and they say:

"Beautiful day for fishing, don't you think? You a fisherman, [name]? I've got this old fishing lure if you'd like it, works wonders in the waters here."

The first person to select the dialogue response, "I'd love it, thank you," gains an Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm. This also awards the achievement Lost and Found (or contributes to the follow-on achievements). The Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman then disappears, so only one angler can gain the Charm per appearance.

For further discussion and sightings, please read this forum thread. Thanks Mirnah.

El Wearing Nat's Hat
El Wearing Nat's Hat - Purchased from Nat Pagle once Best Friends.
Nat's Hat
  • Skill bonus: +5
  • Use: +150 skill reusable 10 minute lure
  • "This sun-baked hat is held together by bits of fishing line and old lures"
  • Sold at "Best Friends" with Nat Pagle for 250g

Nat Pagle only sells his hat to his closest friends. Like the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, Nat's Hat can be used to lure your fishing pole, adding a +150 fishing skill bonus for 10 minutes: Similar to a free, reusable Heat-Treated Spinning Lure. His hat also provides a fixed +5 fishing skill bonus, like other fishing hats.

As we might expect from the original extreme angler, Nat's Hat is best in Azeroth. And as we might expect, the best fishing hat in Azeroth is not easy to acquire: For a guide, read Nat Pagle's Friendship.

Sharpened Tuskarr Spear
Sharpened Tuskarr Spear - Anglers reward.
Sharpened Tuskarr Spear
  • Use: Plant the spear in the ground, increasing Fishing skill by 15 for anyone who remains within 15 yards (Lasts 2 minutes with a 5 minute cooldown)
  • Held in main hand
  • "A traditional Tuskarr fishing spear; the craftsmanship is a sight to behold"
  • Sold at Revered with The Anglers for 1500g

The Sharpened Tuskarr Spear acts like a banner: Plant the spear in the ground to increase the fishing skill of anyone nearby by 15. The bonus stacks with bonuses from other gear, poles and lures. Each time the spear is used it must be briefly held - equipped in slot that normally contains your fishing pole. Once planted, the Sharpened Tuskarr Spear looks like an Anglers Fishing Spear with a large fish impaled on the top (illustrated).

The Spear's main benefit is social - a way of sharing fishing "love" between neighboring anglers. Or if you absolutely must have the extra 15 points of fishing skill, this Spear's bonus is unique. Unfortunately most anglers will find that the hassle of using the spear outweighs its benefit, making it a rather expensive novelty.

The Sharpened Tuskarr Spear is sold as a reward for gaining reputation with The Anglers. Read more about The Anglers Fishing Quests.


Anglers do not yet have a boat, but we can fish from a raft!

Anglers Fishing Raft
  • Use: Raft across water (10 minute duration, but no cooldown)
  • "Great for fishing, but takes on water... so don't stay out too long!"
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 525
  • Sold at Revered with The Anglers for 1000g
Anglers Fishing Raft
Anglers Fishing Raft - Anglers reward.

The Anglers Fishing Raft is not a mount, but an item. It casts a buff on the user called "Rafting", which lasts 10 minutes. The item (now) has no cooldown, so can be recast continually. The Rafting buff is similar to water-walking, except:

The Anglers Fishing Raft is sold as a reward for gaining reputation with The Anglers. For details, read The Anglers Fishing Quests.

There are also 2 quest-related rafts, which behave in a similar way, but can only be used in Krasarang Wilds:

Other Equipment

Nat's Fishing Chair
Nat's Fishing Chair - El fishes the challenging waters of Vale of Eternal Blossoms from the comfort of Nat's Fishing Chair.

Anglers who do not play cards can finally fish in comfort:

Nat's Fishing Chair
  • Use: Set up a comfy fishing chair (5 minute cooldown)
  • "It even has a beverage holder!"
  • Gift from Nat Pagle once Best Friends

Nat's Fishing Chair looks identical to the original Trading Card Game Fishing Chair. It can be setup anywhere in the world, sat on, and fished from. The chair only lasts for 5 minutes, but can then be immediately reassembled. Nat Pagle will send the Chair in the mail once you reach Best Friends ("Exalted", 42,000 reputation) with him. See Nat Pagle's Friendship for details.

The original (Trading Card Game) Fishing Chair is reported to be sometimes sold on the Black Market Auction House. This auction house is found at the Tavern in the Mists, in The Veiled Stair, north-east of the Valley of the Four Winds. Like other auction houses, the price depends on how much other anglers ((on your realm)) are prepared to bid. Do not expect this Fishing Chair to be cheap!


There are new personal fishing Achievements for reaching 600 fishing skill, and for reaching 600 in all of Fishing, First Aid, Cooking, and Archaeology. There are also Realm First! achievements, including one for being the first angler to reach 600 fishing skill on your realm (one angler per realm only). There is also an achievement for becoming Exalted with The Anglers, normally gained by completing their fishing quests. Other new fishing achievements are listed below:

Fishing Achievements
Learning from the Best10Become Best Friends with Nat Pagle. Guide: Nat Pagle's Friendship »
Locking Down the Docks10Complete each of the Angler's Wharf dailies. Guide: The Anglers Fishing Quests »
Pandarian Angler10Catch each type of fish native to Pandaria: Emperor Salmon, Flying Tiger Gourami, Giant Mantis Shrimp, Golden Carp, Jade Lungfish, Jewel Danio, Krasarang Paddlefish, Mimic Octopus, Redbelly Mandarin, Reef Octopus, Spinefish Alpha and Tiger Gourami. Guide: Mists of Pandaria Catches »

Personal achievements can be earnt Battle.net account-wide:

There is one new guild achievement, Pandaren Angler. This requires 25,000 fish to be caught from pools in Pandaria. Pandarian pool catches count towards both this achievement and the original That's A Lot of Bait sequence of guild fishing achievements.

The remaining pages of this section cover other aspects of fishing and cooking in Mists of Pandaria. Let's start with what can be caught from the waters and pools of Pandaria.

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Comments about Mists of Pandaria Fishing

Below are readers' comments about "Mists of Pandaria Fishing":

A new lure, fellow anglers!

  • Enarka, July 2012


    How FUN would this be : ) ?

    I wonder, too, if the extra fish counts towards the "fish in pools" achievements ? I would assume so, but you never know

    Can't wait for this!

  • el, August 2012

    This US forum thread suggests the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Lure [now Charm] is now available somewhere in beta. I've been fishing a lot, but haven't encountered it yet. Any further information is appreciated.

    Added: Mirnah sent me a cryptic message,

    In Pandaria in the Valley of the Four Winds at the top of Cattail Lake a Spectral Panda will give you what you seek.

    Further conversation: It transpires there is a separate item called an "Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm". This item sounds a lot like the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Lure, but is applied to the angler, not the pole. Lasts 1 hour, but is not consumed.

    This Charm is given by what appears to be a rare spawn. No quest markers. Ghostly, so presumably hard to see. Rain *may* be a factor (but it rains a lot in that zone).

    Location was described at the ground-level of Cattail Lake, center of the lake, northern side (back to Vale of Eternal Blossoms).

    Update: The cue is indeed probably rain. When it started raining a Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman appeared, gave the first person to talk to them an Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm, and then de-spawned.

  • Kiingy, September 2012

    Been camping the spawn.

    It started raining yet he did not show up, camped it out till it stopped, still nothing.

    Guess weather is not the cue or at least not the only one, there may be a timer as well, so for example, 12 hour respawn, if it's not raining when the timers up, it'll wait till next time it does and likewise if it starts raining before the timers up he wont spawn till it's done.

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    from "A new lure, fellow anglers!".
  • el, September 2012

    Agreed. I watched the Ghostly Angler appear yesterday, and there was no change in the weather, nor was it raining.

    On the plus, side it is possible to fish open water next the spawning point, so camping time is not necessarily wasted.

  • Kiingy, September 2012

    Any idea on his respawn timer yet?

    Edit: He spawned for me at 1pm server time, no weather.
    Was around 12 hours after last spawn

  • nish, October 2012

    So, are people roughly finding it to be a 12 hour timer give or take? I'm having a really hard time finding this guy.

    Edit: I logged in extraordinarily fast was the only person in the zone (alliance) and nobody was there (though one logged in about 3 seconds after me). The spawn was not there but at least 1 rare spawn that contributes to that achievement was up. I'm wondering if it's a tossup as to which rares will be up after a restart. It's raining now on my realm and I don't wanna leave this spot. Too many people running around with npcscan =(


  • Marlburo, October 2012

    I've seen him twice, both at around the same time (never raining), although they were a couple days apart so I couldn't speak to a respawn time with any accuracy. I can however say with certainty its not 24 hours. I did want to give everone an update on my VERY limited experience with the "lure". Seems to proc about 1 out of every 15-20 casts. Seems low but with a larger sample size hopefully I'll come with better news.

  • nish, October 2012

    I waited after restart yesterday for like 8 hours then fell asleep. Not sure if it respawned but woke up at 10:30pm. If it was 12 hours (or respawned latest before I logged on) it ought to respawn in 2 hours. I've been sitting here for 10 hours and no spawn =( I'm thinking that it may be linked to the picking up of other items around Pandaria.

    Ah, well. Even if it doesn't spawn in a 15 hour time span we get a restart after that so another chance.


    Edit: Just got it. Waited roughly 10 hours. I guess if it's around 12 hours, it spawned a couple hours before I woke up.

  • nish, October 2012

    The lure is giving me an extra fish now every 4-5 casts in pools. Wish it worked out of pools -_-

    Really nice item imo.


  • Toabo, October 2012

    I think the actual spawn time may be a bit closer to 12.5 to 13 hours. Again, pure speculation based on a very limited sample, but my hypothesis did pan out, so bear with me.

    The Tuesday restart, I logged in virtually immediately, hoping that the Ghostly Pandaren would spawn automatically. No dice. I then camped the spawn point for about 11 hours (dear God, was that boring), and nothing. Had to bail at that point, so I guessed that probably the Ghostly Fisherman would spawn while I was away.

    In the meantime, I read some posts on other forums that suggested the respawn timer was a bit longer than 12 hours. As I thought about it, that would make sense. If the timer were exactly 12 hours, then he'd be up at basically the same two times each day, every day. Great if you can play at either of those times, but if not, then a bit harsh. But if it weren't 12 hours, then each day the times would shift.

    Anywise, since some of the speculation was ~13 hours, I went with that estimation. I assumed that if the spawn timer started w/ the Tuesday restart (9 AM local time), it'd be 13 hours later that'd the Fisherman would appear, i.e. 10 PM. I couldn't log in for a few days because of work, but I extrapolated from that assumption that the schedule would be something like this:
    Tuesday 10 PM
    Wednesday 11 AM
    Thursday midnight
    Thursday 1 PM
    Friday 2 AM
    Friday 3 PM
    Saturday 4 AM

    I hedged my bets by showing up a couple hours early, but sure enough, at 4:12 AM on Saturday, the Ghostly Pandaren fisherman spawned and I got my lure.

    Hope this helps. :)

  • TeaEss, October 2012

    I just found the Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman on Saturday night at 11:44PM. I'm on Stormreaver and I'm central time so my local is the same as server time. The servers go down Tuesdays at 5:00AM and come back up at 10:00AM.

    I had checked the spawn area Saturday morning about every half hour between 4-7:00AM as I did my dailys and didn't ever see it spawn, so before I went to bed I checked els again and saw that Toabo found it that morning at 4:12AM (I assume they must be on a different server since I didn't see them in passing) or maybe I just missed it while I was questing.

    I tried following Toabo's advice about the ~13 hours tonight (same Saturday as I was idling in the morning) and adjusted their calculations by an hour since they said their server starts at 9 instead of 10 like mine.
    I logged on at 3:45PM and waited at the spot on Cattail Lake hoping it would spawn anywhere between 4-7PM since that would have been about 12-13 hours since the spawn Toabo received at 5:12AM my time zone. I waited and waited and waited and never moved from that tiny cove until it finally spawned at 11:44PM. That means I was waiting for about 6 hours past when it SHOULD have spawned before it actually did.

    I believe that it's on more of a 9 hour timer or possibly that it has a minimum and maximum respawn time. It COULD be that the minimum respawn is about 6 hours and the maximum is more like 13 or 15 or something.

    I finally got it though! Happy fishing and good luck to everyone else that tries!

  • piezo, October 2012

    my experience:
    He was not at the time of writing in NPC scan. I added him to NPC scan I.D. 64004

    Fri ~9:20 p.m. seen and missed
    went to bed? did he spawn in the late night/early morning window???? unknown
    Clear NPCscan "creaturecache"
    Sat ~6:30 a.m. start camping
    Sat ~3:20 p.m. 2-3 seconds of heart racing glory, achieves, and a charm... much bragging in /g chat

    9:20ish P.M. Fri Night, NPC scan goes off while I was fishing, another person was camping the spawn point. Before I could turn around and take 3 steps, he de-spawned. About 2-3 seconds, would be a guess... I saw him, as I faced my camera and ran, and the watched him de-spawn...
    The guy that got is said he had been camping for 11 hours.

    Going on the 10-12 hours spawn guesses from various sources... I was back in 9 hours at 6:30a.m.
    It was 9 hours later, at 3:20ish p.m. that he spawned. I was fishing till another player started camping the spawn point then I was there at the spawn point with them. He again existed for about 3 seconds... and then was gone. I confirmed with Zuelak, the other guy that they got their charm.

    -Spawn times include times up to 18 hours? or less than 9 hours?
    -Fish only if you are alone.
    -If not alone, you probably should camp the spawn point, and you can barely or not reach deep water fishing from back there.
    -You will have about 2-3 seconds to click him and click yes. There is only one option in the text box.
    -I confirmed with Zuelak of Access Denied on Area 52, that yes, we did in fact BOTH get the charm.

    (Zuelak's name shared with permission)

    Piezoshift of Natural Selection, Area 52

  • erogroth, October 2012

    There have been 2 rolling restarts in the last 2 days. After the first restart he did not spawn. I then camped him for over 13 hours with out seeing him spawn. I was however offline for a short period of time during that so I may have missed him.

    Today there was another rolling restart and he did spawn. I did not get him however. NPC scan went off but he was gone before I could click. Really sad considering I am out there all day every day camping by myself and then everyone shows up right before the restart and nabs the spawn from me.

    However we can conclude from this that he does not respawn 100% of the time after restarts but it is still very likely that he will. He must be tied into other spawns. Weather it is all spawns belonging to the lost and found achievement or just another spawn in Valley of the 4 Winds I don't know. As to his spawn timer that is tough to say.

    From experience of camping other rares I know of several "set" spawn periods for rares. One more popular one is the 6-22 spawn. I have seen reports as low as 9 hours and as much as 18 so he could fall within this. However there is not enough data to know for sure. The 12-13 hour mark seems the most popular. Since today was the first time I have actually seen him and know for sure he spawned I will camp him this evening from the 12-13 hour mark and see what happens. I will let you know my results.

    EDIT: Waited around for a while. I was not at my computer all day but I went back and started camping around the 11 hour mark and camped to about the 13 1/2 hour mark with no spawn. So Spawn timer is not 12-13 hour. More likely it is a much larger range. My guess is 6-22 but still not sure.

  • Durcyn, October 2012

    I personally spent an entire weekend waiting for the ghost to spawn, and I've had several guildmates get it since I did. It appears he's on a variable n*6 timer - every 6 hours he has a chance to spawn. We've seen 6, 12, 24, and 36 hour intervals over the past week, and never off by more than a few minutes from that.

  • Stash, October 2012

    When we started getting the countdown for the rolling restart this afternoon, I went and parked at his spawn point with about a dozen other people. After some nervewracking "world server down" moments as the server was coming back up, he showed up as my screen was loading. NPCScan went off, I talked to him, and it would appear that all (or at least most) of us that were there were able to get the charm. I counted at least a half dozen of us who spoke up in general chat about it.

  • Tjalfe, October 2012

    After having parked an alt right next to his spawnpoint every day since mist start and not seeing him, I decided to go for the restart spawn instead. Got him and an invite to Galleon which dropped a nice 496 chest.
    Anglers do have to get up early to catch the best stuff. :-)

  • Enarka, October 2012

    Guess who JUST GOT AN Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm!!!!



  • Enarka, October 2012

    I would like to point out that the lure's extra fish DO NOT count towards "fish caught from pools" achievements.

  • Lorixie, October 2012

    Tried camping the spot intermittently while catching my daily Flying Tiger Gourami with no luck. Though my wife only missed him by 3 minutes while camping the spot for me the other day... If you don't have a lot of time to spare, the best method still seems to be logging in first after a server restart. Got my charm after the 5th or 6th restart.

  • Stash, October 2012

    I haven't done any real testing yet, but over the course of about 5 total hours of fishing schools with the charm, my best guess would be that it procs roughly 20% of the time. I've had schools that don't produce any extra fish as well as pools that have produced extras on 4 out of 5 casts. I definitely consider it worthwhile.

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    or reply to "A new lure, fellow anglers!".

Realm first fishing.

  • Yaafm, July 2012

    Was wondering if anything had changed with the realm firsts. We can still pick up the new fishing skill from any trainer?

    does anyone know the current average of casts before the next point? Is there anything in Mists we should be aware of that could help?

    gonna try for this is why im asking. 3rd times the charm eh?

  • el, July 2012

    Zen Master Fishing is still trained by all fishing trainers. 525 to 600 averages 5.5 catches per skill-up, but is very variable, like 450-525 since patch 4.3. I don't think anything else has changed that is relevant. There's some more general information in Mists of Pandaria Fishing.

    After-thought: The Jade Forest, the first zone in Pandaria, is not yet available for testing. However all the indications are that there will be quests that deliver you to Pandaria, and these quest will take several minutes to complete. So the absolute fastest 600 fishing will not involve travelling to Pandaria. Hence there is a trade-off: Catch 400 (probably) worthless fish in an old zone, or delay slightly to gain access to Pandaria, where the fish you catch will be more valuable.

    In Cataclysm the Realm First Angler was a lottery for those on busier realms: One had to be lucky and not spend the first hour after midnight trying to log in. If that happens again, my inclination will be to fish in Pandaria unless I manage to log in immediately, since then at least then I'll get something useful out of the attempt. If there are no login issues in MoP, realm first angler will become a true lottery, because the skill-up formula is so variable: The first angler will be the one that got a lucky sequence of 2 and 3 point skill-ups. Either way, I expect some frustration.

  • Yaafm, July 2012

    Yeah issue I remember from previous years was you couldnt actually be online when it hit midnight you had to log out then back in :/ which then had a huge que. If I try to log in at like, 11:58 but sit in a 3 minute que, Will the game be in Mists mode when I log in?

  • Expand 30 more comments

    from "Realm first fishing.".
  • el, July 2012

    According to the client's ServerMessages.dbc (which should contain every piece of text the server can automatically announce), Mists of Pandaria may be different:

    The Cataclysm message is still there, unchanged. It still refers to Cataclysm: "Cataclysm content is now available. Please completely quit and restart World of Warcraft, then enjoy the game."

    In contrast there are 3 new Mists of Pandaria messages, which simply state:

    • "Mists of Pandaria has launched!"
    • "Mists of Pandaria has launched! Visit Orgrimmar to begin your adventure!"
    • "Mists of Pandaria has launched! Visit Stormwind to begin your adventure!"

    Gut feeling is that the first is for the benefit of those without an upgrade, and the other 2 are for Horde and Alliance who have upgraded. Critically the MoP message make no reference to restarting, as in Cataclysm.

    That makes sense, because Cataclysm was a fundamentally more complex expansion, with new zones in existing continents. In contrast access to Pandaria can be turned on by enabling a few quests, something that does not require a client restart.

  • Insurrection, September 2012

    hey all, first off El, thanks for the wonderful site and this wonderful guide, many of your others have helped me immensely, and thanks all for the informative posts previous mine. That aside i have but one question as i have never been around for a xpac launch when you guys are mentioning logging in at midnight would it be safe to assume they are gonna hold the mist launch to 12am PDT? which will kinda suck for me cause thats 3am EST and i gotta be up at 8 am the next day

  • el, September 2012

    As far as I'm aware, there has been no official confirmation of the launch time in the US. Traditionally it has been Pacific time, and the countdown timer on the community site suggests it will be for MoP, but there were some reports of Battle.net suggesting midnight EST, hence confusion.

  • Yaafm, September 2012

    Just an aside. I would recommend Thunder Bluff or Undercity for your fishing over Org. (Probbly the same for Stormwind) Its gonna be crowded as heck that first night. Many people will be logging in there also.

    You want to avoid people if you can, less lag and morons trying to jump/float in front of your bobber.

  • Insurrection, September 2012

    thanks for the reply el, and regarding the battle.net saying EST thats why i was asking cause it had me a little confused to say the least as well. It did tell me EST when i pre-ordered, but ppl i have talked to say it's a bug battle.net was having, i don't know if it still is doing it or not though

  • Yaafm, September 2012

    How will CRZ affect it? If I go fish in a lower lvl zone which realm will I be on if I get realm first? I don't really understand Cross Realm zones that well.

  • el, September 2012

    The achievement should be specific to your realm, based on the home realm of the angler, so Cross-Realm Zones should not make any difference. Unfortunately given all the CRZ bugs and issues floating around, anything could happen... The only Realm First announcement I saw during testing was repeated multiple times, which normally indicates some sort of CRZ problem - but that should have been fixed.

  • Logical, September 2012

    I plan on just fishing in org to get realm first fisherman. Make sure you have a +2 fishing skill daily complete and ready to turn into the daily guy right there.

    MoP is launching at 12:00 PST for us realms, there was just a blue post about it today.

  • mr.pinchy, September 2012

    i also plan to get realm first, so my question is whether it is better to turn in the +2 daily at 525 or 598 skill. i will be fishing in howling fjord to avoid the crowds of players in orgrimmar.

  • el, September 2012

    It shouldn't matter when you turn in the +2 daily (525 or 598), since the chance of gaining a skill-point appears to be the same throughout the (450-600) leveling curve. But remember that the skill-up process is very variable now, so someone will get 526 after 2 catches but take a dozen to get from 599 to 600. And someone will do the opposite.

  • mr.pinchy, September 2012

    thank you, el.

  • Gmart, September 2012

    If I'm going to be fishing in org is it worth using skill-up buffs for my rod? Or would that only waste time.

  • Bluesea, September 2012

    hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me: I was thinking of how when you levelled fishing in previous times, you went to certain zones for skill up, for example, moving to azshara or feralas, depending on your skill and lvl. I'm 85 so of course it doesn't matter where I fish, depends what fish I want. But I wondered as all trainers will train you with zen master fishing to 600, if I stand in Ironforge and fish will I get the same skill up as I would if I went somewhere my lvl,
    does it not make a difference where you fish with regards to how quickly you will skill up? Just want to know before midnight tomorrow when the expansion goes live, as I'm trying for realm first. Thank you in advance

  • el, September 2012

    Traditionally location has made no difference to the rate of skill gains - everywhere is effectively the same, the only wildcard is lag, since it is possible for different areas to experience different amounts of lag.

  • Felstalker, September 2012

    Urgent help needed!
    What do you guys think will you be required to complete the pre-MoP quest (talk to Garrosh/Variann) in order to gain access to the MoP features for example to learn the Zen Master Fisherman skill?
    This would be a huge advantage because you shouldn't need to be in the capital cities at midnight if this theory is false.

  • el, September 2012

    Based on beta, the Orgrimmar/Stormwind quests are not required to unlock MoP features, such as Zen master training. The quests are only required to access Pandaria.

    (Here's the official version of how MoP unlocks.)

  • mr.pinchy, September 2012

    In Cataclysm the last 25 skill points were bugged, it only took one catch. Would it be smarter to turn the +2 daily in at 525 or should there be no bug this time?

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